A liberation war ‘hero’ who glorifies himself


Last Friday we referred to President Mugabe’s stint in Mozambique when he failed to emerge from his hotel.

Edgar Tekere told the amusing story of how Mugabe, having fled the political situation in Rhodesia, made himself comfortable, first in the hotel where he had been allocated accommodation with other Zimbabweans, and then in the hotel where he had been made himself comfortable by the Mozambican authorities.

All this was in 1975 onwards. Mugabe not only refused to emerge from his hotel room but also refused to take exercise such as jogging with his comrades — a whole “guerilla army leader” and “revolutionary” acting like mama’s boy. Read Dinner with Mugabe by Heidi Holland (there is a reason why Grace hates her) and you will get a good picture of the real Mugabe.

Anyway, this episode was given light by Tekere’s book edited by Ibbo Mandaza called A Lifetime of Struggle.

Mugabe was waiting for the nod from the Zanla leaders in the field to make his appearance, something he could not do without them. So Mugabe’s claim last week after the opening of parliament that the liberation war couldn’t start without him is not just ridiculous but also presumptuous.

His reluctance to be at the starting point when parties were formed tells us much about his concern for nationalism. In fact, his opportunism is laid bare in Dinner with Mugabe.

Double standards

Somebody else with a penchant for nationalist pretension was having trouble with his British visa application last week. Karikoga Kaseke was busy complaining bitterly that the Brits would not give him a visa to visit the EU.

Muckraker was not shedding a tear. This is a gang that lives off the proceeds of private-sector revenues — hotels/travel etc not to mention the latest Mercedes. Kaseke is among worst of the parastatal heads, living off the fat of the tourism industry but giving nothing back.

The EU should not indulge them. They are Zanu PF looking good. Don’t let them get away with it.

And what was Mugabe doing at the UN meeting in Vienna? This was a scientific meeting.

Why did Mugabe leave Grace behind? Wouldn’t her PhD have helped there? Just asking.

Good boy

On ZBC’s Media Watch programme on Tuesday, former Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China Chris Mutsvangwa inferred that Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo was not fit to be a member of the ruling party, claiming he was arrested for trying to depose the party’s president during the liberation war.

By this he related to the “Nhari Rebellion” in which some members of Zanla’s Dare ReChimurenga were accused of assassinating Herbert Chitepo in Lusaka Zambia in 1975.

Gumbo was secretary for information and publicity according to Tekere’s book — A Lifetime of Struggle.

The then president of Zambia in 1976, Kenneth Kaunda, set up a commission of inquiry in which Gumbo and fellow comrades were incarcerated. They also included Zanla commander Josiah Tongogara, Kumbirai Kangai, among other top liberation war fighters.

Quite intriguing that Mutsvangwa has positioned himself to exhume the vices committed by Gumbo in order to chastise one faction and silence the other as infighting in Zanu PF has risen above imagined levels ahead of the elective congress in December.

Mutsvangwa, who seems to be striving to assume the “good boy” tag, is simply cementing what the First Lady said during her “meet-the-people” rallies held recently, to ensure all those perceived to be anti-Grace’s rise to political stardom are given the boot.

But then Gumbo’s struggle credentials are really unassailable, especially if you are doing it to promote Grace and her gang of cowards. Self-glorification is not good for Mutsvangwa.

Who’s real war vet?

It’s however increasingly becoming difficult to know who was the real liberation war fighter and who was a sellout during the Second Chimurenga.

Worsened by the fact that some of the real known cadres such as Ndabaningi Sithole, Lookout Masuku (even though there were belated recognition efforts), among others, were denied honour which they deserved when they died, the liberation war tag may not play a major role in determining the next president of the Zanu PF.

It is likely the outcome of this “struggle-within-the-struggle” — as Masipula Sithole called it — in Zanu PF will rewrite history —the faction with mass support, as well as diplomatic backing, will triumph.

Or else the situation may deteriorate into unnecessary chaos largely driven by greed and power-hungry individuals.

Whether it’s Gumbo or Mutsvangwa stabbing each other in the back, the real issue remains — the discord in Zanu PF is a blessing to many Zimbabweans who had for long been blinkered to think Zanu PF was a well-oiled political machine fighting to improve people’s lives.

