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Zifa defiant over steep fees

ZIFA is trying to raise close to US$1 million for its assembly elections set for next month.

Kevin Mapasure

The football mother body’s secretariat is under fire for setting steep nomination fees for candidates intending to run for various football administration posts across the board, but CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze has remained defiant on the issue, maintaining that the whole election process should fund itself.

The US$10 000 nomination fee for aspiring Zifa board candidates has caused outrage from some interested parties, but Mashingaidze said the expensive election process justifies such figures.

Mashingaidze said Zifa would not consider lowering the asking fees because the mother body does not have any money and cannot borrow to fund the exercise.

“We are already millions of dollars in debt and trying to get rid of that debt. Once we try to fund this election it will only increase,” said Mashingaidze. “We are broke and our sources of funds are limited. We have these elections coming up and this is going to be an expensive exercise. But whatever the cost, we have come up with a plan where the exercise will have to fund itself.”

The Premier Soccer League elections are set for February next year and candidates for the board should be prepared to pay US$5 000 for nomination.

The Zifa national board elections will not come cheap either, with candidates expected to pay US$10 000 for nomination.

Mashingaidze said a separate bank account will be opened and his association will be accounting for all the money after the exercise.

“This process has got nothing to do with the board, the figures were set by the secretariat and the cost of running this election justifies the set fees. Those who want to serve football should dig deep and help football.

“People should not come into the game hoping to make a living. Our game actually needs help. The elections are not a profit-making exercise and the fees are not designed to elbow out anyone.”

Mashingaidze said some of the expenses including travel, accommodation and per diem for electoral committee members.

“The expenses include travel and accommodation for people running the elections. Some of them are lawyers and some of them are judges. We want a credible poll, so we have hired people who can help us achieve that.

“We will need to hire venues for all these elections. We will need money for advertising, communication, security, as well as ballot papers and boxes. We will not let this exercise leave unpaid bills behind.”

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