MDC-T coffers dry as power struggle rages on

The MDC-T’s acrimonious power struggle, which has seen party leader Morgan Tsvangirai battling a revolt engineered by senior party officials seeking leadership renewal after the party’s dismal July 31 elections loss, has spilled over into the donor community putting the party in a precarious position as it seeks to regroup to challenge Zanu PF.

Elias Mambo/Owen Gagare

Since Tsvangirai’s controversial and crushing defeat to President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the July 31 polls, senior MDC-T officials have been calling for the former premier to step down after conceding three consecutive defeats to Mugabe.

They accuse Tsvangirai of failing to provide leadership and being hoodwinked by Mugabe during the inclusive government era “when he seemed to trust (President Robert) Mugabe more than party officials”.

Those after Tsvangirai’s ouster also argue his personal indiscretions negatively affected the image of the party leading to the loss of supporters from both within and outside the country, including the donor community.

Some senior party members are campaigning for an early congress to push Tsvangirai out as the MDC-T power tussle increasingly becomes a public affair.

The MDC-T constitution empowers the National Council — the highest decision making body outside congress — to call for an extra-ordinary congress.

A section on the role of the national council on the party’s website reads: “Where necessary (the National Council) can suspend or dissolve any organ and conduct elections and may rectify or reverse any decisions of the national executive. The body can also elect, reappoint and reassign party secretaries in accordance with the party’s constitution and monitors and evaluates the performances and execution of duties of all members of the national executive.”

Officials demanding leadership renewal have been responsible for sourcing donors to fund all party activities but they have since stopped doing so because of Tsvangirai’s refusal to step down.

Lately Tsvangirai has also failed to access funds for his countrywide trips, which he is using to quash calls for leadership renewal, with the finance department arguing the trips were not budgeted for.

Exiled MDC-T treasurer-general Roy Bennett, who has openly called for Tsvangirai’s resignation, has been the major link between MDC-T and the donor community. Through him the party was pampered with money to bankroll its activities in the hope it would form the next government.

Sources in the party said the donor community is in a quandary and is divided on whether to support the push for leadership renewal or support Tsvangirai’s continued leadership.

“The donor community is aware Tsvangirai commands grassroots support,” said a senior party official. “No one in the party appeals to Zimbabweans like Tsvangirai and this has put them in a fix as to whom to support and fund as the next MDC leader.

“On the other hand the donor community has grown tired of MDC’s apparent inability to defeat Zanu PF. They believe despite Tsvangirai’s popularity he lacks strategic thinking hence the need for a robust and intelligent leader able to match Mugabe and Zanu PF.Britain, Germany, Sweden and France want Biti to take over the presidency while Canada, US, Australia and Norway believe Elias Mudzuri is a better successor.”

Tsvangirai, however, still has the backing from the likes of deputy national chairperson Morgen Komichi, organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and close associates like Ian Makone.

Komichi said Tsvangirai deserved support from all structures of the party, adding it was important for unity to prevail if the party is to mount a serious challenge in the 2018 elections.

He said it was unfair to blame the electoral loss on Tsvangirai.

“We must be united at this moment because the loss to Zanu PF and Mugabe was not because the leadership has failed,” Komichi said. “I now understand the Zanu PF rigging machinery better than before and it will take a collective effort from labour movements, students’ unions and the majority of Zimbabweans to unite in order to unseat Zanu PF.”

Komichi also said: “Tsvangirai is a God-given leader like David whose time is nigh to take over Zimbabwe’s presidency. We have a leader who is God-fearing and time will come for him to be the leader of this country.”

The MDC-T is pushing for a conference which would be attended by delegates and organisations who were at the 1999 National Working People’s Convention which led to the formation of the party.

Among the groups which attended the convention were the National Constitutional Assembly, which has since transformed itself into a political party as well as labour and student unions, some of which have since bitterly fallen out with the party.

The party is trying to engage its former partners and founding members to increase its support base as it prepares to tackle Zanu PF yet again, but the internal party wrangles threaten to derail efforts to reinvigorate the formation.

17 thoughts on “MDC-T coffers dry as power struggle rages on”


    The Donor community needs to ensure a neutral free and fair vote..

    They need to go deeper than handing out cash.

    Zimbabwe and by extension Southern Africa needs to see a fully monitored United Nations electoral process.

    The Zimbabwean people have been cheated long enough.

    Europe cannot cope with any more refugees from Africa!!

    1. Kikikiki says:

      Nonsense yega yega

  2. Boorangoma says:

    I almost believed this stupid story until I came to where it’s written “Britain, Germany, Sweden and France want Biti to take over the presidency while Canada, Australia and Norway believe Elias Mudzuri is a better successor.” It appears that the two reporters Elias Mambo and Owen Gagare are either getting their stories from the CIO or are just ZANU PF propagandists. This is shameful journalism. Nobody (in his right mind) can believe this crap.

  3. Tsano says:

    Ungangoona munhubweMDC T achiti Zanu pf CIO chii chii just know there is some substance in the story. Vanoda kuwhanda nekuti munhu atumwa neZanu PF kana vafumurwa. Shame on u

    1. Kikikiki says:

      Taura zvako Tsanoz. Hanzi Zanu kikiki These idiots make me laugh

    2. Boorangoma says:

      Tinoda nyaya dzinehumbowo. Tinoda kunzwa kuti ndiyani wekuGermany, Britain, France neSweden akati anoda Biti. Idzi inyaya dzemumabhawa dzisina kana humbowo!