The beleaguered ruling party is seemingly heading for rupture. Muckraker feels the December congress is the time when the entire simmering political tussle will burst and perhaps split the party into fractions.

Cheap diplomacy

Justice minister Emmersom Mnangagwa told Zanu PF supporters in Midlands this week to shun slogans that were designed to attack individuals.

He single d out “pasi negamatox” and “pasi nemaweevils” — a slap in the face for Grace and cahoots.

He forgot though to tell them that war veterans were bused to flood Zanu PF headquarters to denounce a top party official who they now call Dr 10%.

Mugabe struggled, though with pleasure, to deliver his speech when supporters were continuously chanting that Vice-President Joice Mujuru, party’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda, among many others, should be immediately kicked out of the ruling party.

Why wouldn’t Mnangagwa not find such a gesture irritating as much as “Pasi nemaweevils” could be? Isn’t it faking diplomacy and trying to be unifier a little too late?

Anyway with the levels of hate and venom among party members, no wounds can be healed at this moment in time.

What’s left is for President Robert Mugabe to find himself isolated, risking even being booed by ordinary card-carrying members who have now realised he can no longer hold the warring parties together and that he is actually the source of the problem.


Interestingly war veterans are now all too powerful to hire and fire party representatives in provinces.

Like irrational puppets, they are simply bowing to Grace’s pressure to consolidate her crumbling empire. She attacked Ray Kaukonde and promised to take action. Jabulani Sibanda who chose not to worship at First Lady’s political shrine has now suddenly become a sellout.

War veterans marched in Marondera this week demanding Kaukonde to step down.

Let’s wait and see, maybe sooner they are going to form an interim government as they wait for Zanu PF to rejuvenate itself into a united front!

Short and Sweet …

President Robert Mugabe was complaining in Austria that former Zambian President Michael Sata was the only person left whom he could pass on his secrets to. He didn’t get the irony why he was the only person left.

By the way Sata was 77, 13 years younger than Mugabe. The generational gap between Africa’s oldest leader and his counterparts in the Sadc region must inform him without any sixth sense required, that he should now be concentrating on storytelling and offering advice to a new crop of leaders.

Now that there is alleged bad blood between Mugabe and Zanu PF’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, whom he also once claimed was the only remaining cadre he could share issues with, the isolated nonagenarian must really be feeling lonely.

At that age Mugabe has become an intellectual burden, whose narrations are always immersed in the past but lacking the essence of modernism driving the modern world. Like an ancient industrial machine, he lacks the capacity to suit the demands of an evolving society, where tolerance, technology and mutual understanding supersede tyranny. That is why he persecutes ambitious politicians who express their will to ascend to the presidential throne.

Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham said: “Whenever you are about to be oppressed, you have a right to resist oppression: whenever you conceive yourself to be oppressed, conceive yourself to have a right to make resistance, and act accordingly.”

Hope Mujuru is listening.

Upon realising Mugabe was now old, if not dysfunctional, the likes of Mujuru saw it necessary to declare their interest in the presidential job, though not openly, and in the process are now subjected to mental torture by being branded as coup plotters by a rival faction.

The development was necessitated by their discovery that they were being oppressed to support a greedy individual, whom they backed for a long time thinking maybe one day he would pass on the baton stick — an event which never transpired. They have the right to resist as Bentham pointed out and if Mugabe had a real friend, the only secret he would tell him was to quit politics and allow for new blood to take over the reins of power.

20 thoughts on “A liberation war ‘hero’ who glorifies himself”

  1. Chris Veremu says:

    Many thanks for an entertaining post…this is what we are more used to from Muckraker not some of the wet noodle post we have been forced read in the past! Good going, I must say.

    1. I have never claimed fictitious war exploits to appear the hero or heroine so I can use that to seek higher office. That type of blasphemy is the worst offence to the many of my departed combat colleagues who never made it back to family re-unites. The flower of Zim youths, the best brightest and mosy beautiful fought against racist bigotry and won back the nationhood we enjoy today. Let us not descecrate their sacrifice through nostalgic laments to gone and buried Rhodesia. Nor for that write glorify revolutionary apostasy and latter day puppetry

      1. Jedster says:

        Mr ‘M’: you state “fought against racist bigotry and won back the nationhood we enjoy today”…

        But you sadly miss the reality…. the racist bigotry is still in existence, but in the reverse… although appallingly it comes from senior politicians and warvets… but not all share the same hatred.. the majority do indeed not have a hangup over colour.

