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Logicode officially launches in Zimbabwe

At an event graced by senior government officials, board of directors of Logicode computer systems, computer society of Zimbabwe, computer suppliers of Zimbabwe, chairman of the internet society and captains of Industry, Logicode officially launched in Zimbabwe.

By TechnoMag

The managing director of Logicode, Helen Timm said,“The dream of Logicode has been in existence for more than two years and finally, today, on this Tuesday October 29 2013, the dream is being launched, a vision for transformation.

“At Logicode we believe that the first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. Vision will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our commitment to do whatever we can do to achieve excellence”.

Logicode is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company offering organisations an opportunity to enjoy the latest developments in the technology arena.

To date, technology has been accessible but some organisations have experienced the disappointment of investing massively in ICT’s or ICT solutions, only to have to discard these products with little or no return on investment having been realised?

Logicode revealed that their aim has been to come up with a new vision for the management of ICT solutions and services in such a way that organisations can enjoy the true benefits of, and realise true value from the investments that are being made in ICT products and services.

Through extensive research and analysis on global market trends, Logicode has managed to put together a broad range of products, and believes that these products will contribute vastly not only to increased levels of efficiency and transparency in the day-to-day operations of the organisation, but they will also significantly affect the bottom line resulting in a true realisation of return on investment made.

There are many aspects involved that play a crucial role in the successful implementation and operation of an IT system and Logicode has modelled its business around these processes to help in making the technology compatible with all players.

Said Timm: “ We are consultants seeking to add value to the way organisations in our country are operating. When we are engaged by an organisation, we do not just send a quotation and wait for the customer to pay so that we can “deliver” the product.

This has been a very critical issue in Zimbabwean ICTs where the slow uptake of new technologies is hampered by lack of understanding of the technologies offered and full implementation.

Ian Campbel with Logicode also said: “We will analyse your current infrastructure and compare it with the requirement. Then, based on that, we will design and tailor the most suitable solution for that particular situation. Once the results have been agreed upon and shared, the process of procurement begins, followed by implementation where we work closely with your team throughout the entire process.

“This is followed by formal training of those team members who will be interacting with the system and offering support services and updates right through the entire lifetime of the system”.

Among the services offered by logicode are, Oracle Licensing Services. This faces a major issue not just in Zimbabwe but Africa as piracy has become a cancer in our system.

It is up to individuals to find it within their hearts to acknowledge that someone has spent so much time and effort developing that solution and the right thing is to reward this intellectual property by paying your licenses.

The fact of the matter is, what’s right is right. Licensing your products is important and comes with its own benefits, but most of all, it’s the right thing to do.

Logicode is able to provide all your licensing requirements for the entire Oracle range of products as the official gold partner.

Another added flexibility is that you pay after you have received your licenses, Check your licensing status with Oracle using the given CSI number to verify that the licenses you have received are genuine, Get free advise on the training associated with the licenses that you have purchased and enjoy the bargains that come with bundling your license purchase with training.

Among Oracle Support Services Logicode offers Expert Oracle Database Support, Expert Oracle Implementation Support, Expert Oracle Remote DBA Support, Emergency Consulting & Support Systems Analysis & Design and Manufacturing sector with differentiator modules.

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TechnoMag is Zimbabwe`s premiertechnology website. For more news, analysis and reviews visit www.technomag.co.zw or mail articles at technomag.co.zw, join our facebook www.facebook.com/technomagzw or tweet@technomagzw

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