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Zec denies Jomic polls accreditation

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has refused to accredit the Joint Implementation and Monitoring Committee (Jomic), set up under the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to monitor the implementation of the power-sharing deal between Zanu PF and the two MDC formations, to supervise general elections tomorrow.

Faith Zaba

In an interview with Zimbabwe Independent, MDC-T representative in Jomic Thabitha Khumalo said despite Zec’s refusal to accredit them, Jomic will still deploy three people to every polling station, who will be stationed at least 300 metres away.

“Yes, they have refused to accredit us and they gave no reasons for their refusal. We decided as Jomic to deploy three representatives, one from each political party, to all polling stations. We were told to be at least 300 metres away from the polling stations,” she said.

Asked if Zanu PF will deploy their Jomic representatives, Khumalo said: “That is the agreement we came up with as the three parties in the inclusive government.”

Zec sources confirmed yesterday that they had not accredited Jomic for the elections.

“They wanted to be accredited as who, as what and from where and sent by who. Who are they representing,” said one Zec official.

Zanu PF does not want Jomic to monitor elections, saying the GPA, including Jomic, must be replaced by a national process that includes all political parties interested in contesting in next elections.

Zanu PF recently pulled out of Jomic citing the alleged abuse of the vehicles by MDC-T and MDC officials.

President Robert Mugabe has directed all political parties representatives seconded to Jomic to surrender their allocated vehicles to his office following reports of their alleged abuse.

The GPA does not mention the lifespan of Jomic or its extension beyond the expiry of the inclusive government.


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