The dust is slowly rising


PRESIDENT Robert Mug-abe’s exhortation to his party during a central committee meeting to make good its election promises or suffer the comeuppance of non-delivery suggests his party is acutely aware non-delivery is no option.

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In his address to the Zanu PF central committee Mugabe admitted failure to accomplish electoral promises would “raise dust among the people”.

“We have got to start work, travel less, meet less and more action, more action, more action and that’s Zanu PF, otherwise the people will say to us ‘you said you were going to fulfill these pledges, you are not fulfilling them’,” Mugabe said.

“Zim Asset must start unfolding and unfolding immediately…,” he said in reference to the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation –– the latest addition to the country’s growing economic blueprint stockpile whose non-implementation remains a major talking point.

This is an encouraging sign the party is at least alive to the fact that it is walking a tight rope as time is not on its side, what with recent socio-economic indicators suggesting even before steering the country along the recovery and growth paths, the dispensation must first arrest declining key fundamentals.

The gospel of state parsimony is nothing new; it has been preached ad nauseum over the years with foreign travel a regular feature of the sermon, as has been the need to translate sugar-coated electoral promises into action.

Mugabe needs look no further than his record as the state’s foremost traveller, having piled up the miles on frequent jaunts to all manner of meetings around the globe during 33 years of uninterrupted rule.

His excuse has been that we risk neither presenting our case nor articulating our views on various issues of strategic interest if we don’t travel for such meetings.

But do the benefits justify the costs when foreign trips yield little in the way of tangible benefits, save for the Memorandums of Understanding staple?

Although later exposed as an avid traveller himself, in his 2012 national budget proposal then Finance minister Biti warned against excessive foreign travel saying the executive had blown US$45,5 million on trips in the previous year.

Earlier this year Mugabe reportedly gobbled millions of dollars in taking a huge entourage of more than 50 government officials to attend the fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

The “bloated” delegation comprised cabinet ministers, directors of ministries, their political aides, personal assistants, national security personnel and specialists from government departments and Treasury wholly met airfares, accommodation and upkeep in state-of-the-art hotels in Japan’s Yokohama city.

Presumably, the plug will now be pulled on such profligacy, as the Zanu PF government channels all efforts and every last penny towards reviving the country’s socio-economic fortunes.

We simply have to live within our means at a time the country is failing to meet onerous debt obligations, let alone invest in replacing decaying infrastructure and reviving industry.

Ultimately, it is delivery on key issues that will lift the country out of the gloom it remains trapped in, not past glories or “liberation war credentials”.

As Mugabe rightly put it, people will soon begin to ask questions. “People will say what’s happening in agriculture? No change. In industries, the factories are not coming up.

“The mining sector has not been organised, our roads are still the same, railways still the same, Air Zimbabwe still the same. Where is your Zim Asset which you preached to us?”

In fact the people are already asking such questions; the dust is slowly rising!

7 thoughts on “The dust is slowly rising”

  1. chakabuda says:

    Can you imagine the hypocracy! He said they need to reduce travelling only a few days ago but where is he today? How many pipo did he travel with? Mugabe has descovered that the so called analysts in Zim are a bunch of fools who simply swallow all what he says and take it as news meawhile confusing the whole lot. He insults the west then send chinamasa to plead with them for investment.The man is a lier and newspapers must know that they are dealing with a lier and must write about a lier. period!!

  2. Dzatsva says:

    “You can fool some people sometimes ,but you cannot fool all the people all the times”,only time will tell if you think you are our Devine rulers

  3. Zimbabwe is their private property,they do what they want and be accountable to nobody. Vote them out and they wl force themselves back into power against the will of the people. Suffering is not leaving us anytime soon!

  4. parapinda says:

    kkkkkkk….thats politics fo u! Say sweet things at the same time saying nothing! Travelling is part of politics and no politician has ever escaped the trap. Joyce Banda tried to b smart bt nw she is vying fo the title of world traveller..Biti ,tsvangison,mugabe…the list is endless….

  5. george bachinche says:

    This is a meanless article, no new value or analysis.

  6. mukadota says:

    we are dealing with human beings who have feelings, lets craft humane policies

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