Jonathan Moyo slams Zanu PF faction leaders

ZANU PF politburo member and Information minister Jonathan Moyo has challenged powerful faction leaders in his party to come out and declare their ambitions to replace President Robert Mugabe instead of clandestinely plotting against him through behind-the-scenes manoeuvres driven by groups which he described as “ideologically bankrupt”.

Owen Gagare

In an interview this week with the Zimbabwe Independent on his ongoing media engagement process and how Zanu PF factional power struggles are impacting on his work, Moyo also said those in the party who want to claim ascendancy using hierarchy were subverting democracy because there are party and national constitutions which define how power is obtained legally.

He said campaigns by some senior Zanu PF officials for “guided democracy” in the wake of renewed internal strife following disputed provincial elections in three provinces out of 10 so far, and the stampede to rise through hierarchy, were undermining democracy as they seek to impose supremacy of leaders over supremacy of the people.

Moyo’s hard-hitting remarks come on the eve of a Zanu PF extraordinary politburo meeting tomorrow called by Mugabe to douse the raging fires of factionalism and bickering threatening to fracture the party ahead of its annual congress next month.

Mugabe’s succession battles have intensified of late as a result of the provincial elections which will have a major bearing on the outcome of Zanu PF’s elective congress next year and who will be the next party leader. Mugabe’s old age — he will soon be 90 in February next year — and growing anticipation he will not finish his five-year term is stoking factional and succession intensities.

Moyo, who this week was involved in fierce exchanges with senior Zanu PF officials over the botched provincial elections, said there was no basis for factions reportedly led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to challenge Mugabe for power, especially so soon after he won a new five-year term in the July elections. He said those who want to replace Mugabe must have the courage of their convictions and come out in the open.

“If people want to challenge the president who has just won a resounding election with a huge mandate to rule between now and 2018, they should come out in the open and say so without hiding under some nebulous succession agendas and certainly without subverting party processes such as provincial elections in pursuit of succession purposes,” Moyo said.

“Otherwise, I think the time has come for all of us to understand that this whole talk of succession is a political disease from which we need to be cured by simply understanding and following the constitutional and democratic process for attaining power.”

Moyo’s remarks are likely to fuel heated debate in the politburo meeting tomorrow, particularly as they came following his exchanges this week with Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo over provincial elections he described in the interview as “ill-timed” and “poorly organised”.

Moyo joined the fray as Mutasa and Gumbo attacked Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba, also his permanent secretary at Information, after he said his boss had indicated results of Mashonaland Central provincial elections were still not yet official as the politburo had not met to endorse them.

Mutasa and Gumbo, linked to the Mujuru faction which has claimed victory in Manicaland, Midlands and Mashonaland Central amid fierce disputes from the Mnangagwa camp, insist the results stand. This is likely to trigger incandescent scenes at the politburo meeting tomorrow.

Moyo also said while factions were the bane of political parties everywhere, they were sometimes progressive, particularly if they grew out of ideological and policy contests. He said the trouble with Zanu PF camps was that they coalesced around individuals who want power for its own sake.

“… what we have on the ground are not ideological factions driven by ideas or policy substance, but we have some kind of mini-personality cults; factions based on support for individuals and not support for the party, that are content-free and that are ideologically bankrupt,” Moyo said, “which is why you see these ill-advised attempts to hold ill-timed and poorly organised provincial elections which have predictably sparked unnecessary controversy …”

The Information minister also insisted those challenging Mugabe were out of order because he has just been elected for a new term.

“But how does anyone succeed someone who has just led his party to a resounding election victory whose margin is of historic proportions? Just how does the succession issue come into this equation the day after the victory? In my view the issue does not arise,” Moyo said.

“Zanu PF has a constitution which is clear about how and when the party’s leadership is attained. In the same vein, the constitution of Zimbabwe is clear about how and when one can seek the country’s presidency. At the moment President Mugabe holds both positions by virtue of his having been elected to both. So neither the Zanu PF constitution nor the national constitution is vague about how power is obtained to the point of warranting a succession issue or crisis.

Therefore, I don’t think it makes any sense for anyone to seek to challenge President Mugabe’s leadership of the party and government by hiding under transparent cover of succession as if people cannot see through it.”

Moyo said hierarchy should not be used to determine Mugabe’s successor because the party and the national constitutions were clear on how leadership is elected. Besides, he said, “hierarchy is based on selection whereas democracy is based on election. This is because hierarchy presumes the supremacy of leaders whereas democracy presumes the supremacy of the people.”

