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Joy as Kasukuwere is demoted

THE removal of Saviour Kasukuwere from the Indigenisation ministry torched celebrations at the National Indigenisation Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) by employees who detested his abrasive management style.

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Kasukuwere was reassigned to head the new Water Resources, Environment and Climate ministry. Former Environment minister Francis Nhema has taken over the Indigenisation ministry.

A NIEEB staffer said there were ecstatic celebrations when news of Kasukuwere’s removal filtered through. The employees’ acrimony towards Kasukuwere, the staffer alleged, was a result of the constant harassment they suffered at his hands.

They also resented consultants Kasukuwere deployed at the board as they bossed everybody around. Such was their resentment of the minister that some employees claim they resorted to fasting and praying that Kasukuwere would not be reappointed to the ministry in the new cabinet.

“Working with Kasukuwere was very difficult,” said a relieved staffer. “We were very depressed. If it were not for the high unemployment rate, we would have quit our jobs. Some of us started prayer and fasting sessions before the president announced his cabinet for Kasukuwere not to come back (to the ministry).”

The NIEEB employees also described Kasukuwere as “combative and excitable”. The minister was involved in several confrontations during his tenure as Indigenisation minister, with the most notable being his fallout with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono over company seizures.

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  1. True@scott kasukuwere was an arrogant, militant man who had a confrontational approach to things. If he was a bit rational and listened more the indigenization policy wld hve bn more beneficial for the nation as a whole. Idai asina kuwandza hasha maybe he wld be still there. I m so happy he’s bn demoted to water nd climate. hahahaa Toko!

  2. I agree with the president when he said “Don’t judge people by their characteristics, don’t think that the one who talks too much performs better. Kasukuwere is an extrovert and Nhema is an introvert. If the introvert goes to sleep we will take him away.”

  3. Why do you think environment, climate & water resources issues a less important than indigenisation. To me they are the defining issues of this millennium globally. I am surprised that at the independent you suddenly consider indigenisation a high priority. Is it because it will fit into your template of his supposed demotion?

  4. If he can lobby the CITES to allow zim to reduce the elephant population. Elephants are now a major threat to the environment coz as a nation we’ve more than our game reserves can sustainably accommodate.

  5. Ngaende,ngaende,munhu uyu. I………..ngaende,thanks mudhara,hapana chaiitwa chinemusoro,demotion ndizvo,ngaanovhiya mbudzi,ndokunge achigona.kikiki

  6. Brainworks Scandal $17 million!! that was a bit greedy of this frog isnt it? in fact it makes him the Greediest Zimbabwean of our time,much more greedier than Chiyangwa and Chombo combined.

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