Mudzuri guns for MDC-T presidency

MDC-T Warren Park MP Elias Mudzuri, who is angling to wrest the party presidency from former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, is reportedly in Boston, United States, for a fundraising workshop to fund his campaign.

Elias Mambo

Top MDC-T insiders said Mudzuri left Harare last Friday aboard a British Airways plane and arrived in Boston on Saturday morning.

“Mudzuri is now in Boston and today (January 14) he will hold a networking workshop with his friends and well-wishers who want to help him raise funds so that he can finance his ambitious political exploits where he wants to take over Tsvangirai’s post as president of the MDC,” said a top MDC-T official.

Party insiders said Mudzuri would leave Boston for London on January 19 before returning to Zimbabwe via Johannesburg on January 28.

Since the July 31 general elections in which Tsvangirai lost heavily to President Robert Mugabe, he has been facing internal attacks from senior party officials who are holding clandestine meetings to plot his ouster through an early congress they are pushing to be held earlier than 2016 when it is due.

Mudzuri is in some quarters tipped to take over as party president in a line-up that also comprises former ministers in the coalition government with Zanu PF which ended in July after four years.

MDC-T insiders said the secret meetings are taking place at various locations within Harare, including a lodge in the city centre which has a reputation of being a hang-out for party officials and civil society activists.

Mudzuri recently confirmed to the media that if the people decide he should be the next MDC-T leader he would gladly accept. The Harvard-educated engineer has previously served as Harare’s mayor and MDC-T’s organising secretary before suffering a crushing defeat to Nelson Chamisa at the party congress held in Bulawayo in 2011.

MDC-T sources claim Mudzuri is putting structures in place that will help him win the MDC-T presidency at the next congress.

“Mudzuri has a strong support base in Midlands and Bulawayo,” said another top MDC-T official. “By mid-year, he should have covered the whole of this country soliciting for votes because the party may push for an early congress.”

Following defeat at the polls, several top MDC-T officials called for Tsvangirai to step down, while Mudzuri took matters a gear up by suggesting five ways the beleaguered party could be saved from demise.

One of the scenarios he proffered was that Tsvangirai steps down and becomes the godfather of the party — the “Nelson Mandela” of the labour-backed party.

The MDC-T standing committee consequently met in Harare and resolved to summon senior members of the executive and shadow minister for transport, Mudzuri, for allegedly discussing the party’s leadership renewal in the press.

22 thoughts on “Mudzuri guns for MDC-T presidency”

  1. Pokello says:

    Mudzuri’s wife works in Boston, USA and his son Valentine attends school there. Mudzuri regularly travels to see his family. Clearly then your source that the learned engineer is on a fund raising trip, is misinformed.

  2. Chris Veremu says:

    If this were true, then the MDC would have enhanced their democratic credentials not the nonsense they experimented with during their confirmations in the last election. The MDC should go straight ahead and bring their congress has the net effect of cleaning themselves after the drubbing they received. Of course this is mindful of the fact that there are those independent observers who believe they may have been cheated at the last election. Well, I dont know if there is any truth in this but this new development gives them opportunity to uproot those who pretended to be travelling with them on the same bus when they were mere opportunists…A newer cleaner and swifter MDC will be born out of this I think.

  3. Boorangoma says:

    This story is coming straight from the “Red Bricks”, the CIO Headquarters. It has no grain of truth.

  4. Chikwaka special says:

    Some idiots are itching for Tsvangison’s removal but will bite the dust soon

  5. whidzo we smoko says:

    Chikwaka, are you a member of the kitchen cabinet, for if you are, I will understand your resentment to change. I thought the MDC stood for Movement for Democratic Change and advocating for leadership renewal was a democratic right and not stupidity, unless the change only applies to the removal of Zpf from power, and then no more change.

  6. Wacho says:

    Chimanikire once tried it and where is he, Engineer mukwane people don’t like MDC-T, we like the name “Richard Tsvagirai”. Ask welshmn, Ask Pro Mutambara they will tell you you are wasting time.

    those who are saying leadership renewal tell Zanu-PF izvozvi. Ndiko kurikudiwa leadership renewal.

    1. Tswangirai says:

      We want a well managed country we don’t want Richard Tswangirai, Robert Mugabe,John Bull or Mbuya Nehanda. How stupid can you be to say the people want a name we want bread and butter on our tables Jobs access to facilities that will improve our lives. We want a Manager some one who can run the affairs of the country. Those who want Richard Tswangirai those that want him surely know where he lives, they must go and visit him at his house. We want our Zimbabwe back to normalcy we want our lives back.

  7. MuZion says:

    ACCZ yemapositori yakambozviporofita before ma elections makati mapostori anonyepa. (Check pa internet for stories tagged Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe) Mashoko emweya ozadziswa.

  8. Brown says:

    Kuteya nzou neriva hatimusiyi kunyange zvoita sei

  9. papa2014 says:

    Mudzuri is burying his political career ,Statistically in every election Morgan Tsvangirai has more votes than the combined number of votes of Mudzuri and other Mps so MDC is Morgan .Food for thought

  10. Cypriano says:

    The Mudzuri presidency bid can not go unchallenged. Firstly i would like to thank Mr Mudzuri for his contribution to zimbabwe so far:remember his fine works at Harare city council as mayor before he was expelled by zanupf from the were the best mdc organising secretary because your tenure ushered mdc into government. However,i feel that whist mdc structures know you,the general population which are not active mdc supporters do not know you.the zimbabwe trend of leadership selection is that popular personalities prevail,eg morgan tsvangirai,robert mugabe,joice mujuru,tendai biti,nelson chamisa.for me a person who had the most positive impact in the inclusive government must succeed tsvangirai and the name is Tendai Biti and he is also a very good public speaker.

    1. lovemore says:

      @Cypriano. Once he becomes head of MDC-M, popularity will come very fast because the Herald, and Bob will be talking about him everyday.

  11. mabasa says:

    I will support biti no doubt .take a good look at the story it will show u it’s from cio headquarters .they a trying to tell us mdc is controlled by the west .mudzuri to Boston which is in the us and after will go to London which is UK for fundraising and meeting the political masters .bt we a too intelligent we can see through that

  12. Ban'a says:

    @mabasa & Boorangoma. Good to know that the CIO controls the Independent. So which paper should we trust?

  13. Chiloaf says:

    If Mudzuri becomes president of MDC T then that will be the end of MDC T. Who is Mudzuri?

  14. Jihad says:

    Kikikiki, MDC- M (mudzuri)

  15. lovemore says:

    The MDC should allow him to run. Whether he wins or not is another matter.

  16. Bruno says:

    Zva Mudzuri aiwa ndezvenyu mega izvo. kkkkkkkkk

  17. Amir says:

    Please let us mature! If a player is not perForming he is subbed and if lthe manager is not performing he is relieved of his duties. Period!

  18. Just saying says:

    Is this the Mudzuri who couldn’t stand up to Chombo when we the people of Harare gave him the mandate to improve our city & our lives? No thanks!!

  19. parapinda says:

    tsvangirai has been in charge of Mdc fo 15years nw,surely,shud he continue wth his dismal performance?? Whether he is being cheated by Zanupf or not,the question stil remains…fo how shud he b cheated before he is removed?? Its apparent he has failed to stop Zanupf,he must giv others a chance. Mangoma has started the ball rolling.

  20. Tafie says:

    Harvard? dude studied at the university of sierra leone.

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