        And if you think we have nationhood… then you are misguided I am afraid, we haven’t had that in 34 years…. until we have a true democracy where we don’t have a dictator scared to lose his post, we will never be a nation we can be proud of an move on.

        We missed a trick in Zimbabwe and out children will pay for it, what you fought for, and believed in, has not been delivered and will not be delivered while we have the current blinkered government in place… we need a explosive change to get what we fought for, and the time is now

        1. Abbie says:

          Ah, but Mr Mutsvangwa, you are one of the few ex-combatants who has desecrated the memories of your late comrades, big time, by attacking the genuine war vets. You have openly supported impostors such as Chinotimba while humiliating Mai Mujuru. You believe that Zimbabweans are so stupid that they are unaware of your own corrupt activities. Since you are fond of speaking out, how come you said nothing when the courts disallowed the exhumation of the remains of the late illustrious Solomon Mujuru?

          You now shout from roof tops about Mujuru’s corrupt activities, which, while they could very well be true, pale into insignificance compared to Mnangagwa’s activities especially in the DRC and Zanu p.f. companies. You have not said anything about Graces’s fraudulent activities which include siphoning money from the civil servants housing fund. You said nothing about the $8 million the first family took from the Reserve Bank to fund a state of the art dairy equipment. You have said nothing about the fact that the Mugabe’s now own more than 10 farms and didn’t even say a word when landless peasants were evicted by Grace from land they had occupied for over a decade.

          You said nothing about the bribery scandal surrounding the construction of the airport and shameless plunder of city properties by Ignatius Chombo. What of the airport road? In stead you want to talk about chickens from Brazil.

          Chris Mutsvangwa, that makes you a shameless hypocrite who has betrayed all who died liberating Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe exaggerates his role in the struggle but we have never heard you humiliate him in the manner that you have done Mai Mujuru. President Mugabe does not even pay his Zesa bills but you do not consider that as corruption asi kungodherera munhukadzi. Shame on you.

          Sometimes silence is golden vaMutsvangwa.

      2. Chadzunda Murozvi says:

        Good command of the English language Mr Mutsvangwa! You must certainly be an intellect. But does it make you wise? maybe not…. but wait! I wouldnt as well kill the hen that lays golden eggs for dinner. I would also give it a bedroom away from all ordinary chicken. Sorry sir for doubting your wisdom. How can you support a regime that promises to end corruption when you feed on it?

  2. mega says:

    I have a feeling the December Congress will be postponed to a later date. It’s just feeling.

  3. Wezhira Wezhara says:

    I an uninformed idiot who reminds us how poor the standard of journalism has fallen….Rugate Gumbo was part of the Hamadziripi group which tried to depose Mugabe,Muzenda and Tongo not the Nhari group and Chris said as much….U may want to prop up VP Mujuru but the facts remain the facts and much of what Chris and Grace said is fact even if the way try said it was not polished

    1. Chen Chikezha says:

      But why did we have to wait 34 years to hear these facts, what other facts are we still to hear? We now know mai Mujuru is a fake war vet, who else is fake, we now know Gamatox was nowhere in the struggle and that Rugare is a sellout? Who the real war vets for we were told History will be told one day but now we told otherwise?

    2. Abbie says:

      So Chris is now the repository of facts about Zanu P. F history? The truth Wezhira is once Wilfred Mhanda (Dzino), Augustine Chihuri, Mukudzeyi Mudzi, Joseph Taderera, Henry Hamadziripi and others realised Mugabe’s shortcomings as a leader, they wanted a congress held in accordance with the party constitution so that the leadership of the party could be subjected to a proper election. Mugabe had been chosen by the few comrades who were with him in jail. With the support of Mujuru these fighters were incarcerated in order to silence them. To date Mugabe has never been challenged through congress even though he has run down this country.

