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Move out of dreamland Mutasa, face the truth

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa remained entrenched in his dreamland by declaring that President Robert Mugabe exudes exceptional leadership qualities which no other leader in the world has.


Addressing ruling party youths in Chinhoyi last week, Mutasa also said he knew of no other country which was as well-governed as Zimbabwe.

Refusing to accept that Mugabe has been overseeing the decimation of an economy which was once vibrant for over a decade now is ridiculous and Mutasa must realise Zanu PF’s obsession with Mugabe does not translate into good leadership.

Neither does it resuscitate the economy which is now on its knees. It has not dawned on Mutasa that the country — reeling from fiscal woes since the ruling party’s electoral victory on July 31 last year — needs to create employment for thousands of youths roaming the streets. By the way where are the two million jobs Zanu PF promised in its election manifesto?

Someone must knock sense into the heads of those in the upper echelons of power not to take pride in amassing wealth at the expense of ordinary citizens.

The general populace will not reap much from parroting political barbarism exhibited by many Zanu PF politicians.

Muckraker wonders what attributes Mutasa considered to reach his flawed claim. Like many other opportunists in the country, he appears to be comfortable as long as misrule rewards him handsomely. It’s not his problem — Zanu PF has learnt nothing from the suffering most Zimbabweans have endured since 2000.

Hopefully Mutasa knows of the remedy to cure the economic malaise afflicting the nation. Taking a leaf from other dictatorial regimes, Mutasa knows quite well that praise-singing pays better than telling the truth.

Remember on his 80th birthday, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia rewarded editors whose publications showered praises on him with government cars as a token of appreciation. In the same way, Zanu PF stalwarts quickly understood the art of destroying welfarism by blindly following Mugabe.

Political dynasty
Along the same lines, our sister paper The Standard reported Zanu Youths are clamouring for Robert Mugabe Jnr’s entry into politics, a development likely to consolidate Mugabe family’s grip on power.

“The youths from Mashonaland West and Central provinces have been lobbying for the nomination of Robert Junior to the post of secretary for either security or defence ahead of the youth league conference … The presence of Robert Junior in the youth league is viewed as a step towards bringing together the warring factions,” reads the Standard.

It seems Mugabe is determined to safeguard his family interests before he relinquishes power, considering the First Lady Grace Mugabe is now earmarked for Women’s League top post.
If we are not careful we may end up with a Mugabe political family or political dynasty in Zimbabwe. Already we have had Sabina (late) Leo, Patrick, Sally (late) and Mugabe himself. Now it’s Grace and Robert Junior. We also hear Walter Chidhakwa and many others in the background are also connected to the family.

Muckraker would like to remind the Mugabe dynasty that political nepotism sometimes can be a lose-lose situation. Food for thought to those who think Grace Mugabe’s manoeuvre is a game-changer in Zanu PF succession. Zimbabweans are tired of Mugabe. They are tired of nepotism. They are becoming angry at products of nepotism. So watch out!

Without doubt Zimbabwe has suddenly degenerated into a modern day monarchy, where elections are stage-managed to ensure the ruling elite remains excessively powerful, while leadership is not based on qualities but on whom the militarised state thinks deserves to rule.

Well, will the young Mugabe have the capacity to formulate any tangible policies to lead any wing of the youth league? God forbid!

The Herald on Monday reported that Minister of State in the President’s Office Flora Buka was reported to the police by Zanu PF’s National Assembly member for Gokwe-Gumunyu, Melania Majovani for allegedly abducting and holding hostage members of the Women’s League.
Infighting and jostling for post in Zanu PF continues to generate more drama.
“Cde Majovani had over 20 women the same time she alleges that I was holding the women against their will. She is bitter because she had realised that she was losing ground and I had more support than her,” said Buka.
Muckraker is perplexed by these fly-by–night politicians who like dew evaporate with sunrise. Buka is famed in Gokwe not for any meaningful development since she joined politics, but for her failed Nembudziya road project — a now dilapidated tarmac surface not more than 10km long. Surprisingly Buka still rides on the back of the masses to keep her afloat.
Gokwe remains marginalised, with an astounding poor road infrastructure. Interestingly politicians only come out of their comfort zones when they seek re-election and do nothing to redeem fortunes of suffering cotton farmers.
The Buka-Majovani scuffle just shows what sort of leaders we have.
Adding colour to the dramaturgy, the ruling party’s national commissar Webster Shamu last week introduced Didymus Mutasa as the acting national chairman at a gathering to celebrate Zanu PF’s July 31 poll victory at State House last week and in the process riled other party members.
He could be simply replicating what he learnt from party tricks — celebrating victory before polls are held. It’s not surprising; maybe Shamu knows that the December congress is just formality. With Zanu PF anything is possible.
And sadly Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema was at pains to narrate how some youths abused Youth Development Fund on petty projects.
He said he was aware of another beneficiary who paid lobola using the grant.
What else could they do when many of them thought it was a token of appreciation for their participation to ensure Zanu PF romped to a landslide victory on July 31? Accountability has never been part of Zanu PF — the party youths are simply following on the footsteps of their leaders who loot and plunder indiscriminately.

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