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Zim needs new vision—Athwal

There is a need for the country to embrace a new vision to come out of the psychological rut it finds itself in, according to renowned speaker, author and business adviser Reg Athwal.

Kudzai Kuwaza

Athwal is the chairman of the RAW group and TAO Incorporated as well as the founding partner and managing director of RTS Global Partners with four operating divisions — advisory, consulting, ventures and education.

Athwal was in the country this week where he held several sessions with several business groups including emerging entrepreneurs.

“On a macro level, Zimbabwe as a country needs a new vision,” Athwal told businessdigest in an interview this week. “It needs something compelling. Something, that everyone can get behind.”
Athwal said Zimbabweans are stuck in a psychological rut despite the huge potential they have of developing the country.

“My observation from talking to people over the last two days is that you (Zimbabweans) are struck in what I would call a rut.” he said. “Right now people are in limbo with one foot in the future and another in the past.”

He said there was need for the country’s citizens to meet policy-makers and make an influence where they can to fulfil the “tremendous potential” that they have.

He said the country should find ways of attracting back those who left the country seeking greener pastures, especially at the height of the hyperinflationary era.

Athwal said he was ready to meet President Robert Mugabe and senior government officials to share his thoughts on how to create “something more compelling” to help turn around the country’s fortunes.

Athwal said his visit to Zimbabwe was part of a strategic plan by his company to support various groups including entreprenural businesses, family run companies and struggling corporate across the African continent.

He revealed that they were considering to make Zimbabwe their regional hub in the future because of the abundant talent the country has.

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