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Zim bonded into a new round of tyranny

Zanu PF’s habit of its members coming late to the party’s celebrations wherever and whenever they are held would be amusing were it not a serious matter.


At the beginning of this month for instance, the party held a victory party which was a year late.

Nobody seemed to mind, least of all the president. Earlier this month the party had been in self-congratulatory mood.

We were led to believe everything was on the up and up in employment, agriculture and just about everything else. In fact very little has happened.

Key to this was its chairmanship of Sadc.

Pariah state
But as former Business Day editor Barney Mthombothi pointed out in the recent edition of the Sunday Times, Zimbabwe remains a pariah state.

“Mugabe was not among those leaders invited to President Barack Obama’s US/Africa summit, Mthombothi wrote.

“Even the odious Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea was able to crack an invite.”

“Zimbabwe will definitely be off the Sadc agenda now that Mugabe is chairman, Mthombothi says. They didn’t have to conspire or hatch a plot to oust. They only had to make sure the elections were free and fair. The ballot would have taken care of him.”

Mugabe was allowed to manipulate the levers of power to his advantage and sabotage the agreements he had solemnly entered into, Mthombothi pointed out. He rigged elections and detained and harassed his opponents. Pretoria sat on its hands.

But Mugabe has also been assisted by a divided opposition with an incompetent leader, Mthombothi added.

Morgan Tsvangirai has been a godsend for Mugabe. The president simply ran rings around him.

Even after he won the 2008 presidential election, Tsvangirai agreed to be a junior and powerless partner in a sham coalition concocted by Mbeki.
His romantic exploits in public, much to the delight of his opponents, further undermined his standing. Zimbabwe may be off the front pages but the products have not gone away. The economy is back in the doldrums.

Mugabe’s legacy extends beyond his borders, Mthombothi says. He has contaminated the policies of his neighbours.

The political programme of the Economic Freedom Fighters is a carbon copy of Zanu PF’s. In an attempt to counter the EFF threat, some elements in the ANC are eyeing something of the Zimbabwean experiment.

That would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Meanwhile Zanu PF and Mugabe in particular, continue paying worship to the late Col Muammar Gaddafi. It is amazing that this master of cruelty who tortured and locked up his perceived opponents should continue to occupy Zanu PF’s pantheon of power.


Mugabe claims it was “horror” working with the MDC.
He said during the inclusive government he was subject to abuse and humiliation by his political enemies while his party had failed to defend the liberation struggle.

“We were harassed by people who had no supporters,” he complained.
Who can this be a reference to? The opposition won more votes than Mugabe in 2008. Who will forget the five-week hiatus while votes were “counted”.

In fact Mugabe and his followers lost consistently from 2000 to 2013. And he only won then because he made extravagant promises which he knew he couldn’t keep. Like jobs for all and property seizures.

In fact the real horror was watching the MDC throw the election away.

Mugabe claimed the outcome of their 2013 vote released the people of Zimbabwe from their bondage.

If the truth be known, Zimbabwe was bonded into another round of tyranny in which its people are still not free.

When MDC-T youths demonstrated against Mugabe’s failure to implement election promises they were set upon by police.

The students reminded Mugabe that he had promised 2,2 million jobs and people were losing their jobs as companies close down thanks to Mugabe’s scorched earth policies .

We should be keeping a record of all the promises made by Zanu PF in the 2013 election campaign.

They need to be published as an advertisement for the deceit imposed upon the people of Zimbabwe and a government prepared to do anything to win votes.

Zanu PF’s Women’s League Conference held last week provided nothing new except more dubious recommendations.

The ruling party’s wing besides declaring that President Robert Mugabe remains the sole candidate for the presidency come December Congress, also called for responsible media practices, hopefully to conceal the party’s deepening crisis. Believing in dictatorial tendencies, Zanu PF dangerously thinks it must be immune to criticism.

The Women’s League should focus more on how to improve the livelihoods of those it purports to represent and realise that an unfettered press is healthier for democracy. There are more critical issues to solve than gunning for a monolithic press.

It’s sad that Zanu PF across all its structures, thrives on what ruins others and ruins what makes others thrive. They hate a free press which other citizens want to stay informed.

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