New battle for Bikita

THE expulsion of Harare businessman Munyaradzi Kereke from Zanu PF has precipitated a new battle for the Bikita West constituency where MDC-T, Zanu PF and Lovemore Madhuku’s newly formed National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) party have all expressed interest in contesting.

Elias Mambo

Zanu PF disowned Kereke last week and fired him from the party for insubordination for contesting in the July 31 elections despite being told to withdraw and pave way for former workmate at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Elias Musakwa, to run on the party ticket.

Last week Zanu PF notified parliament Kereke was no longer representing the party resulting in the speaker declaring the seat vacant.

However, Kereke this week approached the Constitutional Court challenging his ejection from parliament, arguing that he had ceased to be a Zanu PF member by the time he was elected on July 31.

In his papers, Kereke said the section used to eject him from parliament, stating that a seat becomes vacant when a party writes to the Speaker or President of the Senate stating the member has ceased to belong to the party under which he or she was elected to parliament, did not apply because he ceased to be a Zanu PF member on July 10 as evidenced by a letter written by the party’s national secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa.

Although the seat makes no significant difference to the balance of power in parliament, the parties have already started preparations, with MDC-T’s losing candidate and former legislator Heya Shoko already on the ground campaigning. Former Masvingo central member of parliament, MDC-T’s Jeffryson Chitando said his party is rolling out a serious campaign to win back the seat.

“Kereke’s expulsion is a blessing to us because we are going to campaign and given the disorder in Zanu PF we may win this seat,” Chitando said.

NCA director of information and publicity Blessing Vava said his party plans to contest for the seat.

“We have not yet made that decision; there are processes that have to happen before that decision is reached,” he said.

However NCA insiders claim the party’s national taskforce member and spokesperson Madock Chivasa is the likely candidate for the seat. Chivasa said he is ready to contest if given the green light by his party.

Sources close to Kereke, however, said the businessman-cum-politician is likely to throw his hat into the ring once again to prove his popularity.

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  1. TONGAI says:


  2. pilsener says:

    bikita west nhaka zhara totoinera panext door

  3. pilsener says:

    bikita west nhaka zhara totoinera panext door tichavadya tigovanwa tigovaputa wether zanu.mdc t. mdc. nca .kereke

  4. paurosi says:

    poor decision by zanu pf….wasting resources

  5. Mbongeni Sakhe says:

    Now Kereke is going to be arrested and tried for that rape, watch this space.

  6. Danai Pazvagozha says:

    I do not think that there is going to be an election. Kereke stands to win the court case. The following is my informed opinion of how the court will reach its verdict:

    The question that needs to be addressed first is whether Kereke ceased to be ZANUPF member after or before the elections. As ZANUPF indicates, Kereke was expelled as soon as he registered as a ZAnupf candidate. Then the next question becomes relevant: Did Kereke registerd himself as Zanupf or was registered by Zanupf itself? ZANUPF will answer that certain indisciplined people from the Party did so. But then the law has nothing to do with party indiscipline. ZANUPF will have no reasonable answer to the last question. The the next question follows: Why did ZANUPF took no action to de register a candidate it had duly registered if that candidate had ceased to be a party member? Was this inaction a condoning of Kereke’s candidature? I

    The court will therefore make the following findings: Zanupf knew well before elections that Kereke was contesting as ZANUPF but did nothing, probably hoping that Kereke would lose. Zanupf had ample opportunity to approach ZEC and withdraw the candidature of Kereke if the party had reversed its decision to register him as their candidate. This would not have prejudiced Kereke as he would have then decided to register as an independent candidate. To wait for Kereke to win the seat, then expel him from the party tantamount to betting with people’s rights against their will, an abuse that cannot be allowed to stand in a constitutional democracy. Kereke has wasted resources campaigning for himself. If Zanupf felt that Kereke was getting advantage from their name, which they wilfully endorsed him to use, Zanupf could have sounded the alarm and reversed Kereke’s registration as Zanupf member. Zanupf cannot now be allowed to pretend that they were not aware of Kereke’s candidature, and whatever benefits he stood to get from their name Zanupf they had given him. It would have been different if Kereke had registered himself as Zanupf. The fact of this case is Zanupf registered him as its own. The fact that they remained silent along the election process is quite loud and clear. Infact, an analysis of Zanupf’s actions in this case clearly shows that Zanupf wants to use the court to order a re-run of the election contest that its preferred candidate lost under free and fair circumstances. To allow Zanupf’s actions to stand will set a very wrong precedent, as any sitting political party sponsored MP will have the risk of being arbitrarily expelled, simply because the party has suddenly found some other person they feel they want to have in Parliament. The courts will always refuse to be used in that manner. And so the applicant Kereke succeeds in his application without costs. For the avoidance of doubt, the court must then declare Kereke as an independent elected member of parliament for Bikita.

    1. wamaromo says:

      Danai Pazvagozha your arguments most them are correct but a party accordimg to the constitution we voted yes is that if you expel a sitting member of parliament from your party he automatically loses his seat in parliament. Now zanupf expelled Kereke on July 10. Asked ZEC to remove his candidature but ZEC said it was against the law to do so and they had already prepared the ballot papers. zanuPF refused to sponsor Kereke’s campaign and all ZanuPF machinery was used for Musakwa that is why the youths whpo beat up Kereke’s team at Makotore were not arrested (if ZanuPF youths beats you, its you who is arrested) so you can see that Kereke was more of an independent and as I said down there some MDC-T supporters who were shortchanged by MDC-T when they imposed Shoko on them decided to vote for Kereke since he was no longer ZanuPF. Go to the wards they will tell you they voted Kereke not because he was ZanuPF but they wanted him. Please give Bikita West people a chance, last time vana Hunzvi nana Chinotimba vakatiponda kuti tovhotere munhu wavo motangazve. handiti officer Commanding Masvingo provive ku ZRP akadzingwa basa aramba kuti ma youths e MDc asungwe kana kufurwa apihwa ma directives nana shefu ve musangano? Tinozviziva. What I know is if he wins his case ZanuPf will silently accept him as their own asi ivo vati hatimude. pane asingazive kana President vataura pa ma rally kuti Kereke chero akawhina haasi wedu ko wave wavo sei, ho kuti vati ndewedu tavekumudzinga, aiwa va Chidyahusiku manyanya kushandiswa zvisizvo imboitawo kuti CV yenyu ionekere.

  7. wamaromo says:

    “Kereke’s expulsion is a blessing to us because we are going to campaign and given the disorder in Zanu PF we may win this seat,” Chitando said

    MDC-T this Shoko guy will not win you this seat. He won last time because we all wanted MDC to win but he failed to perform. Bore holes not working yet he had CDF funds, people starving yet he could have helped by sourcing donor food, children dropping out of school because of poverty, Roads, endai kwa Ngondyore uko vanzwa nekufamba netsoka 15 to 20 km kutsvaga road kuti vawane ma lifts kuenda kwa Nyika, So 15km on foot and 11km mu kombi from Bikita Business Centre hazvinakidze asi ndiko kudhuze nekumusha kwake. Kereke came and people of Bikita knew that he is not really ZanuPF so most MDC-T voted for Kereke. Kereke is a very big beneficiary of MDC-T protest vote.So it is not a blessing in disguise, you will be humiliated if you put Shoko in as candidate.

  8. wamaromo says:

    Musakawa aitovhaira pakamhanyiswa Kereke kudhuze nekumushana uko. Hanzi ah anorohwa akatamba nevakomana as if violence is good. Now Kereke had the last laugh.

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