Zindoga matter of rights commission

A concert by Bryan Adams seems to have brought out the worst in the Herald’s vituperative stable of columnists.


One, called Tichaona Zindoga who wears dark glasses, commented on the large number of whites at the concert two weeks ago. In fact, he deplored the number of whites present suggesting they had obtained their tickets as part of an underground network.

“One of the few blacks who attended told me he could only see one other black soul about,” Zindoga remarked. This is really strange. Well, perhaps those dark glasses wouldn’t have helped him see things any better!

Hate language

‘One commentator believes that if a bomb had detonated at the HICC we would have lost about all of our white species in Zimbabwe. That would have been such a pity, wouldn’t it?” he wrote facetiously.
Obviously, Zindoga doesn’t think so and is busy promoting a hostile agenda in the state press. Dressing up his remarks as somebody else’s doesn’t excuse his bigotry. And the calculated targeting of any minority should, as hate language, be a matter for the Human Rights Commission.

Racism at its worst

In this case, we have an official voice of the regime asking whether the removal of whites would be a good thing, suggesting it would.
“The whites, most of them of the genus we call Rhodies” — or rather what he calls Rhodies — “as well as their exiled kith and kin are supposed to reap the fruits of the suffering and emasculation of the black Zimbabwean”.

This is disgraceful racism. And the paper’s editor was obviously happy to let it pass across his desk untouched.

“The million-dollar question (actually it’s US$64 000), the obviously dull but malicious Zindoga asks, “is how the 3 475 people — almost all of them whites — managed to know about the concert and buy tickets?”
That could be because, contrary to Zindoga’s assertion, the concert was, in fact, well advertised.

“In fact,” he declares, “this brings the valid observation that whites in Zimbabwe are generally not part of Zimbabwean life. They have their own shopping malls, bars and clubs.”
Where are those malls, bars and clubs for whites only?
Been to Borrowdale?

Has Zindoga ever been to Borrowdale, we wonder? The shoppers there and the mansions they inhabit are remarkably similar to each other.

Zimbabwe’s elite aspires to share a colonial template!

“It was a Caucasian thing, organised, sponsored and ultimately held by and to serve the white interests,” Zindoga confidently claims.
Can we really talk of a new way of doing things when there is poison like this being disseminated across the land within six months of the passage of a new constitution?

Zanu PF’s bitterness

Leaving aside the Adams issue, a clue as to Zanu PF’s bitterness was evident last week.

President Ian Khama expressed his disillusionment with Sadc and the AU’s decision to look the other way over Zimbabwe’s election mismanagement. Botswana, by the way, has increased in wealth 30-fold over the past 20 years. Zimbabwe has dramatically gone backwards. It must be infuriating for the regime’s propagandists. No wonder Khama keeps getting blasted in the Herald. At least Botswana knows what to do with its diamonds.

And how’s this for a fatuous conclusion: “The whites of this country should be reminded that if they do please (sic), they can keep their Brian (sic) Adams, and we keep our Warriors.” What tosh!

Judging a nation

There have also recently been warnings from Zanu PF’s mandarins not to abuse the constitution by having to resort to it. Speaking at the Staff College, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa declared “you may assume to be rich, but you will be ideologically poor if you are not in control of your resources. You are a laughing stock among the community of nations,” he said, “because a nation is identified by its territory and resources it controls. The reason why we talk about indigenisation is because it is reflective of our history.”

It is true a nation is judged by the resources it controls, it is also judged by the way it enhances its economy by investment and manages its internal affairs by sensible and judicious decision-making.

Zimbabwe is not run like that. It prefers grabbing other people’s and investors’ property on the spurious grounds that it was once a victim of foreign assault (1893). Armed with this logic, a review of the Battle of Hastings (1066) might be useful in justifying the Norman occupation of England. But it is selective history all the same.

Sensible law

Closer to home Zanu PF appears indifferent to clauses in the law that require the sellers of farm property to first offer it to the government.

A sensible proposal ignored in the main was the UNDP agreement on land distribution (1998) that would have made Zimbabwe a successful economy. President Robert Mugabe probably thought it would get in the way of his populist programme.

We don’t know how Mnangagwa’s speech went down at the Staff College. But appealing to the courts for redress is fundamental to all successful societies and should not be frowned upon.

