Essien comes to Harare

GHANAIAN tycoon, William Ato Essien, who is at the centre of US$6 million diamond mining bribery allegations, will soon be on his way to Zimbabwe to make an official report on the scandal as police investigations intensify.

In a telephone interview from Ghana last week, Essien told the Zimbabwe Independent he is coming to Harare during the first week of October to officially report former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) chairman Godwills Masimirembwa for allegedly swindling him.

Masimirembwa denies the charges and has vowed to give his side of the story.

“I am coming sometime (in the) first week of October,” said Essien, after disclosing he had given President Robert Mugabe all the documentation and evidence showing his US$5,9 million was taken by Masimirembwa.

Sources said Essien and his aide brought US$5 million into the country via Kenya.

The other US$975 000 was allegedly paid to Masimirembwa to facilitate the release of Essien’s business partner Kingsley Ghansah who was arrested in Harare on illegal possession of 7kgs of gold, which has now gone missing.

Police, who are already probing the matter, have said they are waiting for Essien to come and make an official report and statement to facilitate the investigation. However, a source Ghana close to Essien said yesterday the Ghanaian businessman now fears for his life as the case continues to draw in powerful politicians and dangerous dealers into its vortex.

“Essien is a God-fearing businessman who has told President Mugabe the truth and nothing else but the truth,” said a source from Accra.

“The ordeal Essien has been through from people in influential positions, including Masimirembwa, while trying to do business in Zimbabwe is harrowing. He couldn’t stomach it anymore; that’s why he had to break his silence.”

Masimirembwa’s camp says Essien failed to deliver on his investment promises and was involved in shady deals, mainly in gold as shown by the arrest of his business associate.

However, Mugabe has publicly accused Masimirembwa of demanding and receiving a US$6 million bribe.

The Accra source said: “Essien now fears for his life since his case may just be the tip of the iceberg and feels he may be caught up in the cross-fire amid efforts to cover up for the ‘big fish’ involved in other diamond deals.

“Other quarters seem keen to bury him alive and hence connecting dots that don’t connect to this particular case to divert attention.”

Essien told the Independent last week he brought in US$5,9 million in 2011 in cash and gave it to Masimirembwa. However, Masimirembwa has denied the allegations, saying the money received by the diamond company, Gye Nyame, a public/private partnership initially between state-owned ZMDC and Bill Minerals of Ghana, was a “commitment fee”, not a bribe.

However, Essien insisted: “A commitment fee will always bear some sort of receipt but this doesn’t. So it’s not a commitment fee because I did not get access to it to use for the project. It cannot be referred to as commitment fee.”

10 thoughts on “Essien comes to Harare”

  1. mizha says:

    What documentation and evidence if Essien says he laundered the money via Kenya. Dirty money. If you hand over cash to someone, what documentation do you produce. what evidence are you going to produce in court? telling the president you were duped of $6 million is different from producing evidence in court. by Essien admission, he says he paid close to a million to have his friend released from jail for illegally dealing in gold. Dirty.

  2. Majaira says:

    Even if its dirty money it doesnt exonarates the mASIMIREMBWA

  3. Danai Pazvagozha says:

    This case will never ever see light in a court case. Everyone knows that. Just ask yourself, why has Misimirembwa not been arrested hitherto? If the police were so keen to arreast komichi for throw him to rot in prison, why not Misimirembwa now? You see. Even the police are afraid that the issue will suck some of its top leadership. Even the courts themselves are evidently quite hesitant. Is it not amusing that $975 000 was used to release Essien’s business partner who had been convicted and thrown in jail? WHat is the meaning of the phrase “975000 used to release Essien’s business partner”? Let us just come up with a list of probable beneficiaries of the “release money’ money and tell me who will not get the share in the related chain of the ‘justice’ system involved. So, can we live to hope that a cheater can hunt its own tail? Meanwhile, Misimirembwa will have the last laugh. I presume he has already told others that “i will not sink alone”, a very famous phrase that caused Chinamasa to withdraw a case against one of the CIOs gurus some time back when Chinamasa was the Johannes Tomana of today.

  4. Wengwere says:

    Ko “Essien is a God-fearing businessman who…” yapinda papi? God-fearing? Money-grabbing God-fearing.

  5. 49/51 says:

    Essien has handed over documents and evidence proving the case. However, on another confusing and contradictory note, he claims he has no receipt of handing over the money to Masimirembwa. Also, am i wrong or is he confessing to money laundering and trying to bribe his way into Marange? If this is the case, then fair and fine, he should get his 5 – 7 years in jail, and Masimirembwa 10 – 14 years. And anyone else involved.

  6. Tate says:

    Your headline is quite misleading. It’s shocking, coming from a reputable publication like you

  7. Jamengweni Godonga says:

    Nank’amsela!!! The mhizha chap knows something, why so defensive of a case that has evidently been committed? Money exchanged hands period. Whoever got a share of dirty money must face the music, God fearing or deregistered lawyer – all must serve some time.

  8. Observer says:

    Essien is not a God fearing Christian at all more of a West African occultIst. Just look at the symbolism of their Ghana First Capital logo – a cowie shell used for divination purposes by fetish priests such as Nana Kwaka Bonsam. And that name Gye Nyame thats the name of a Ghana occult god. Why would a Christian be using such symbolism and occult names?

  9. dotito says:


  10. dotito says:

    Game over

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