Zanu PF government now becoming dysfunctional


‘Only a fifth of Zimbabwe has access to clean water. This situation constitutes a clear and present threat to the health of the population … The collapse of local water systems across the country has left many Zimbabweans, especially in urban centres such as Harare and Bulawayo, exposed to water-borne diseases … Zanu PF will reverse this situation after the elections.”

Candid Comment by Stewart Chabwinja

So reads the promise-laden Zanu PF manifesto which pitched the catchphrase “indigenise, empower, develop and create employment” ahead of the 2013 general elections which ushered the party back into power. Disingenuously but rather predictably, the manifesto solely blamed “corruption in local authorities by the MDC formations” as the reason for the service delivery breakdown.

It is about eight months after the elections and where are we? There is not even the slightest hint Zanu PF has even begun to “reverse” the situation. On the contrary, the country appears stuck on a carousel, dizzy from the same old challenges that keep haunting the country, especially the economy, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

Currently, most suburbs in Harare have gone for over three weeks without water thanks to rationing by council as the upgrading of Morton Jaffray Waterworks continues. It’s nothing new, of course. The bad news from council is that the water crisis would only abate when the upgrading of the water treatment plant is completed.But it is not clear when!

Not surprisingly, about 112 people have died of diarrhoeal diseases in the last two months. Health ministry officials have warned most people’s health is in danger as households in Harare are estimated to be surviving on less than 50 litres of water per day for all domestic needs.

Nor is electricity supply faring much better, with an increase in power outages being attributed to the same old technical faults that have become Hwange Power Station’s hallmark. Equally familiar is the cry from the country’s despairing industry, with the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce deputy president Davison Norupiri bemoaning that power outages had seriously hurt the industrial.

Thus the post-election narrative remains one of mostly despair rather that hope. This week Reckitt Benckiser, an international firm popular for its domestic sanitation products, announced it would be auctioning its plant and equipment mid-month, signalling the death knell of its operations here.

It cited, among others, deteriorating economic conditions in the country, highlighting operational costs related to labour, and utilities such as power and water. Benckiser’s plight is emblematic, with statistics revealing numerous companies are succumbing to a hostile operating environment, rendering more people jobless.

Even allowing for the fact that no one in their right minds expected an overnight recovery, the absence of even a whiff of progress in government’s mission to revive service delivery in general and the economy in particular is instructive.

Clueless, bankrupt, shunned by foreign investors and weighed down by corruption; the Zanu PF government now appears paralysed and dysfunctional.

6 thoughts on “Zanu PF government now becoming dysfunctional”

  1. maita says:

    Do they listen or we are wasting our time?

  2. Exiled says:

    But my question is who is exactly in charge in this country? Obviously its not Mugabe. I have traveled and lived in many countries and what i noticed is that the president appears on television at least once or twice per week talking issues of national policy and governance. These presidents will be talking real issues and taking action which is very tangible and citizens really feel that the president is working. Now when i came back to Zimbabwe i was very shocked to notice that the president only appears on national television at a gala to celebrate his own birthday and after that the nation have to wait for another birthday. Now birthdays come only once in a year. Most surprisingly all issues which the nation feels must have come from the president instead come from his spokesperson. What is this and who is exactly ruling this country? Why does it seem like this country is ruled by ministers in their own capacity which make it have more than twenty rulers as we have more than twenty ministers. The nation has every reason to be worried Mugabe is not doing the job that the people of this nation entrusted him with. As long as we have a situation where the president doesnt say anything this country will continue to die. For those who know please help me; who is ruling this country? Who is running the show’? I havent been around here for many years but i feel i have lost touch with how this country is run.

  3. george bachinche says:

    If Mugabe was on television everyday, you would be the first one to complain.
    Its depends whrn you came to Zimbabwe. If you came in January he was on leave and there was an acting president who appeared on television.
    Whats important is the substance not the apperance

    1. Tawanda says:

      Don’t talk nonsense George…the idiot can’t appear on national TV for the same reasons he used 1980 pictures of himself in the 2013 campaign.

  4. Musona says:

    Headline is misleading – “ZanuPF government becoming dysfunctional” when it has always been dysfunctional! Dysfunction does not only apply to being unable to deliver services to citizens but also being unable to protect its citizens. This government has been dysfunctional since it mas*acred over 20 000 unarmed civilians in Guk*rah*ndi in the early 80s. The most important task of a government is to protect its citizens not mas*acre them. With such unbridled corruption what can you expect? There are so many party loyalists who are being paid from the public purse for doing nothing – that is why service delivery is bad to non-existent.
    The headline should be – “The misery continues”.

  5. simon ncube shoko says:

    I just do hope that there are few people who expected change after the July 2013 election results. The majority voted to continue in MISERY!!

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