Civic groups reject MDC-T proposal

THE MDC-T’s major allies, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) and National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), have rejected offhand the party’s proposal to hold a national people’s convention aimed at reconnecting with its founders.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said his party has invited its founding members, who include civic organisations, labour, constitutional and students movements for a second people’s convention, which will be held in December.

The purpose of the meeting is to go back to the drawing board and to the basics as the MDC-T seeks to close ranks and reorganise itself after its crushing defeat amid accusations that it was disorganised during the controversial general elections in July.

However, ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo told the Zimbabwe Independent this week that MDC-T had no mandate to call for such a meeting, adding that it is only his organisation which has the sole prerogative to do so.

Moyo said: “MDC-T cannot call for a convention –– they are a player. It is the ZCTU’s responsibility to convene such a meeting to review its project that was born from the first people’s convention.

“It should not be forgotten who the convener of the first meeting was in the first place and it is that union which still has that mandate.”

The NCA, which transformed itself from a civil society organisation into a political party at its congress held in September, said it will not participate at the MDC-T meeting.

The ZCTU and NCA were the main incubators for the MDC-T which was formed in 1999, mainly as a result of deteriorating political and socio-economic conditions in the later parts of the second decade of Independence following failed leadership and policies in the aftermath of the International Monetary Fund’s economic structural adjustment programmes.

NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava said his party would not participate in the MDC-T meeting because they are now both national political players.
“That’s a big no,” Vava said. “It would be like Zanu PF attending an MDC-T meeting –– that’s unheard of. We are a political party just like them so the issue is that simple and plain.”

Zinasu said it no longer supports the MDC-T or any political party for that matter but its members were free to participate in their individual capacities if they so wish.

Zinasu spokesperson Avoid Masiraha said: “Individual members can attend in their personal capacities but the organisation is now divorced from national and partisan politics.

“We might agree with certain political parties on some policies but as a principle we don’t support any political party.”

Political commentator Jonathan Gandari said that these developments should push the MDC-T into self-introspection.

“The MDC-T should engage in a real soul searching exercise to find out why friends of the good old days are reluctant to be identified with them,” Gandari said.

The MDC-T leadership, including its president Morgan Tsvangirai, has been holding meetings with party members in districts across the country to reorganise and map the way forward amid growing calls that the party president must go.

Since Tsvangirai and the MDC-T’s defeat in the elections, senior party officials, Ian Kay, Roy Bennett and Elias Mudzuri, have openly spoken out on the need for leadership renewal, indicating the party leader must quit and give others a chance.

The MDC, as an idea whose time had come, was endorsed on February 26 1999 by over 700 men and women from all walks of life who converged at the women’s bureau in Hillside, Harare, for two days.

They set up various committees and sub-committees to examine a whole gamut of Zimbabwean issues and eventually resolved the only way out was the need to form a political party to challenge Zanu PF hegemony and save the country from failure.

During the convention key resolutions were adopted and their implementation continued when the party was officials launched in September 1999 after the working people’s convention seven months later at Rufaro stadium in Harare.

According to the party itself, “the MDC was formed on the basis of carrying on the struggle of the people; the struggle for food and jobs; peace; dignity, decency and democracy; equal distribution of resources; and justice, transparency and equality of all Zimbabweans.”

On January 26 2000 the party had its inaugural congress at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex. Tsvangirai, who was ZCTU secretary-general, was elected president ahead of the labour federation’s president Gibson Sibanda who became his deputy.

A constitution for the party was adopted. After the NCA had helped to defeat the Zanu PF-backed constitutional commission process to write a new national constitution, general elections were held on June 26 2000 and the MDC nearly defeated Zanu PF in elected seats as it won 57 seats against the ruling party’s 63 constituencies.

In the aftermath of Zanu PF’s narrow escape, violence and intimidation, which would become a grisly feature of Zimbabwean politics throughout the subsequent decade, erupted and engulfed the country, resulting in people being harassed, beaten, maimed and killed.

