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Mother of terror on the rampage

A Herald columnist recorded a “miracle” last week. In a boot-licking piece aimed at Vice-President Joice Mujuru, he told readers that it was a miracle Zimbabwe was still standing after sanctions and other assaults.


This is very much the official thinking nowadays. Sanctions are part of the Zanu PF hagiography used to illustrate the bravery and resourcefulness of our leader and nation state.

In fact what we should be celebrating is the fact that the country is still standing in the teeth of chaos from across the political divide and dysfunctional government.

There is an agricultural sector dominated by corrupt politicians who secure free equipment and fuel.

There is a media that indulges land seizures as an heroic enterprise.

The pillaging of Kondozi and other productive farms is emblematic of the help-yourself culture. Air Zimbabwe has steadily deteriorated from a profitable little airline to a poorly administered bankrupt outfit.The same applies to virtually all 78 parastatals and state enterprises.

The senior Danish diplomat who visited recently must have been delighted that despite the evidence of institutional theft, the EU is still prepared to provide support to A1 farmers.

This is a new development and drives a coach and horses through the Cotonou agreement. Perhaps the most pernicious of Zanu PF’s schemes has been the transformation of a successful economy to a basket case. Evidence of President Robert Mugabe’s legacy of poverty and despair.

Grace Mugabe will now demonstrate her disruptive powers as she cuts a swathe through the nation’s heartland.

It’s amazing isn’t it that Zimbabwe’s rich agriculture lands can be subjected to pillage of this sort based entirely on ambition.

Grace reckons she is on a “meet-the-people” tour. Doesn’t she already know any people? Let’s be sure that no public funds were used on this dubious expedition.

And what do those students think they were doing prancing around at Grace’s grabbed farm at Mazowe? Do these students not know they are being used as pawns in the “First Lady’s naked ambitions for power to protect her personal and family interests?
Anybody with a genuine PhD would not get involved in this dirty mudslinging, let alone blabber hysterically like one of those false prophets in a trance.

Imaginary plot
As for the assassination plot, this is a mad hatter’s tea party. Who dreamt it up? What does it say about the calibre of Zimbabwe’s students that they could go along with this invention.

It is shocking the state media could tell such lies about a respected politician without any right of reply.

Just a year ago Zanu PF was celebrating its “victory”. Now it has immersed the party in a quagmire where the ignorant prevail. And how exactly do the people of Zimbabwe benefit from Mugabe’s disastrous rule, amateurish Herald columnists like Tichaona Zindoga should be asked? Isn’t it interesting that all the apologists come out of the woodwork at times like this?

Where were they all along?
All the people of Zimbabwe we are told “benefit from Mugabe’s rule”? Really? Where are all these people? Has Grace and her acolytes seen the streets of Harare? There are now twice as many street kids on the streets than there were when she started her campaigns.

By the way, what country in the world announces a treason plot and then leaves the accused to walk free? Anybody recall the plot against Tendai Biti full of fanciful claims? Then there was the Ben-Menashe plot. Turned out to be a huge joke!

And since when has “speaking ill against the first family” been an offence? There’s no such a thing as the First Family in the constitution.

Mother of Terror
Mother of Terror, First Lady Grace Mugabe resumed her increasingly crude and nasty attacks on Mujuru in Mazowe on Monday and Tuesday telling her to resign forthwith, accusing her of plotting to dislodge President Robert Mugabe from his throne.

She also accused Mujuru of trying to kill her. It’s now really a circus like these so-called votes of no confidence and purges of Mujuru allies.

Addressing students who had gathered to show their support for her ascendency in Zanu PF’s hierarchy, Grace said: “She must resign forthwith.

She is not seeing the writing on the wall in bold print saying we no longer want you; you showed us you are not competent.”
The call for Mujuru to quit seems to be the major, if not sole reason why Grace joined the political fray. She knows no other business except agitating for Mujuru’s ouster.

That she says Mujuru’s 10-year tenure as Vice-President was wasted time begs the question. Why wouldn’t she ask herself why her husband has now suddenly become unpopular even in Zanu PF itself?

Why is the nation reeling from economic collapse after 34 years of Independence despite Mugabe’s cronies and sycophants claiming he is an awesome leader? Why is Grace not realising Mujuru was not working as an individual, but that she deputised Mugabe?

If Mujuru failed, doesn’t it mean that Mugabe failed as well? And is she so well-informed as to how the economy is run when she just crossed the platform from being a typist to being a candidate for a Women’s League?

Someone must knock sense into Grace’s head and her cronies before they lead this country into more poverty, unemployment, discontent and outright civil strife.

Sadly Grace seems obsessed by the Dotito demon she relentlessly talks of. Is it a crime that Mujuru comes from Dotito? How do other citizens in the area feel when she says that? Being ethnocentric and narrow-minded, she thus makes a bad leader. Is she trying to perpetuate Mugabe’s chronically tribal and regional politics?
Muckraker understands some student groups such as Zicosu were formed in order to counter the then vibrant Zinasu, which used to fight with government seeking to redress the plight of suffering students in tertiary institutions across the country.
Zicosu’s role was meant to impede attempts by students to demonstrate against government’s inability to deliver on its promises.

Anyway were those who were in Mazowe really students, or as usual captive crowds bused from across the country to make up numbers while purporting to be academics? Where are Mugabe and his wife really taking this nation?

New Nehanda
And the outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri claimed the spirit of Nehanda was invoked at Mazowe when the party’s Women League gathered to curtail Mujuru’s plan to ascend to the presidency.
Was she saying the spirit of Nehanda has really manifested itself in Grace? Mbuya Nehanda should be really turning in her grave. Oppah couldn’t be so naive to compare Grace to Mbuya Nehanda whose main agenda is centred on safeguarding her family loot than protecting national interests.

The Zanu PF power struggle has resulted in the mushrooming of many groups that are pro-Grace’s rise to stardom. Among them are Elders of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Border Gezi Graduates Association etc.

It’s not surprising to wake up one day being told there is also Grace for Life Association, Grace for Higher Office Association, Mujuru Must Go Association — who knows; even the newly-born could end up being forced to belong to associations that support the Mugabe dynasty.

As this great leap backward takes shape, Muckraker believes renowned musicians such as Cde Chinx are already in the studio recording another jingle, probably to be called Hondo Yakura MuZimbabwe, Hondo YaGrace…

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