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Grace Mugabe must behave like mother of the nation

WHAT is all this hullabaloo about First Lady Grace Mugabe’s emergence into Zanu PF politics? Why are state-owned Zupco buses carrying her posters?

Candid Comment with Faith Zaba

There is definitely something wrong when state assets are used to promote individual political ambitions..

Why are people falling over each other to endorse Grace and why are chiefs getting involved in Zanu PF politics when the constitution clearly states that they should not participate in active politics and bans them from being partisan?

Chiefs this week endorsed Grace as the incoming Women’s League boss at a meeting at her private orphanage in Mazowe.

And why all the fuss when everybody now knows she is going to be appointed by her husband, President Robert Mugabe in December.. After all, it is not like she is going to enter a beauty contest, but when all is said and done, she is merely going to be appointed by her husband.

There is no need for the stampede when former secretaries for women’s affairs with better liberation credentials did not need all this drama to be appointed by the presidium.

The appointments have always been done at the prerogative of the president without dramatic endorsements of the Women’s League or any other critical structures in Zanu PF which are now scrambling to endorse Grace.

There was never any drama when former Women’s League bosses — the late First Lady Sally Mugabe, Joice Mujuru, the late Thenjiwe Lesabe and current chair OppahMuchinguri — were appointed. The appointments were done quietly together with other politburo members during congresses.

So why is there so much noise with Grace’s nomination?
What is the grand plan because it seems there is more to it than meets the eye? It betrays the bigger agenda behind the scenes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her aspiring for a bigger post in Zanu PF, but the abuse of state resources is just wrong.
The clamour is unnecessary as she can still be appointed without it.

For her own good, she needs to behave like a mother of the nation instead of spewing insults and venom towards her opponents every time she speaks.

There are many good things she has done, especially her humanitarian work, but she needs to be astute. She must be commended for caring for the poor and building a state-of- the-art school and orphanage.

So she must build on that instead of trying to cut a “monya (bouncer) for hire” image, which makes her look like someone on a warpath.

What the First Lady needs to remember is that there is a better way to market herself. The current approach, where she appears like someone who is quarrelsome, vindictive and just a bully after she threatened to deal with junior officials like Justice deputy minister Fortune Chasi, does not work at all. Grace last month promised to deal with Chasi whom she accused of working with villagers to block her from acquiring more land in Mazowe to build a university and secondary school.

Grace must behave like the mother of the nation, not an arrogant and canternkerous tyrant-in-the-making.

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