      1. Bigman says:

        Taura hako.
        Just someone’s imagination.

  4. Toni says:

    The problems in MDC cannot all be blamed on the leader. There have been too many hangers-on in the party, people who owe where they are to Tsvangirayi and today they wake thinking they can just take over the party and face ZPF head on. Lack of strategic leadership cannot be attributed to one person. Its the whole collective that has failed…

  5. chakabuda says:

    This is the tragedy we have in Zim. Our journerlists are pathetic and agents of oppression. Were you briefed by these countries or you managed to get some documentations? Pliz share with us not your stupid zanu stories of hee the west hee this. We are done with this mudziri issue now concentrate on those that are running the country. we need better hospitals and jobs etc. Why is it that even if Morgen is out of power, the so called journerlists run to him and his party to make most news in the papers?? The man ”lost” for God’s sake. Leave him to us his supporters and go and celebrate with yo zani.

    1. Kikikiki says:

      Warwadziwa ka. Your party is over. Hamba le!

  6. Kikikiki says:

    Going by the usual accusations from Mdc, i guess the Mdc is broke either because ZanuPF stole their money or it is ZanuPF which is going around spreading lies that the party is broke.
    Oh by the way, ZanuPF is also responsible for telling lies that Elizabeth left Tsvangirai kudhara stereki.
    Elizabeth is there is Tsvangirai’s arms right now kikikikikikikikikkikikiki

    REAL STORY: Liz has a new boyfriend & has even applied for a peace order against Tsvangirai who has been trying to get her back in Newlands. Let them sy it is ZanuPF telling lies & you will soon see the pictures in the Sunday Mail. Mati madi..

  7. cherera says:

    why do people in mdc admire to be puppets for Europeans?in America they kill,hence J.F.Keneddy s murder.

  8. Bigman says:

    The problem is Mugabe , not Tsvangirai.
    What could Tsvangirai do to stop Mugabe ?
    Mugabe appoints ZEC, he controls ZEC , he sets the rules and conditions for the elections.
    How could Tsvangirai prevent ZEC’s delaying tactics of ensuring that young people in urban areas would not be registered to vote ?
    How could Tsvangirai stop the multiple voting that took place ?
    Some people voted 10 times during the July 31 elections.

    Even if Tsvangirai boycotted, other Presidential candidates including Mugabe would have gone ahead and contested.

    That Tsvangirai must step down is a trap by ZANU-PF , because Tsvangirai is the only man that has proved to be a threat to their rule since 1980, and he is not giving up.

    Please don’t buy these ZANU-PF lies.
    If some people in the MDC-T leadership want Tsvangirai out, that does not mean that the whole of Zimbabwe want him out.
    Most Zimbabweans want Tsvangirai, and they are convinced that the problem is Mugabe, not Tsvangirai.

    The politics of Zim is quite unique, in that even though Mudzuri is Harvard educated, that is all nonsense to an ordinary man out in the streets.
    They believe in Tsvangirai, and a lot of ordinary Zimbabweans don’t even know that a certain Elias Mudzuri exists.

    Don’t be moved Mr Tsvangirai by these power hungry MDC officials.
    We love you , and we will continue backing you until you enter into State House.
    We appreciate the courage and dedication that you have demonstrated over all these years.
    You are definitely the bravest politician that this country has ever produced.

  9. parapinda says:

    nonsense!!..tsvangison has bn clobbered 3times by Mugabe n u stil claim he is a challenge to Zanupf??…kkkkkk..musandisetsa varume. 17years fightin Mugabe bt nothing to show fo it. Bvumai machinda Mugabe idhara. Madonor haasati atanga kutiza,vachaenda vese.

    1. Wilbert Mukori says:

      Mugabe rigged the July 2013 elections. You should get that one right, it is very important that you do!

  10. paurosi says:

    ..m zanu pf we also hv ma problems kwedu bt plz leave tsvangirai alone as far as yo loss z concerned 1 was Eric the right candidate fo mbare 2 Tracy fo dumping zanu n wht 3 vote buying by zanu country wide esp n yo strong holds eg musakwa kereke 4 arrogance by some senior members eg Timba n mt plsnt hanzi muharare vanhu ndeve mdc n even Biti almost gone 5factionalism n indispline ana chebundo n kwekwe biti mudzuri etc 6 harare city eeee! masunda n his team wer lyk zanu pf bt hamuna kuzviona 7 gnu exposed u yet u wer super humans b4t 8 poor strategywill hamuna kuongorora kt zanu ndoyachinja nt u luk at their candidates u were matched hm n away both young n old 9 underestimated the role of the security sector u only depended on useless n disgruntled members 10 we are o humans bt the personality of ya leader ?ddnt u realise tht since 2008 mugabe c graph was rising as he waz harvesting the little gains of indigeinisation n chaotic land reform …….so 4nw take my advise tsvangirai panyanga! regroup rethink refocus u wl rise

  11. lion says:

    tsvangson is indeed popular,just like Chidhumo and Masendeke were popular. Did the pple luv them?

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