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MDC-T pushes for review of budgetary allocations

MDC-T shadow ministers will push Treasury during the budget debate to cut budget allocations to the Office of the President and Cabinet and the ministries of Defence and Home Affairs, and instead redirect the money to social ministries such as Education, Health and Agriculture, a senior MDC-T legislator said yesterday.

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In debates of portfolio committee chairpersons this week Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s US$4,1 billion budget faced a barrage of attacks for allocating large votes to the defence and security cluster at the expense of social cluster ministries.

The MDC-T argues that in the current budget, Treasury allocated the Agriculture and Health ministries funds far below the internationally agreed ratios.

The Maputo and Abuja Declarations call for governments to allocate 10% and 15% of their budgets to agriculture and health respectively.

Defence, Home Affairs and the President’s Office were allocated nearly US$1 billion, close to a third of the total budget allocation of US$3,6 billion.

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