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ZOL unveils a Toll Free Service to Econet Subscribers.

Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), one of the biggest Internet Service provider in Zimbabwe has unveiled a toll free customer support service number directly to their Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) support number on 08677 123 123.


Previously customers on Econet, like any other mobile network were being charged to contact ZOL support at prevailing rates. This made contacting the team for any technical service a nightmare as calls would usually stretch while the support team may be working on rectifying a certain problem reported.

In most cases a normal support call can last a minimum of 5 minutes, at 23 cents per minute this stretches the call to cost way above a dollar but when trouble shooting and remote access is invoked with test, the call can last over 30 minutes making support service very expensive. For anyone who would have called, chances are that it will cost him/her too much to get the support service on a product, compromising the quality of service delivery as many people would end up shunning the whole process.

When service goes down, interrupted or even a general inquiry is needed, customers should not end up thinking that ignoring the problem, or waiting for service resumption as and when available becomes an option.

This move comes as a major relief to their thousands of clients in Zimbabwe as they are now virtually brought closer to their service provider. Unfortunately the story remains the same to anyone else who is using the service from other networks except Econet.

In most cases, ZOL support have a tendency of calling back clients after a query, we have heard numerous support calls with them and thumbs to the team for the follow ups and continuous follow up through the problems is resolved.

Of great importance is the ZOL support which we personally got around 10 midnight, not because we are a Technology Magazine, but they do offer real support till those late hours for anyone else in need, that’s a real first class.

I however do not have an experience on how they would react if I was calling from another line which is not an Econet number.

ZOL is a subsidiary of Liquid telecoms which is also the internet Access Provider for Econet Wireless. They recently announced their entry into the VoIP market and have since availed their 08677 network and dedicated 123 123 as their main support number for customer care and support related
issues.The potential of IP based communication has opened many doors to cheap and reliable communication for all parties with most telecommunication companies world over and Zimbabwe tooseriously implementing this technology for the future.

VoIP is not a new technology, it has been in use in many other platforms but having telecoms players embracing it is a sure sign that the writing is now on the wall for GSM technology, the system that is being currently used by all mobile network operators in Zimbabwe.

VoIP is all about sending voice over the internet instead of the traditional data packets. A simple traditional VoIP package is Skype,
tried and tested for years, this has prototyped many VoIP applications with new hardware phones coming in with VoIP ready devices. Interestingly, ZOL is also offering Free Wi-Fi connectivity during the HIFA to all revellers who shall be at the CocaCola Green arena. This will add so much fun and excitement as hundreds will be enabled to share instantly information and images in real time.

For the international visitors the benefits are obvious, there are no longer forced to continue roaming their data or buy a local line to simply keep in touch with the world.

The liquid telecom based backbone infrastructure for ZOL spots have always been known to deliver super fast internet access with high quality streaming capabilities without buffering.

With FREE customer service support and FREE Wi-Fi, well this is just but another early Christmas present for most techies who just need seamless convenience and connectivity on the go! Amazing what super-fast broad band can now do to our lives.

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