On the question of guided democracy which some senior Zanu PF leaders are demanding in the aftermath of chaotic provincial elections in three provinces, Moyo was equally forthright: “Again, like the claim to hierarchy as the way to leadership, the notion of guided democracy is a contradiction in terms with roots in dictatorship which Zimbabweans fought against during the liberation struggle.

Guided democracy implies manipulation and corruption of the democratic process by individuals in the service of individual agendas, much to the detriment of the public good. Guided by whom, for what purposes? If it is guided, it cannot be democratic.”

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18 thoughts on “Jonathan Moyo slams Zanu PF faction leaders”

  1. Chikwaka special says:

    The unelected Moyo who represents no constituency but Robert Mugabe’s interests is purporting not to be vying for power but it does not need a rocket scientist to deduce that the professor is attacking the Mujuru faction.

  2. taka says:

    Moyo should not pretend to be non aligned and a think tank,when we know he is responsible for the crisis that we have right now.Don’t musketeer sir.we don’t political scientists to solve our issues.You are not real.

  3. tendaibindura says:

    Hon Min, your position is very clear. You belong to the Mnangagwa faction which is strongly anti Mujuru. There is no one who you think you fooling. Why do you want to drag H.E Cde Mugabe in this issue. The country is fully aware of the fact that it is Hon Mnangagwa who facilitated your coming back into the party after opting out bcoz of this factionalism issue you are talking (Tsholotsho Declaration). Better keep quiet on this issue bcoz people know your position

  4. atz says:

    moyo walk the talk

    1. Wilbert Mukori says:

      Zanu PF is dead, why anyone who fight to inherit such a dead party is the real issue here!

  5. Chris Veremu says:

    And where does the good Information minister derive his own authority to deride his seniors in a public forum? He should also come out in the open and tell us where he is drawing this power??? Might it help for him to be reminded that in the pecking order that is in his party, he is way down the line..Is this not insurbordination couched as democratic licence? Moyo should make up his mind whether he is a party officer who should observe protocol or an independent can not hunt with the hounds and run with the hares..The end result is usually falling between two chairs and…tears. No???

  6. Boorangoma says:

    Come on, Jonso. How can ZANU PF folks not plan for succession given that the dear leader is now 90. The guy immediately falls asleep as soon as he goes into a meeting. By 2017, he won’t be able to stand up for even 5 minutes. I understand that you, Jonso, are not that close to Bob to know that the guy finds it hard even to open his eyelids for a few seconds. Those who are closer to him have realized the truth and that’s why they are fighting each other for the throne which, to all intents and purposes, is virtually empty!

    1. otilia says:

      yes Boorangoma wataura. Jonso is far off kumaterraces whilst the real vultures ari kuona kuti paita nyama apa. Let them fight for the bones.kkkk

  7. Billy Pule says:

    Yes Jonso, start with the Munangagwa faction first, maybe they have already promised you the Vice presidency!!!

  8. MOYO JONATHAN says:

    Professor Moyo we all know that you are the ideologue of Emmerson Mnangagwa so don’t take us for fools here. You have been using the state media to attack the other faction which is abuse of office. We are watching this space and surely you have been very naïve in your thinking. The people are already aware of your intentions so don’t try to hide behind His Excellency Cde R.G Mugabe. His Excellency is fully aware of your intentions. MY ADVICE TO YOU IS THAT YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN OTHERWISE YOU CAN BE ELIMINATED FROM THE POLITICAL SCENE.

  9. Toni says:

    The Prof should just shut up. We all know he is in the Mnagagwa faction and his insistencethat the issue of hierarchy is inconsequential should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. When President Mugabe took over the party leadership, was it not hierarchy (as Secretary General) that was used. Simply put, you are Mnangagwa’s running dog. And as for The Independent, you have joined The Herald and Sunday Mail as the mouthpiece of this devious faction…

  10. gizha says:

    Idemocracy yipi yaunotiudza nhai iwe Jonso. You used the so called “guided democracy” in the last harmonised elections and stole our vote. Nhasi yaipa manje coz moms is trying to drible past Ngwena. It’s very clear that this guy has vested interests in all this. Professor, tell us what transpired at Dinyane Xool. Pple have not forgotten yet. Ma’erection’ ngaitwe mhani kumaprovince uko. Adyiwa adyiwa, ndiyo democracy yacho yamurikuparidza professor. We are not fools. But slow down prof coz they’re watching you. We wanna send condelences manje manje. Itai dzungu iroro muone. Akuruma nzeve ndewako.

    1. Wilbert Mukori says:

      This time Mugabe and Zanu PF are not going to get away with rigged elections!

