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Elections Update: Smooth voting in Uzumba

VOTING queues in Uzumba constituency, a Zanu PF stronghold in Mashonaland East province are short and moving quickly, as people vote in crucial general elections today.

Faith Zaba

The longest queue so far was at a polling station at Gapara shops in Uzumba, where 70 villagers waited patiently to vote. There were at least 30 people queuing at Nhakiwa centre in Uzumba.

Two polling agents from Zanu PF and MDC-T could be seen sharing a smoke as they observed voting.

The MDC-T polling agent said: “Everything is going on smoothly. The queues are moving very fast. People started queuing as early as 7 am and people are standing in the queue for not more than an hour.”

On violence, he said: “Why should we fight when we know each other, we are either relatives or friends who grew up together. Why should there be any animosity between us when we know each other. This is why  we can sit next to each other like this.”

At Mukwe Shopping Centre in Murehwa North, there were queues of at least 40 people. This news crew watched at least six people vote in the 10 minutes it was there.

This crew also witnessed a Zanu PF official writing down the names of voters in the queue. There are more than seven polling stations a ward in Uzumba.

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