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Focus on fulfilling poll promises

TOMORROW’s extraordinary Zanu PF politburo meeting where fireworks are expected is yet another opportunity for President Robert Mugabe to do the right thing –– stick to the party’s constitution by not allowing the party’s conference, slated for next month in Chinhoyi, Mashonaland West, to go ahead without legitimate provincial structures lest the gathering becomes a farce, and set in motion a process to resolve his succession imbroglio.

Editor’s Memo by Brian Mangwende

Mugabe must seize the opportunity of the meeting to stamp his authority and stop the rot bedevilling Zanu PF over his succession to ensure his party focuses on the business of governing and reviving the economy, although it has been suggested he is a beneficiary of the infighting as he can always claim he should remain in power otherwise the party disintegrates.

The wrangling in Zanu PF is not helpful to the country.
Mugabe and his party should now focus on fulfilling their promises to the people, not fire-fighting flames of factionalism.

So Zanu PF must put its house in order and refocus on the economy –– the biggest problem facing Zimbabwe today.
The reprieve provided by the inclusive government must not be taken for granted.

The country can easily slide back to a serious economic crisis if government officials waste so much time locked in power struggles and other distracting pursuits.

Mugabe must thus take a position tomorrow to sort out the mess and allow Zanu PF officials, some of whom are top government leaders and ministers, to focus on their jobs, It would be useful if Mugabe and his party hold the remaining elections soon and get rid of them once and for all.

Postponing them will keep the party in an election mode and thus senior party officials will continue electioneering rather than doing their government duties.

It is really puzzling how a party formed 50 years ago can struggle to hold provincial elections.

Even more puzzling are the continued allegations of rigging characterised by glaring irregularities, shambolic party registers and disenfranchisement of hundreds of party supporters when the party claims to have brought democracy to the country.

The current chaos is damaging Zanu PF big time. People are saying if Zanu PF can rig internal elections, what more national polls where much more is at stake?

Is it any wonder then that the July 31 elections, as indeed most others since Independence, have been marred by accusations of systematic rigging?

Although officially there has often been denials of infighting in Zanu PF where there are reportedly two factions vying to succeed Mugabe, one apparently led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru and the other by Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, such repudiations have collapsed over the last few weeks.

The gloves are off as the battle is now being fought out in the public arena, with top Zanu PF officials openly trading barbs in the media.

This must be deeply embarrassing for Mugabe as it comes soon after the general elections where he made huge promises to the electorate.

So how does Mugabe’s government fulfil its elections promises in the midst of such an unnecessary distraction? People want progress, not succession sideshows.

Of course Mugabe is partly to blame because he has failed to sort out the issue over the years but tomorrow he has an opportunity to clean up the mess and fix the problem.

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