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MDC-T team sets up structures

THE MDC-T renewal team is now moving to set up structures countrywide as it continues to push for a grand coalition with other parties.

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The Zimbabwe Independent witnessed some MDC-T renewal team activists engaging youths in Warren Park as it prepares to set up structures.

Despite the move, spokesperson for the team Joseph Mafume maintained they were still part of the MDC-T.

“We have been moving from district to district auditing the structures so that we know who is moving with us and who is not with us,” he said.

“We want to be clear as we prepare for an all-structures meeting in about two weeks. The all-structures meeting will be held before the convention with other parties.”

Mafume said similar meetings had been held in all provinces other than Mashonaland Central, where MDC-T has been traditionally weak.
Asked if the renewal team’s move was not akin to coming up with parallel structures, Mafume said they were merely ensuring there was renewal while also consolidating their position.

“We are rebranding and renewing the party. The party is an organic organisation. It’s just like in the animal kingdom; if a snake sheds its skin and gets a new one, it doesn’t mean it’s a new snake,” he said.

“Mafume said talks around the formation of a grand coalition had reached a formal stage as the parties involved were now discussing on a technical level how the coalition would work.

He said a coalition, and not individualism, was important in defeating Zanu PF “which itself is also a coalition of Zanu PF, Zapu, Zipra and Zanla forces”.

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