12 thoughts on “Zindoga matter of rights commission”

  1. Madyira says:

    Where was the concert advertised. Muckraker must not try to defend the indefensible. White Zimbabweans must learn to integrate into the rest of Zimbabwean society. Instead of clear and unambiguous explanation on what happened, insulting columnists is the wrong way to go. Whites must endeavor to normalise racial relations here or else they be accused of racism themselves.

    1. Citizen says:

      Madyira unondinzwisa tsitsi……smh

    2. RT Murehwa says:

      With less than 5,000 white people left in Zimbabwe; you need to grow up! Stop trying to make everything a black and white issue. Zimbabwe is not going anywhere with such mentality rampant.

  2. grayi sekuru waTina says:

    @Madyira its unfortunate that you think that the Herald, Kwayedza and Dead BC are the only communication mediums around. it was all oer the electrionic media. It was advertised and I being resident in SA knew about the concert weeks before. It also goes on to prove a point that if you have to advertise dont use a partisian medium as this would compromise your visibility due to limited circulation. Asi dai yaiva mbeu of course ndoisa advert mu herald and kwayedza as they suit the audiance i will be targeting.

    The promoter is not complaining of a poor turn out which is a sign that the medium he used for adveritsing was the right one.

    Akomana mukasada kuverenga mamwe mapepa kunze kweamunoti ndiwo munopfuurwa nezvakawanda weee,

  3. Madyira, its not the responsibility of the white community to “integrate into the rest of Zimbabwean society”. No one was barred from attending Brian Adams show.

  4. Wezhira Wezhara says:

    So muckracker is saying most black Zimbos did not want to or could not afford to go to B Adams concert????? Futsek!!! Whers the F was is advertised???? Zvimwe zvinhu musango zvi defenda nokuti ZANU has criticised them?

  5. juju says:

    It is true a nation is judged by the resources it controls, it is also judged by the way it enhances its economy by investment and manages its internal affairs by sensible and judicious decision-making.

    i like that, now tell us how Botswana does it successfully. Please enlighten us on diamond revenue from Botswana and how it`s benefitimh the Tswanas, we are keen for facts on the ground show evidence to the contary. The thing is you are successfull if you are sycophantic like Khama, otherwise no real development is happening there.

    1. paru says:

      which developing are you talking about which you say is happening here???please mention for me,,,

  6. mapungubwe dundilabazwele says:

    Free speech; some call it freedom of speech or right to say what you think; is what Zindoga did. Free speech is what is beeing expressed by those in support and those who do not support Zindoga, that includes MuckRaker! But remember that Zindoga means the ‘only one or ‘only alone’ in ChiZezuru

  7. Nhamoszenyika says:

    A negro will always be a negro, thick and dumb. The herald is the the engine that raves racism for its racist boss government. I do not blame the few whites left in Zimbabwe who choose to remain a unit and look out for one another especially knowing how unwanted they are, and also being reminded daily by the very same paper how in Zimbabwean they are. Black Zimbabweans are so backward no wonder we claim independence while under the chains of oppression by the so called liberator. Zimbabwe is one racist country and we think doing unto the white Zimbabweans what was done to black Zimbabweans in the past is the way to go. What a sad state of affairs and I always wonder why the foreign white people help this dark continent. They should lock their boarders disconect themselves from it all and give this place months, we would be eating each other outside. Zimbabwe has gone back to Stone Age and yet we all seating here blaming the white man, look at the corruption around you, no salaries being paid yet one man earns $6million in a year. Then you moan about Brian Adams? White Zimbabweans are Zimbabweans period and they don’t need to intergrate nothing, that’s how they choose to leave, how come they don’t complain about the many of us who go to shows like oskido when he comes over? How come they don’t moan about where we shop? Where we eat? Most of us don’t even want to go shop and eat in some areas where the majority of the thugs and evil many of us go, for the same reasons whites choose not to. So please shut the hell up and get a life, better still sort your messed up lives first. Kudos to Khama and Botswana. Africa is dark as it’s occupants.

  8. Kev says:

    Childish immature tantrums! Penis envy? Grow up Zindoga! Enjoy you Slizers.

    No one was ever stopped from buying those tickets and how many black people really appreciate Adams? We have our Winky D, Sulu and the rest of them. Let’s watch those!

    And one wonders why we rush to perform in England, with such attitudes! Even Kapfupi went.

    Emotional midgets like Zindonga make me feel shame. Great shame that I have to share a country with him.

  9. Terry M says:

    Zindoga is singing for his supper……….

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