Namibia helicopters rescue flood victims


THE Namibia Defence Force’s -Air Force (NDF) has sent three of its helicopters to Zimbabwe after appeals from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to assist with airlifting marooned families affected by flooding at Tokwe-Murkosi in Masvingo.

By Wongai Zhangazha

Zimbabwe’s airforce has been hard hit by sanctions and an arms embargo by the West and is thus unable to import spares for its aging aircraft fleet. NDF public relations officer Petrus Shilumbu said “the heavy rainfall experienced in the Republic of Zimbabwe have prompted the Government of Zimbabwe to request assistance from the Republic of Namibia.

“In response to that request the Republic of Namibia has authorised the Namibian Defence Force’s Air Force to send three of its helicopters to the Republic of Zimbabwe in order to assist with airlifting marooned families at Tokwe-Murkosi Basin in Masvingo Province.

“The NDF has sent one Z-9 and two Allouette III helicopters with six pilots and seven technicians. This came as amatter of urgency following the nonstop rainfall of more than 850mm, which led to the rise of water levels at a rate of l,8m per day,” wrote Shilumbu yesterday.

The Nambian Air Force said its helicopters will evacuate about 63 families and their households who are in danger.

This week Zimbabwe’s bankrupt government appealed for US$20 million from the international community to urgently evacuate, relocate, shelter and provide safe water and other basic needs to 60 000 people affected by the floods in the Tokwe-Murkosi basin.

10 thoughts on “Namibia helicopters rescue flood victims”

  1. Monomotapa says:

    I cry for my beloved country and countrymen. Have we really come to this level , while a few loot and benefit ?

  2. Goreraza says:

    Basket case! twumasoja vbasa nderekuita threaten macivilians apa ndege dzacho hamuna, munohwa zhara and of no use to anyone!

  3. Kalomoh says:

    Sendin helicopters by Namibia to zimbabweans in distress is the highest expression of fraternal solidarity and good neighbourliness .
    Well done Namibia .

    1. Mberengwa says:

      Silly guy this one. Solidarity my foot! So are airforce is in shambles, how low shall we fall before we pick ourselves up.

  4. E Makhate says:

    Thank you Namibia. Zim has no equipped Airforce to talk about. The country is bankrupt. It has nothing except starving people and a thieving ruling elite.

  5. nhuhu says:

    So what is the airforce of zim soldiers doing everyday in their barracks. This exposure is a big security risk

  6. Tapi Tapi says:

    Zvinonyadzisa izvi,isu seZimbabwe we now ask for help from Namibia ????This is very sad indeed.Our leaders are simply pathetic ,they don’t even feel ashamed of themselves.

  7. What happened to the helicopter spares we got from South Africa?

  8. Goreraza says:

    These helicopters were suppossed to be donated to Zim by South Africa. However, Afri-forum went to court to stop the govt of RSA from donating these copters to Zim for fear of the used to butcher civilians by Matibili and company. South Africa have just recently donated them to Namibia, and in turn Namibia has taken them to Zim for rscue operations. I am sure they will be in rescue mission for aa long as Namibia and ZANU agree.

  9. wamaromo says:

    Apa we say we will fight to the last drop of blood isu tisina kana ka ndege hako dhuze dze fly past takutokwereta RSA futi, Manje kana zvinkanzvikwa na Alfonso takuvara. No air cover apa taityisidzira Botswana. Tumasoja basa kurova vana hwindi mutown kurwira 5 rand.

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