Makoni set to lead opposition coalition

MAVAMBO/Kusile DAWN (MKD) president Simba Makoni has emerged as the likely leader of the grand coalition being proposed by the break-away MDC Renewal-Team and other opposition parties in an effort to unseat Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.

Elias Mambo

Sources close to the development said a series of meetings are underway where representatives from the MDC-T’s renewal team, Makoni’s MKD, Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu and Welshman Ncube’s MDC are meeting ahead of the May Convention, where all issues related to the set up of the grand coalition will be ironed out.

“Although it is not yet in black and white and as you may be aware that Zimbabwe’s politics are fluid, from the look of things it seems all opposition members are in favour of Simba Makoni to lead the group,” said a highly placed MKD source.

The source confirmed that his boss Makoni was likely to lead the grand coalition if what is transpiring in the preparatory meetings is anything to go by.

“We have held lots of meetings and we are happy that this time around our president Simba Makoni appears favourable to lead this group ahead of all other leaders. Dabengwa and Ncube have thrown their weight behind Makoni,” the source said.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent, Makoni said the issue of leadership will be determined at a later stage.

“I am the first person to advance the idea of a grand coalition and I want to emphasise that it must be all inclusive,” Makoni said. “As for who will play what role — that will be determined by all of us when the time comes,” he said.

Sources from the MDC Renewal Team said they wanted to invite MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to be part of the group although he would hold an office other than that of president.

“We would want him there but with a different role as he remains a key stakeholder in Zimbabwe opposition politics. Although he is now weak at the hands of Zanu PF, his presence in the grand coalition will obviously add to the numbers and complement the strengths each of the members are bringing on board,” said a senior official in the Renewal Team.

MDC Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the issue of who will lead the coalition will be discussed at a later stage as right now leaders are busy with deliberations on the principles.

“That issue will be discussed at a later stage. Currently we are busy with the principles that we need to adhere to as a united team,” Mafume said, adding “people had proposed a number of positions where Morgan Tsvangirai would participate in the democratisation of the country but what was not agreed was that he should be the leader. We want him in as much as we want any other person committed to the democratic principles but he should accept to take any other role and not that of the leader only”.

Nhlanhla Dube, spokesperson of the Ncube-led MDC, said meetings to form a coalition of democrats are underway and the leaders of the opposition parties are still deliberating the principles of the plan.

“We have not yet arrived at selecting who will lead this group. What we are doing right now is to create a working plan which all political parties will agree to,” Dube said.

Zapu national spokesperson Mjobisa Noko said consultations are being done informally and Zapu is still waiting to be approached formally.

“We hear consultations are being done informally and at personal levels. As a party we are still waiting for a formal approach and we have our conditions which have to be met before we are part of that coalition,” said Noko.

21 thoughts on “Makoni set to lead opposition coalition”

  1. Gushas says:

    Ugly as it is the truth has beauty about it self, the way forward is to find a way of how best you can work sincerely with ZANU PF ,otherwise continue to have these false hopes, wake up to realize your dreams!

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    3. rob says:

      @gushas……i am in support of your recommendation….it is high time that all politians realise that as Zimbabweans, we all have the same aspirations to see our country prosper. there is a dire need for unity of purpose….i would go further to recommend that this “sincere work” that Gushas has referred to is encapsulated in the constitution…both sides of the political devide must work together to ensure that we are working constitutionally towards the interests o the countries citizens……this means that the needs of zimbabweans must guide our policy direction before the desires of outside countries and multi-national companies are catered for…..if anything, the aspirations of the continent must be catered for as we move forward…..i say this not to shut out the international community, no. for them, they are most welcome to work with us as equal partners……….we will get there people, as long as we have unity of purpose.

  2. bobsled says:

    zanu PF does not want to work with anybody, they do not like idea of competing with some blokes in the looting exercises. You should wake up….

  3. wamaromo says:

    Makoni has been reported to support Tsvangirayi so they have to sweeten him i don’t know with how much to change. He cannot just follow the wind.

