Western sanctions hostility against Zim — Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe addressing the 68th United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York today. Pic: Reuters.

President Robert Mugabe addressing the 68th United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York today. Pic: Reuters.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has attacked the United States, Britain and the European Union for the continued imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe, which he said violated fundamental principles of the United Nations charter on state sovereignty and non-interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state.

Mugabe told the 68th session of the United Nations general Assembly in New York that the sanctions continued to inflict economic deprivation and human suffering on Zimbabweans.

“In the eyes of our people, the sanctions constitute a form of hostility and violence against them for the simple crime of undertaking the land reform programme by which land was put in the hands of the then majority landless Zimbabweans,” he said.

“Our small and peaceful country is threatened daily by covetous and bigoted big powers whose hunger for domination and control of other nations and their resources knows no bounds. Shame, shame, shame to the United States of America. Shame shame shame to Britain and its allies.”

Mugabe added: “Please remove your illegal and filthy sanctions from my peaceful country. If these sanctions were intended to effect regime change, well, the results of the recent national elections have clearly shown you what they can do.”

He lashed out at the US for rejecting the July 31 election results, which Mugabe and his Zanu PF party won amidst opposition allegation of systematic rigging.

“Now, this malicious intent (to effect regime through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act) to continue the relentless persecution of our small peaceful country has happened again through the USA’s rejection of the recent absolutely democratic and fair election results of our July 31st general elections, even as they were applauded by the African Union and all regional organisations,” he said.

On the reform of the UN Security Council, Mugabe said the council needed to be more representative, democratic, transparent, accountable and accessible to the wider membership for its decisions to have more legitimacy.

“The anachronistic and unrepresentative character of the security council must be redressed. For how long should Africa continue to be denied the right to play a pivotal role in the United Nations Security Council as it decides measures on conflicts within its own borders?” he asked.  – Staff Writer.

17 thoughts on “Western sanctions hostility against Zim — Mugabe”

  1. Butler Kapumha says:

    This was one of the best speech ever by Mugabe. Only genuinely independent and progressive newspapers will report the developmental issues the President address. For the speech the link is http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-12465-Full+text+Mugabes+2013+UN+speech/news.aspx

    1. Jedster says:

      Only if you blindly support him.

      Yes, the West are not a bunch of goodies…. however what you must understand is that what he says is largely a big fat lie.

      1. “land reform programme by which land was put in the hands of the then majority”, no it was not! It was given to ‘some’ black persons who wanted to farm, but the majority went to ZANU-PF chef’s, ministers, and apologists in the military and judiciary.. who took 3-4 farms and more.

      2. “rejection of the recent absolutely democratic and fair election results of our July 31st general elections, even as they were applauded by the African Union and all regional organisations”. Again, a lie. They were absolutely not democratic… Over a million were denied registration to vote, and ZANU-PF bussed in people to weak constituencies to vote for them, and manipulated the voters roll and areas. And they were applaused by the AU, only because the rest of them are spineless and corrupt.

      The people of Zimbabwe know the truth, as does the West.

      1. The simple facts are that the British enriched themselves and lived the “Life of Riley” whilst the black Rhodesians slogged away as their tattered Lackeys.

        If it were not for Mogabe the status quo ante would prevail.

        The rest is ” atmospherics “.

  2. jonso says:

    If you think that being foul mouthed makes great statesman then your thinking is warped Butler

  3. Realist says:

    There is a difference between being foul mouthed and speaking the truth …..only an african fool would say what Mugabe was saying isnt true, , these sanctions are real and are affecting us the ordinary people is the west really cared about us they would find other means to help us….the irony of it all is there is no democracy in the US who doesnt know abt the florida votes that were stolen from Al Gore in favour of Bush when he was the clear winner. What about the neighbourhood watc guy who walked scot free after shooting an unarmed black teenger trayvon martin and then u want to remain in favour of these western imperialist to defiine democrasy and advocate human rights when blacks in america have no rights go to hell johnso,,a few years from now Africa wiill thank Mugabe…If Mugabe was so bad a laeader and zimbabwe was not safe what all these white people who i see driving in zimbabwe still doing here? have u ever seen a white person use public transport? wake up and smell the coffee ..sanctions on zim are illegal johnso..they have to to be dropped ….Mugabe is right and he is the right leader

    1. doc wally says:

      Realist! Firstly sanctions were imposed by the west because your leader has bled the country dry. Secondly,there is no way that you can dictate to a country who and how they must conduct thier business. Its thier choice not yours! Thirdly,if its so great in Zimbabwe then why do you continually need handouts and aid? You voted for him now get of your backsides and show the world how great Zimbabwe under ZANU-PF rule is!

    2. Jedster says:

      Sanctions are not illegal, they can do what they want. And things were screwed in Zim before sanctions….

      If you can give one, clear example of how sanctions have affected general Zimbabweans, please hsare it (a real one, end to end, cause and effect).

      And don’t use Zidera and credit please, that’s cr@p… even without that, the World Bank and IMF would not loan Zimbabwe one cent until Zim pays back the $10 billion + it already owed BEFORE the so called sanctions

      Mugabe is very wrong and is definitely the wrong leader, just like 2008 when he was voted out, but stole it for the 3rd time

      1. uzonya says:

        jedster u ar a moving idiot in politics,ddnt the economy of usa shrink and sent its effects g’oba’y who owes imf mo money britain,usa ? did that constitute punishment? Think i dont have tym to te” u if u ar a lazy mampara

    3. Gutter Poet says:

      How does a country that lists the UK and US as second and third largest trade partners say they have sanctions in the same breath? How do you square the circle where the two countries contribute more than 60% of all aid receipts and yet they have placed sanctions on the land? This talk is not helping anyone since no one believes it and evidence is everywhere that this is just idle talk!

  4. Chabwino says:

    If you want to be comgratulated by an African do either of two things
    a) Devote a good hour spitting rubbish uchitukuirira
    b)simply tell them what they want to hear
    Mugabe does than and he has Darlings all over Africa

  5. doc wally says:

    Shame,shame ,shame on you Mugarbage! You have plundered your countries wealth. Your offspring are educated overseas.You go to foreign countries when you need medical attention. Your wife flies all over the world on shopping trips. You have destroyeed the backbone of your economy with your so called land reform process which has only benefitted a few highly placed family and ZANU-PF members. Yet you have the audacity to claim that sanctions are illegal! Guess what,its by choice who a country decides to do business with and they dont want to further enrich your inner circle!Once again,shame on you!

  6. Taris says:

    Long live Gushungo!

  7. mukorekore says:

    we want trade embargoes and oil embargoes, to bring zanupf down, not these baby sanctions. Intensify the sanctions instead, boycott zanupf businesses.

  8. magame says:

    You simply need to take a walk in the light and heavy industry areas to apreciate what mugabe has done to this country.

  9. Noono says:

    If we ar good buddies wth china and russia and ar free to sell our goods to the east,why cry for the two.somebody just wants shopping trips.

  10. guti says:

    You can say what u wanna say every day
    its okay,
    but the truth is you dont know things a bit. Let me enlighten you, a bit. IMF no longer want to lend us money because it does not want us to use it for agriculture and before I go any further, every country owes the IMF billions! Some even have their debts scrapped off completely, billions coz they no longer can afford to pay back. So owing them is no issue. Land reform is not bad for us, its bad for them! They dont want us to do whats good for us. They want us to do whats good for them only! Like in the old days where English and Maths was important. English to talk to them and Maths to count their wares period! The rest was not essential. You see, it was for them, not for my ambuya ekaya. Maybe I should just write a book. The bottom line is stick to your leader and your colour. Protective, not racist.

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