      What is shameful for the so called revolutionary party, which always bleats about the war of liberation ad nauseum, is that we now have the likes of war deserters such as Jonathan Moyo, selous scouts like Chiyangwa, former CIO driver Saviour Kasukuwere plus a hoard of other impostors now running the show. Strangely, after having come up with rules which stipulate that only those who had been active in the party for at least 15 years are eligible to run for high office, Grace is exempt and she now dictates who should be chucked out of the party.

  4. Vashandi says:

    get yo facts right. rugare was not part of the nhari rebellion. he was part of the vashandi rebellion.

    1. God Knows says:

      @Abbie Man! I like your posts. You seem to know quite a bit. Why don’t you hand over the complete dossier to The Independent so we can feast?

  5. Bvambu says:

    That philosopher Bentham was a master class Briton. Everything he wrote is happening across the world and mugabe is a classic example of Bentham theories written 50 plus years ago

  6. Explosive change: try it and i can assure you will disintegrate to smithereens long before you realize your political fantasy. As Chairman Mao put it: a revolution is not a dinner party! You go through one, you never seek an encore.I expended the pinnacle of my youth in this very painful endeavour and lost many friends and comrades in the endeavour. From sheer experience, I never wish any other Zimbabwe soul to go through that harrowing experience. It lives to haunt me every moment of my existence. Of course you seem to talk from a diet of Hollywood screenplay. That’s a far cry from live bullets and real exploding bombs raining napalm and other incendiaries.

  7. Joe Cool says:

    Not too many out there are enjoying the “won back nationhood”, but Rhodesia is certainly buried – under a pile of rubble and litter.

    And for “inferred”, read “implied”.

  8. Gabarinocheka says:

    Just waiting for a book by Rugare called’ View from inside then outside’

  9. ini says:

    Abbie gv us sm more

  10. Tony says:

    Abbie, give us some more, especially about this loudmouth, good-for-nothing Mutsvangwa guy.

  11. Heisernberg says:

    Mutsvangwa is an opportunist , just like most of the loud mouths in Zanu who claim to be War vets yet their contribution to the liberation war is questionable, they want people to view them as the real war heroes,. The liberation war was necessary but the gains of it has been reversed by irresponsible people like Mutsvangwa. The notion that u have to be a war vet in order to lead the country is not only backward but selfish, so bootlickers like Mutsvangwa shld shut up.

  12. George Orwell 2.0 says:

    I see you have decided to destroy everything in your path as you seek to relocate from is it Newlands or Highlands to Borrowdale Brooke with a cabinet post in your pocket.Your cowardice and is evident in that while the Millitary Strategy Supremo was alive,your tail was tucked neatly between your legs,now that he is gone you want to attack a defenseless widow-hausvodi.Whats wrong kana VP akada kuita president,iwe unoreva kuti haudi kuitawo president here pauri apa?Vanhu vakaita semi ndimi mauraya nyika nekuti you cant embrace change nenyaya yokuda kumora.As life would have it,the only permanent thing is Change and it always has its way.Cde mark my words,matsemura musangano nepakati muchifunga kuti murikuvaka and to quote Dr Mhai you will will go down in the annuls of history as one of the “Protagonists” responsible for the destruction of the revolutionary party from inside.Padzurwa mbeu pachisara sora.I hope you are aware that you are inadvertently marketing Mujuru to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe and they know that they have suffered not at the hands of Dr Mhai and her husband,not Dr Mujuru.Gumbo,Jabulani and those deposed chairpersons command more respect and sympathy amongst Zimbabweans than you and your backers.Your assumption of a moral high-ground when we know that you being the pot are just as black as the teapot you are accusing of being black is what makes me and those of my ilk sick.Endai munozvinyepera kuti musangano wakabatana kuCongress yakafanana nerunoff ya2008 ine maYes-Boss ega-ega!By the way makorokoto nekuitwa mukuru wema”O”Vets,pamwe ingangoitwa ministry kkkk

  13. Peraoh says:

    All being said and done, what Zimbabwe wants at the moment is the removal of all corrupt individuals from the government. Names are coming out in drips and drops. One day the truth shall be said. But we have a problem, no one has the guts to arrest and prosecute them. No one has clean hands. Zimbabwe is doome. TThose in control need to be checked. Even the Parliament can’t do anything because that’s the playground of the criminals. Who can stand in for us.

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