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Police voted in the middle of the night — MDC-T

THE MDC-T has accused Zanu PF of rigging the special vote by bussing in police officers in the middle of the night so they could vote after polls had closed, according to a statement released by the party.

Carlos Vieira

MDC-T claims that over six Zupco bus loads of cops from Harare pulled at Mt Pleasant hall last night to cast their ballot despite the special vote closing yesterday.

Polls had been extended to midnight to account for earlier delays but were closed by the time the officers arrived. Most of the bussed cops are believed to be mostly new recruits.

The MDC-T wants to know who paid for the buses used to transport the officers.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has publicly questioned the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s ability to run a free and fair election saying if it cannot cope with just 80 000 people during the two-day special vote, it would not have the capacity to handle six million voters on July 31.


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