  11. parapinda says:

    attaboy Jonso! Hate or like him,the man z talkin sense….factionalism z killing the party. Mugabe has got a five year mandate,a fresh one fo that matter n i believe he is here to stay. Its nt the physical aspect of Mugabe that is important bt his ideologies! Shimon Peres of Israel is older than Mugabe bt he z stil running the country. Jonso,tell it like it is.

  12. Wilbert Mukori says:

    What is Jonathan Moyo wittering about; what moral much less ideological standing does Mugabe have!?

    Mugabe has just blatantly rigged the elections, denying nearly a million Zimbabweans their basic and fundamental right to vote, bussing his supporters from one polling station to the next so that they could cast ten to twenty votes each time, etc.

    The election results showed that 27 out of the 210 constituencies had an impossible 100% plus voter turnout if one added the cast votes and those refused the vote. In Chipinge East the cast votes alone constituted 141% of the registered voters!

    Mugabe employed the Israel company, Nikuv, to corrupt the voters roll so real voters would be denied the vote whilst Zanu PF supporters cast hundred or more votes each. Mugabe paid Nikuv a princely sum of $13 million for their “Judas kiss!”

    All in all, Mugabe must have squandered at least $ 3 billion in rigging the July 2013 elections.

    The spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher education told parliament the Ministry received only $50 000 out of its annual budgeted allocation of $ 380 million – that is less than 0.002%. It is not the only Ministry starved of funds, the problem is everywhere. .

    So Mugabe not only rigs the elections but even sells the nation’s treasures to do it; starving it of even the bear essential of life. The tyrant is not just ideologically bankrupt and morally bankrupt too.

    Jonathan Moyo is Mugabe’s self-appointed Chief Propagandist. His job is to portray Mugabe as a rational leader with very high moral and ideological standards. Who selfless sacrifice has served Zimbabwe from many terrible things these last 33 years.

    The reality is that Mugabe is a corrupt and ruthless tyrant who destroyed the country’s economy and murdered over 30 000 to gratify his love for power and wealth. As far cry from the Mugabe Moyo and his fellow propagandists say Mugabe is but that is why it is called propaganda.

    Of course Jonathan Moyo knows that neither Mai Mujuru or Mnangagwa have any moral stand-ing much less an ideological one. Moyo is flagging it now to remind the two that they too, like Mugabe, will therefore need the services of propagandists.
    And who is the seasoned propagandists in Zimbabwe than Jonathan Moyo himself! This is a shameless self-promotion by the propagandist.

    The Zanu PF dictatorship is on its last legs; Mujuru and Mnangagwa are fighting over a morally and ideologically bankrupt and degenerate political party. Zanu PF is in power because they rigged the elections; they party has got away with rigging elections in the past but not this time.

    So what is Mujuru and Mnangagwa fighting over; to be the next illegitimate president!? And Moyo wants to be her/his Chief Propagandist.

    Jonathan Moyo, like Josef Gobbles, the Nazis Chief Propagandist before him who talked of Na-zis victory even with the Russian Army inside Berlin City gates; Moyo talks of Zanu PF as if the party can ever be revived from the self-destruct path it has followed these last 33 years.

  13. Mahumbwe says:

    In the past Jonathan has made it perfectly clear what he thinks of Mugabe and Zanu PF. The fact that the Zanu government has put its faith in a spin doc who has previously plotted against them and their government demonstrates just how desperate they are to spruce up their image.Like it or not, Jonathan is very cunning and calculating, changing colour and image when it suits him. He has managed to convince Mugabe that he is indispensable. He bought his story. Now he is spreading his tentacles slowly and getting ready to pounce at an opportune time. And pounce he seems determined to do when even half an opportunity presents itself.

  14. muporofita jeremiah says:

    Talk is cheap, this guy is full of shit. Wakaita minister wanga wavhoterwa nani. You are the list to be condemning other people in Zanu PF because you attained your position unfairly. Do not lecture us about democracy. If Mugabe has to go he has to go no matter the means used. He has used force to subvert previous aspirants to his position. What constitution and democracy are you talking about when nothing is doe fairly in Zanu PF. You yourself are a politician of the past, not the future. Go hoe to tsholotsho.

  15. Mkhaliphi says:

    It’s very healthy and natural to have Mujuru and Mnangagwa want to succeed Mugabe. It shows they can think. It shows they have a plan. If someone does not have ambition, they have no vision. Mugabe has done his part, he cannot do more than he has done already. I don’t care if Mujuru, Mnangagwa or Tsvangirai or Welshman takes over……. Let’s support them. Let’s listen to their plans because they represent the future of this country!

    Jonathan Moyo is misleading himself because the new constitution has a two term limit. It means succession is here to stay. It’s a constant. It’s part of life. So let’s support succession planning because Mugabe is not gonna live forever. May the better leader win

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