MDC-T strife: Youths abuse Mudzuri

THE MDC-T leadership tussle took a new twist last weekend when youths aligned to leader Morgan Tsvangirai had to be restrained while verbally abusing Warren Park MP Elias Mudzuri for publicly voicing his interest in becoming party president during a party meeting in the capital.

Elias Mambo

Tsvangirai, who is facing a challenge from senior party officials holding clandestine meetings to plot his ouster through an early congress, came face-to-face with former Harare mayor Elias Mudzuri who wants to succeed Tsvangirai.

Last Saturday Tsvangirai met party structures in the suburb where youth members allegedly vented their anger on Mudzuri for his role in the leadership renewal debate in the media.

Senior party sources said Mudzuri was saved by Tsvangirai after the youths verbally assaulted him.

“It was not a physical confrontation, but there were verbal exchanges with youths openly castigating Mudzuri for his ambitions,” said a party official. “Tsvangirai saved Mudzuri from further abuse by telling the youths it was not wrong to discuss the leadership issue but it should be done through party organs and not the press.”

Since Tsvangirai’s controversial and crushing defeat to President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the July 31 polls, senior MDC-T officials have been calling for the former premier to step down after conceding three consecutive defeats to Mugabe.

They accuse Tsvangirai of failing to provide leadership and being hoodwinked during the inclusive government era “when he seemed to trust Mugabe more than party officials”.

Those after Tsvangirai’s ouster also argue his personal indiscretions negatively affected the image of the party leading to the loss of supporters from both within and outside the country, including the donor community.

While Mudzuri has publicly declared he is eyeing the hot seat, observers say he lacks a critical mass to mount a serious challenge against Tsvangirai and his decision has created further divisions within the party.

Mudzuri’ s ambition has angered those who support Tsvangirai, especially the youths who still believe the 61-year-old leader is the only one who can unseat President Robert Mugabe from power.
MDC-T Harare provincial spokesperson Obert Gutu said the weekend meeting ended well with Tsvangirai openly declaring that he holds no grudge against Mudzuri.

“Tsvangirai addressed MDC structures in the three constituencies of Warren Park, Kambuzuma and Mufakose. The meeting was attended by the vice-national chairperson, senator Morgen Komichi, secretary-general Tendai Biti, national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and MP for Warren Park, Mudzuri,” Gutu said.

“At the meeting Tsvangirai told the party cadres that he has always allowed them to discuss the issue of leadership renewal using the correct and relevant party organs instead of doing so through the press. Tsvangirai also said he has absolutely no grudge against Mudzuri and he will continue to play golf with him.”

MDC-T youth assembly national spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo refused to comment on the issue, but urged party youths to focus on other things.

“Those are internal issues, but I believe the youth must focus on the bigger picture than internal politics,” he said.

14 thoughts on “MDC-T strife: Youths abuse Mudzuri”

  1. Shumba says:

    Fact, despite his shortcomings, Tsvangson will never lose an election to Bob. All have been stolen and will continue to be for as long as ZANU PF still is in power and manipulating it.

    lt is sad when you guys state as fact in your reporting that Morgan lost to Mugabe.

    You can definately do a better job of reporting.

    1. Bigman says:

      Taurai henyu Shumba

    2. Upenyu says:

      The first mistake is to tell people how, when and what to debate. Let it be in the press, pubs, churches, burial societies and every where. We are tired of the ZANUISM of guided democracy. The party structures are partial and those who raise their interest are likely to be victims just as Mudzuri is now going to be an outcast like Mavhaire was in ZANU

    3. josefa chinotimba says:

      Very true Shaumba,Mr Tsvangirai has never lost an election from this mugabe (a robber).Hence the youth continue saying they love him and are very optimistic that he will dislodge zanu pf and Mugabe.

    4. Francis says:


      Living in fantasy land

    5. bebe says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Tsvangirai has lost every election against Bob. The stupid, illiterate, philandering dim-wit!!!

  2. Bigman says:

    Tsvangirai never lost the election.
    That is absolute rigging ( the election results ).

    How could he prevent the multiple voting during the July 31 elections ?
    What could he do to prevent youths from not being registered to vote in Harare, when ZEC is appointed and controlled by Mugabe ?

    Those leaders in MDC-T who are calling for a leadership renewal, why did they not present their alternative ideas to unseat Mugabe before the elections ?
    What amazes us is that they are just calling for a leadership renewal, yet they don’t give solutions on how to unseat Mugabe.
    So, even if they replace Tsvangirai, how will they unseat ZANU-PF , yet they are point blank on the way forward ?

    Calls to replace Tsvangirai is a trap by ZANU-PF to remove Tsvangirai from the scene, because he is the only person who has posed a real challenge to ZANU-PF’s rule since 1980, and he is not giving up.
    Please don’t fall into that stupid trap.

    Elias Mambo, you who wrote this story , you say that Tsvangiarai has conceded three consecutive defeats to Mugabe.
    Point of correction my boy.
    Tsvangirai won the Presidential elections in 2008.
    Actually unofficial results show that Tsvangirai won by 50.3%
    Mugabe lost , but he refused to hand over power.
    Tsvangirai proved to be man enough when he withdrew from the run-off because it was too violent.

    Tsvangirai has never lost an election to Mugabe.
    He is being cheated on by Mugabe.

    Don’t be moved Mr Tsvangirai by these power hungry and confused MDC-T leaders who are calling for your exit.
    The problem is Mugabe, not you Mr Tsvangirai.
    We love you , and we will continue rallying behind you until you enter State House.

  3. Bvudzijena says:

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  4. david maoko says:

    Your sensual poem moved me, Bigman. May I record it, please?

    1. Bigman says:

      Go ahead and record it buddy.

  5. Nyati says:

    Even if the elections were rigged in the last three elections it means tsvangirai has failed to stop the rigging what then makes people think that he will be able to come up with a solution in 2018. You need a different person stop this Zimbabwean mentality that only Mugabe can or Tsvangirayi can. It is a question of getting new names with a potential and giving them the opportunity to express their policies. No one one is asking Mudzuri, Munangagwa and Mujuru what their policies are for the future of Zimbabwe. These are the critical questions we should be asking them before we decide on whether to support them or throw them out.

    1. nelson says:

      Thanx Nyati tell them the truth He has fail thats al.

  6. Bigman says:

    Nyati, can you please give us suggestions on how to prevent the rigging ?
    Maybe you can help us.


    MR Tsavangirayi baba..

    we are behind you until the official structres have fully debated and appointed your successor.

    We are for you Mr Tsvangirayi!!!

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