Confusion hits PSL

Confusion reigns in the country’s top-tier league over the formula to be adopted for promotion and relegation to and from Division One leagues.

Kevin Mapasure

The top-flight league comes alive this weekend with a full programme of matches but the relegation issue has not been finalised.

The new Zifa constitution states that there should be a National Division One league, but with lack of sponsorship forcing the shelving of that project, Zifa suggested a Champions of Champions tournament where the four winners from the four regions would contest for two Premiership slots.

There were also other suggestions, particularly during the Zifa election campaign, where some regions suggested the play-offs should involve PSL teams that finish 13th and 14th, with the top four winning promotion.

Castle Lager Premier Soccer League chief executive officer Kenny Ndebele yesterday said he was not sure which formula would be used this season with several suggestions tabled.

“We know that there should be two teams going down and that is the last official communication we got, but we heard from some Zifa members during the run up to the elections about other playoffs that will include two teams from the topflight,” said Ndebele.

The Premiership season is expected to end on December 20 and if top-flight clubs are involved in the play offs that would further stretch the season into the New Year.

3 thoughts on “Confusion hits PSL”

  1. Jingeni says:

    disorganized football clowns!

  2. jojo says:

    Very easy. The 3 last placed teams from the PSL should be in the roasting bowl. 2 last teams are demoted from the PSL automatically as per season points system. The 2 winners of the 2 division 1 leagues are automatically promoted. The runners up in the 2 divisions then go for a play off with 3rd from last in the PSL on a round robin home and away. The winner of the playoffs mini league becomes part of the PSL for the next season.

  3. jojo says:

    And the 2 division leagues must be reshuffled according to location. Distance can be used as a measure to see who goes into which of the 2 division 1 league in order to accommodate the new comers as to who is in which league. Call in a few mathematicians (and pay them) to calculate the most economic cost effective teams for each of the division 1 leagues. Or put the teams in the 2 divisions together in hat and pull some rabbits out.

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