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Welcome on board Zimpapers comrades!

‘SOME leaders in Zanu PF are behaving irresponsibly and the time has come to tell them to stop playing with fire.

Candid Comment by Stewart Chabwinja

The people who voted the party into power must never be taken for granted.

“As a nation faced with immense economic challenges, we simply cannot afford the luxury of expending our energy on sectarian squabbles and Machiavellian shenanigans.
Children in this country are dying of malnutrition, women are dying during childbirth, industrial areas have been reduced to scrapyards, HIV is making a resurgence, household poverty has become endemic, public infrastructure is in tatters, college students are selling their soul(s) for a few pieces of silver, school dropouts have reached record numbers, and violent crime is rocking urban areas…”

It gets worse, check this:

“On Saturday (tomorrow), Zanu PF needs to look itself in the mirror, warts and all. The party must act on the warts that threaten to make it politically ugly. The self-deprecating habit of pretending all is well when the house is on fire must be dropped like a plague, for fire once teased snarls all the way to ash.

“There are some in Zanu PF who didn’t want the chaos that ravaged provincial elections in the Midlands, Manicaland and Mashonaland Central exposed. They wanted the allegations of rigging and irregularities, the shambolic party registers and disenfranchisement of hundreds of party supporters to be hidden behind mouth washed platitudes. But we are not in the business of public relations… ”

For those who missed the above quotes from two hard-hitting editorials in two different newspapers, these are not extracts from our (Alpha Media) stable, the Associated Newspapers or Financial Gazette.

Surprise, surprise, they are in fact taken from state-controlled newspapers –– the Sunday Mail and the Herald, Zimpapers’ flagships.

Things change and a new reality is dawning on the Zimbabwean media landscape –– in a manner unimaginable just before the July 31 polls –– which over the past decade was poisoned by polarisation. It is interesting the state-controlled media, for a long time Zanu PF mouthpieces, has at last broken the chains but hopefully this is not a fluke.

There has never been any doubt Zimpapers has competent journalists who, free from the editorial policy straitjackets, can express the courage of their convictions as trained, professional and ethical journalists –– except for a few hopeless cases.

So it is refreshing they are beginning to write, as the Herald said in a rare courageous front page editorial on Tuesday quoting George Orwell, what some people don’t want published, not public relations.

Despite all its shortcomings, the private media stayed the course at the height of repression in promoting independent reporting. Of course, the private media has and will continue to make mistakes but the model of independent reporting is far better than official journalism.

So kudos to Information minister Jonathan Moyo whose enlightened reengagement process has removed shackles from our colleagues. We hope the winds of change will also blow through ZBC.
Otherwise, welcome on board Zimpapers comrades!

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