12 thoughts on “Civic groups reject MDC-T proposal”

  1. Bruce says:

    ANC and now a political party are right not to attend the MDC-T convetion. However as part of ZANU PF ANC now a party are doing so at their peril. Maduku attended the last SADC meeting in Mozambique on ZANU PF ticket as a delegate for Mugabe, so when did he became independent from ZANU PF. He was perhaps thinking of getting a position form ZANU PF after the elections which did not happen now he is frustrated. MDC-T is the only opposition party in Zimbabwe that has lasted long enough post -independence. PF ZAPU lasted 7 years, 1980-1987 12 December 1987 signing of the Unity Accord and consolidated to ZANU PF on 22 December 1987. ZUM was from around 1989-1993 and the meeting between Tekere and Mugabe which lasted for 2hrs marked the end of ZUM, Zanu Ndoga though not so popular except in Manicaland since they never had more than 5 memebers of Parliament since 1980 is better than any other smaller party, MDC-M, MDC-99 or MDC-N are just struggling. ZCTU has all the reason to attended however its an issue of fearing ZANU PF hence are coward, so is Zinasu, during the brave days of the students, not these wishy wash ones who are there to promote self enrichment as what happened last year during their elections. True Zinasu which was born out of student activism support true democratic parties in the like of Zum, Zanu Ndoga, Forum, MDCs.

    1. Code Manesi says:

      Tsvangirai,when friends get really fewer!!

  2. joe cool says:

    Mindless Morgan is slow to get the message that he’s through. He’s determined to lead the party, even if it’s only into total obscurity. He isn’t being deserted through cowardice – he’s being deserted because he is a failure.

  3. joseph says:

    Opportunists dreamed Tsvangirai would deliver a new Zimbabwe on a silver platter without them being involved,equally suffering and bearing the load of dislodging a cruel dictatorship that is ZANU PF. They are angry with him for not doing that,failing to understand a revolution can not happen overnight but involves suffering,pain and tears. Anyone who thought the struggle for democracy would end with the July 31,2013 elections were grossly mistaken. We all know what happened when Zanu surprised even itself with the magintude of theft,unparellel theft,of the 2013 elections. How long did it take Nelson Mandela and his ANC to dislodge the apartheid government of the Africaners? All patriotic sons of Zimbabwe will continue to fight until final victory. Like Shamu used to say while broadcasting from Maputo: “People of Zimbabwe,victory is certain. Aluta continua!

    1. Code Manesi says:

      His only remaining friends are his equally myopic MDC leadership,gay Wharton and lesbian Bronnert.

  4. magame says:

    The nca zinasu and zctu all are just shells without members and the mdct should not bother itself with them. The zctu should prove its mettle by calling for a one day stayaway against the deteriorating employment situation for us to take it seriouosly.

    1. denny says:

      You can say that again those small groups are used by Zanu-pf.You can even hear from their talking that they are just condoms used by Zanu.Mugabe.

      1. Funga futi says:

        ihemeni iyoyo

  5. Bvudzijena says:

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  6. Wilbert Mukori says:

    What is this? MDC’s pathetic performance – failed to get even one reform implemented in five years, for example – shows the party should be disbanded. Reshuffling the cards will not change a thing, there is simply too much dead wood!

  7. dictators in africa says:

    dictatorship wont disappear in Africa. tsvangirai,you lost yo chances just give others their tym. yo tym is oveer w need another leadership in the party and in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ukurambira ipapo jst lyk yo brother, mugabe, then yu point mugabe a dictator, yu
    ar a dictator tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People ar saying w need a NEW LEADER WY CANT YU JUST DO OUR WISHES. Who the hell ar yu representing now????? JUST GO MORGAN GO GO GO PLIZ.

  8. lovemore says:

    Sitting room commentators are so very pathetic. Tsvangirai atadza this, Tsvangirai akoniwa that. What have you done better than what Tsvangirai has tried. True success comes from trying. Why dont all of you very wise people then join the political fray and do it better or become advisers so that YOUR strategies can be put to the test. Sunday Marimo once said “The people who seat in the terraces have 1 great advantage, their team never kicks the ball” Pindai mudariro tione kana mukagona kupfuura Chamatama.

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