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Liquid Telecoms Brings Fibre to Homes

NOT MORE than 4 years ago, it was ridiculous to demand that a standard html website should completely load up in less than 5 seconds.

Skyping was a privilege for some few individuals, usually those “abusing” company bandwidth, but for a flawless streaming, it had to be after hours.

My generation from the 80s can be considered fortunate for we saw the introduction of connectivity from 56kbps basic dial up speeds and “Ultra High Frequency” UHF outdoor equipment to the current introduction of real broadband speeds fluctuating above 3mb/s unshared.

For one to imagine audio streaming let alone video conferencing, well we were simply made to believe that was to spice some sci-fi action movie.

Its now 2014 and we have seen ADSL, Wimax and Fibre connectivity modes completely change the game as real broadband speeds are now attainable for most corporates making real time communication of huge data packets over IP a reality.

The work environment has been revolutionised, employees are no longer spending too much time blaming the IT department for slow ISP connectivity speeds, rather they are now focusing on their core business or work.

As this was not good enough, on the 17th of July 2013, TechnoMag had a video interview with the Managing Director of Liquid Telecoms where he said a statement that I deliberately asked him to repeat for clarity purposes.

The Liquid MD said ”We are going to be rolling out FTH, which is Fibre To Home, for areas already with our fibre presence, every house hold and business area within 500m will be connected via direct fibre for absolutely no charge at all.”

Sceptically, I murmured that I would want to live and see that dream becomes reality.

Its 7 months down the line now, right at my gate in Waterfalls Neighbourhood, it was not a marketing gimmick neither was it a check from a bucket list. I saw a long trench meandering past my gate across the whole neighbourhood.

Before asking for any permission, I had to make sure I capture the now moment and quickly reached for my camera hit some couple of shots and finally braved for an up and close with the man at work, “We are trenching for fibre broadband , we are with liquid Telecoms, we cannot speak to the press go to the HQ for anymore questions “ said one of the senior with the team.

Surely the fibre to home dream has dawned to most Zimbabwean households and many neighbourhoods have been already completely covered with the world class connectivity speeds.

Last year, Liquid Telecoms rolled out fibre with Borrowdale, Balgravia, Kensington, Avondale and Milton Park as they pilot tested the project yet today hundreds of neighbourhoods have been completely covered along the main neighbourhood streets.

Liquid Telecoms has a local excess of over $80million as they continuously connect fibre to the houses, Offices and industries
With most Internet Access Providers already laying fibre across the nation, the cost of internet access is going to come down significantly as the infrastructure investment is seeing its completion across the nation`s major cities.

Broadband costs have already plummeted from around $2000 for 2-3mbps unlimited download in the past years to only $245 for Wimax broadband by ZOL. Few years back one would pay an arm and a leg to even dream of broadband worse off at home.

These are the current trending activities which will see the broadband dream a reality to all and for all at home at a very much affordable costs to all.

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