‘Police swayed Zanu PF polls’

THE Zanu PF provincial elections held in the seven provinces last week were practically run by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) with the help of some intelligence operatives, a development which has become a major source of conflict in the divided party.

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Members of the faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who are convinced ZRP Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri is fighting in Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s corner, believe the use of the police was meant to ensure her faction controls the electoral process and wins.

In most provinces, the police carried ballot papers, conducted the voting, counted votes and relayed results to the party’s national elections directorate.

Some of the losing candidates allege there were a number of irregularities such as vote-rigging and a shambolic voters’ roll that disenfranchised thousands of voters. Ironically, these are some of the complaints the opposition levelled against Zanu PF in the July 31 polls which controversially retained President Robert Mugabe back to power.

One of the losing candidates Killian Sibanda, a former Zanu PF chairperson in Bulawayo, told the Zimbabwe Independent on voting day that the use of the police in the elections was unfortunate.

“The election was a farce because of the irregularities that were witnessed, especially with regards to the voters’ roll and the use of police in conducting the polls,” Sibanda said.

Ailes Baloyi from Masvingo and Philemon Mutongi (Mashonaland East) said the polls failed to pass the democracy test.

The use of police officers in the elections was confirmed in a Mashonaland West election report to the elections directorate. The elections were presided over by Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire who said the police and CIO were used because presiding officers had not been trained.

“There is maximum co-operation from the CIO and police,” Mavhaire said.

In the build-up to the July 31 general elections, Zanu PF also used the police to run its primary and general elections.

13 thoughts on “‘Police swayed Zanu PF polls’”

  1. papa says:

    Precedent was set on 31 July by involving security forces in conducting national elections. So pliz those who lost stop complaining, accept the results. Tsvakayi enyu mapurisa, soldiers and challe 10. Pasina izvozvo haulume munangagwa

  2. pasipamire says:

    Security forces id not conduct national elections, but they will always provide security in national elections. As for Zanu pf elections, anyone is free to hire the police for security at any function, they will oblige if they have the manpower. This is exactly what happens at football matches, where police are hired to provide security, for a fee. So Zanu pf cannot be asjamed of hiring police.

    1. Chen Chikezha says:

      That is not the point pasipamire, the point is the police Nikuved the results and these complaints are coming from losing Zanu candidates not us. Nobody is arguing the use of the police when hired. That is why papa is telling munangagwa to look for his own police to use in the next provincial elections.

  3. Goreraza says:

    Gona ana gona wake. Vana Munangagwa were leaders in Nikuving the national election on 31 July. Little did they know that other were watching and learning and they turned the trick on them pretty good. Now they are sounding like the MDC. Hanzi takabirwa. Mogobirwa sei in credible and peaceful elections?

  4. Mukanya2 says:

    Goreraza ndiwe une yese. Aipei mapurisa nhasi? That’s why they were given bonuses ahead of the civil servants.

  5. @Pasipamire. I arm certain that police would embargo a request to run MDC provincial elections

  6. Kkkkk Da elections were firii, feya and kiredhibhoro!

  7. Observer says:

    What happened to the system whereby all district executives gathered at the provincial capital,met,interacted and voted in full view of everyone and ululation accompanied the election of the winner?Now,at Provincial level we dont even know each other and at administrative district level,one ward does not know the executive of the next ward.No more meetings at District level!!

  8. Gevha says:

    Who says matsotsi haagerane then?

    1. gizha says:

      Ko ndiyo inonzi factionalism yachoka yatiri kutaura imi muchiramba. Matsotsi agerane bibo. Huya uone ugodzokera. Mabasa eNIKUV ose aya.

  9. Muporofita Jeremiah says:

    Accept results and move on, MDC T has since moved on from the July 31 elections.

  10. tudor says:

    ndozvatinoita muuZim no complaints plse .we did that to Tsvangirai and we won. free and peaceful election. credibility hatinei nayo join us kuvaka Zanu

  11. mukadota says:

    zvaipei nhasi a test of your own medicine

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