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Jostling for Vice President post intensifies

THE race to replace vice-president John Nkomo who died in January last year has intensified as three more candidates have entered the race to battle it out with Zanu PF national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo who was cleared by former PF-Zapu members to assume the position.

By Elias Mambo

Highly-placed sources in the party claim Khaya Moyo, long touted as Nkomo’s successor, is now facing stiff resistance from former PF-Zapu members who feel he is too junior to ascend to the vice-presidency traditionally reserved for former PF-Zapu members in accordance with the 1987 Unity Agreement between Joshua Nkomo and Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe.

Those challenging Khaya Moyo include former ambassador to South Africa Phelekezela Mphoko and politburo members Kembo Mohadi and Ambrose Mutinhiri.

However, Obert Mpofu, who is also interested in the job, is reportedly ineligible because at the time of signing the unity accord he was in Zanu PF.

“They (senior former PF-Zapu members) are discussing amongst themselves, saying that Khaya Moyo was just a personal aide of (Joshua) Nkomo and he should not be elevated to the post ahead of more deserving candidates,” said a top Zanu PF official.

The source said Mohadi has support of his home province of Matabeleland South. Sources claim Khaya Moyo, who also hails from Mangwe district in the same province, is engaged in a war of words with Mphoko who was recalled from his ambassadorial post in Pretoria after Khaya Moyo wrote a letter to him, copied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, complaining about his conduct. In the letter dated October 8 2013, Khaya Moyo threatened Mphoko whom he accused of decampaigning him.

“Do not demean yourself by going around speaking of me. When I take appropriate action do not cry foul,” reads part of the letter.

Asked whether he wrote the letter to Mphoko, Khaya Moyo said: “I am at a rally in Nkayi (Matabeleland North) and I am very busy.” Pushed further to say “yes” or “no” to writing the letter, Khaya Moyo said: “my friend I said I am busy.”

Party sources said Mphoko — a former senior Zipra commander — is arguing that he deserved the top post because he was a senior member of the party in 1987.
“Mphoko claims that he is one of the most senior members of the old Zapu and Zipra still remaining in Zanu PF and therefore should be the next second vice-president,” said the source.

“He said Khaya Moyo was nothing in Zapu, other than being Nkomo’s aide.

“The letter was written last December, but was only re-enforced in recent weeks, after the ambassador flatly refused to apologise to Khaya Moyo and following the Central Intelligence Organisation’s report linking Mphoko with the Mthwakazi Liberation Front,” revealed the source.

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  1. mmmm interesting not sure why Simon wants VP post he has done nothing for Mangwe.
    Mugabe should just adopt him and build him a little hut kwaKutama

  2. At last Khaya Moyo is testing his own medicine. Despite being Zanu PF Chairman, he has no idea of the partys constitution. Actualy he should b employed as the body guard of the next VP

  3. But my question is who is exactly in charge in this country? Obviously its not Mugabe. I have traveled and lived in many countries and what i noticed is that the president appears on television at least once or twice per week talking issues of national policy and governance. These presidents will be talking real issues and taking action which is very tangible and citizens really feel that the president is working. Now when i came back to Zimbabwe i was very shocked to notice that the president only appears on national television at a gala to celebrate his own birthday and after that the nation have to wait for another birthday. Now birthdays come only once in a year. Most surprisingly all issues which the nation feels must have come from the president instead come from his spokesperson. What is this and who is exactly ruling this country? Why does it seem like this country is ruled by ministers in their own capacity which make it have more than twenty rulers as we have more than twenty ministers. The nation has every reason to be worried Mugabe is not doing the job that the people of this nation entrusted him with. As long as we have a situation where the president doesnt say anything this country will continue to die. For those who know please help me; who is ruling this country? Who is running the show’? I havent been around here for many years but i feel i have lost touch with how this country is run.

  4. There is no debate. It’s clear that Moyo, by virtue of his current position as party Chairman (the most senior from the former Zapu) is the next in line. Such issues find space in the media simply because the media chooses to play the midwife role in the succession issue. Where were these senior guys when a a mere personal aide rose to being party Chairman?

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