  4. Nyonganyonga says:

    This is what we call confusion among these pple who call themselves true democrats. At one point they say the leader of the coalition will be chosen by the people while also saying they don’t want Tsvangirai to be the leader. What if the pple choose him, who are they to deny the choice of the pple if they are true democrats as they purport, unless they say that they are the pple they refer to in their conversations. I sense that it is Mafume and his group who want to arrogate the power and responsibility to appoint not elect a leader of the coalition coz it is him and his colleagues who refer to themselves as “WE”.. Regai Madhuku ati zvake hatidi kushandiswa kuita drive other pple’s ambitions arikuzviona kuti matakanana aya hapana kana democracy iripo apa. Iye zvino vamwe vakutoti leader wedu Makoni ndiye achiita leader wacho. Saka does that mean that the pple have already chosen. Mafume says choice of a leader will be done at the end yet Makoni has already emerged as the favourite. What criteria will be used to choose the leader coz i don’t what credentials of a true democrat does Makoni have after staying in zanu pf where there is no democracy until very recently. This will be a grant coaliton of confusion.

    1. Gushas says:

      Well said Nyonganyonga

  5. Chris Veremu says:

    One constant appears to be politicians speak with forked fact all of them except maybe one Abraham Lincoln who history tells us was ‘incapable’ of lying..not that he did not want to throw in a lie here and there, he was handicapped in this regard. If it turns out true that all the so-called opposition were to coalesce around Makoni this will be a huge success…but mmm mmm mmm this is one hell of a tall order!

  6. fuyane says:

    In the end the winner will be greed.

  7. tiktak says:

    lets just wait and see how it pans out.

  8. noreji says:

    Mmmmm seeing all the guys trying to form this grand coalition have broken away from their respective parties because of power, i shudder to imagine what will happen immediately before or after 2018 elections. i guess someone will be accused and suspended for failing to attract bumper crowds at rallies before 2018 elections or will suffer the same for failing to beat ZPF or MDC at the elections. Hey! Will Mangoma take kindly to some other guy leading the coalition when he made it clear that with or without the people’s support he wants to be the party leader? Maybe he is already crafting another letter to Makoni asking him to step down or he will withhold cash for campaigning.

  9. clemence says:

    it is a wishful thinking of losers. these pple are driven by greed and self ego. biti has failed like ncube, he knows he is nothing without mdc t. he is busy looking for someone to lead him. a grant plan by utter foolish blind democrats. usacheuke muridzo save

  10. Llodza says:

    Listen to this utter rubbish from Mafume. He says they want Tsvangirai to pull crowds for them so that they become his leader!
    Secondly, they say the leader must be chosen by the people. If the people say they want Tsvangirai what will they do?

  11. john says:

    makoni president, vice president morgan Tsvangirai in the coalition

  12. Colonel Ncube says:

    How I wish Tsvangirai could be humbly enough to accept Makoni as his leader and he stays on as a Vice!That will be good for Zimbabwe. ZANU-PF ,despite the Bhora Mugedhe songs has clearly showed that they have no clue how to run the economy,something that they have failed to do since 1980!

    I am sure the majority (bhora mugedhe) are beginning to see the folly of their actions. But again some of us are commenting from outside and perhaps the majority are quite happy going to bed on empty stomachs and not finding medicines in public hospitals

  13. saturday says:

    Stop coalitions the politics in our failed state (sign – the change in salary dates for civil servants) have changed and its now a matter of how far you are willing fight, literally fight not camping against zanu which has nikuv on its side

  14. lovemore says:

    Kana vanhu vechida democracy they should rally behind Tsvangson to consolidate the opposition votes. All they need to do is add to Chamatama’s 1 million votes he has been getting in every election. Dumb squids I may say. Learned but not educated lawyers, accountants, professors.

  15. Eagle says:

    what a ridiculous attempt to ride on Tsvangirai’s popularity. Why should he join into a low position when he can garner more votes all by himself. These academics must stay out of politics for sure, brainy for nothing

  16. Tarubva says:

    Mafume, what will you do if people elect Morgan Tsvangirai as their leader of the coalition? And finally, you have realized that he has the numbers, which apparently you don’t. Why would he not be the leader then? Just admit it Biti and your appendages, you are damned outside the MDC-T!

  17. tudor says:

    l am still not clear on why Biti and Mafume broke away from MDCT.they shld have proposed that coalition while still with Tsvangirai.zvavakutiomera kuva truster.zuro ndizuro maiti Tsvangirai haadiwe nhasi moti u need him.why are you inviting a dictator then.

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