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Africom to roll out new nationwide campaign

I HAVE always wondered why the most affordable voice calling platform in Zimbabwe by Africom which is actually the cheapest mobile phone service, is not that popular or at least reflect the same market position.

By TechnoMag

Africom, for years has been the cheapest mobile solution to make phone calls on, at only six US cents per minute, or US$10 per month for unlimited calls within their network, a priviledge currently enjoyed by a few Zimbabwean subscribers.

After probably years of strategic planning, Africom has finally promised to roll out a new nationwide plan which is likely to consolidate their market position as they unleash a much more vigorous marketing plan around all towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

Africom has called this next phase “National Light Up” where they will unveil both their high-end and low-end smartphone handsets with HTC brands leading the campaign to support their network across all towns and cities in Zimbabwe which they already have network coverage yet most subscribers are not aware of.

These new smartphone devices can deliver both voice and data services at the same time and are going to be pushed on the market on fairly attractive terms.

Although they took a long time to complete their interconnection with all the mobile phone operators, this time around they bring so much excitement to the subscribers as they have completed the puzzle by interconnecting all networks in Zimbabwe.

“We know that customers are looking for affordable services and convenience and this we have just done. We also have services available on credit terms and customers can approach any of our outlets countrywide and access this service,” said Africom marketing manager Prosper Mutswiri.

As the first company in Zimbabwe to challenge convention by offering a converged communication solution, they have set themselves apart from traditional operators by mainly taking advantage of their affordable CDMA platform to offer internet-based calls to General System Mobile (GSM) networks, that is Telecel, Econet and NetOne.

Africom was the first company to integrate data, voice and video over broadband as well as mobility into a single unified solution with the sole aim of connecting customers to success.

Since its inception in 1995, Africom has made great strides and achieved much in the ICT and telecommunications industry. Growing from a premise wiring enterprise into a fully converged communications provider that it is today, Africom continues to redefine communications in Zimbabwe through provision of unique innovative ICT solutions.

Africom’s network destination code is 08644. With Africom voice services, you can enjoy unique services like:

Infinite voice at US$10 per month on any Africom network.

Six US cents to Africom numbers.

12 US cents across networks (Econet, Telecel, NetOne and TelOne).

Cheapest international calls and per second billing applies.

Talk, surf or do both with the wide range of CDMA enabled devices available at Africom.

Voice service is available on both fixed and mobile voice services.

Affordable fixed and mobile handsets available on credit facilities.

You can roam with your Africom services. Africom introduced a unique voice application which allows customers to roam with their number anywhere in the world and still enjoy the cheapest voice services at local rates.

Africom has covered most major highway towns and cities across the country with its services allowing customers the most affordable services from a trusted service provider.

“You will see that when it comes to major highways, most towns and cities you are assured of our services. For example, if you are travelling to Bulawayo you can’t miss a town without Africom’s voice service” said Mutswiri.

Africom services are available through all Africom dealers and partners: Africom shops, OK Zimbabwe, Zimpost outlets, Easi, MDS 2 and airtime outlets,
But why would you want to move to Africom?

For only US$10 per month you get unlimited calls per month.

You can make calls, surf on internet or do both on Africom network with the wide range of devices available from as little as US$0,50.
Cost-saving — Half your normal bill.

Get rewarded for receiving calls from other networks.

Coverage is internet-driven and as such you get local and beyond 100% coverage internet.

You do not need expensive roaming service — remain on a local voice charge as you travel.

You can have all your relatives and family calling each other on a fixed monthly rate.

Plus you get a 24-hour, 365-day dedicated national call centre 08644 400.

“Making a smart move and walk into any Africom shop, selected Zimpost and OK outlets to get your phone plus SIM card today. Here is an opportunity to refresh your phone!

“It’s hard to argue with the facts and the fact is: its time to make a smart move to Africom network,” said Mutswiri.

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