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‘Baba Jukwa’ saga sucks in Kasukuwere

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwerehas been roped into the Baba Jukwa saga in a big way as it emerged that a woman who implicated journalist Mkhululi Chimioi to the online blogger is linked to the minister.

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Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo has also been dragged into the Baba Jukwa saga as court documents reveal he attended briefings given to the military by Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzayi, who was granted bail yesterday. The state believes Kudzayi is Baba Jukwa.

Kudzayi was contracted by the Ministry of Defence to hack into Baba Jukwa’s email account in August last year so as to establish who the anonymous blogger was.

He was also trying to establish who his informants or collaborators were.

A transcript of an interview done by Kudzayi as part of his investigations with a woman identified as Precious Makuvha, who claims to have been Chimoio’s former girlfriend, reveals that Makuvha first contacted Kasukuwere before releasing information.

She does not state why she contacted Kasukuwere and not the police, or other security agencies.

Makuvha has reportedly been interviewed by the police and military police. In her interview with Kudzayi she reveals why she thinks Chimoio is linked to Baba Jukwa by among other things revealing that he communicated with her directly from his account.

She also says Chimoio was working with another journalist, Mxolisi Ncube and Roleen Gandiwa.

Makuvha, who claims to have been an MDC-T member, said she in-boxed Baba Jukwa after liking one of his posts resulting in him asking for her telephone number.

He then phoned and later met up with her several times in South Africa resulting in their relationship “blossoming”.

In a transcript of the interview seen by the Zimbabwe Independent Makuvha says she wrote to Kasukuwere after breaking up with Chimoio citing his Baba Jukwa links.

In an affidavit he deposited as part of his bail application, which he was granted yesterday, Kudzayi also mentions he only got to know about Baba Jukwa through Kasukuwere.

“I will state that I only became aware of the Baba Jukwa issue when I was called upon by Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere to assess and make an overview of information as an IT expert provided by a hacker called Kennedy brought by Hebert Huruva so as to see if it was of any value which related to hacking of Baba Jukwa’s Gmail account given that so many people where just coming forward claiming to have information,” wrote Kudzayi.

“I then made a report back to Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere wherein I was referred to Honourable Professor Jonathan Moyo and the phone record would show the phone calls and also if Econet Wireless could provide decrypted text messages between myself and Saviour Kasukuwere.”

Kudzayi says he was working with Ministry of Defence officials, among them one Moyo and Kemboto whom he gave two detailed briefings in the presence of minister Moyo.Kudzayi also says he assisted the police with information on Baba Jukwa. He said he supplied information to Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge who is the lead investigating officer in the case.

Another affidavit seen by the Zimbabwe Independent reveals that Kudzayi, who says he was in fact Mai Jukwa, was also working with the police, ostensibly to unmask Baba Jukwa, but the development did not go down well with Defence officials who did not want to share information gathered.

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