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Zimdollar: Zanu PF’s Sword of Damocles

What a way to launch an election campaign: calling a senior official in the office of the South African president who is doing her best to help Zimbabwe’s recovery a “street woman”, simply because you don’t like the fact that she is urging parties to keep to what they promised five years ago in the GPA.

This is sovereignty gone sour. What is redeeming is that the majority of voices in response seem to have repudiated such language and recognise only too well the role South Africa is playing in putting the country right.

It is a shocking situation that a decent woman with a liberation struggle background should be subject to the offensive and prejudiced views of a cantankerous ruler.

It is good to watch this hostility backfire. Women of all stripes have joined forces to transfer their votes to parties that believe in the equality of the sexes.
Well done Zanu PF. Now we know what you really think about women. Another own goal!

Girl power

She could afford to turn the other cheek as Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga responded in kind: “A man fails to insult other men at the recent Sadc meeting in Maputo, but has the temerity to insult a woman from South Africa.

“He is saying Zulu is a prostitute because he says she lives on the streets. After the Sadc meeting in Maputo, he went and coiled in his hotel room, but now wants to insult and abuse women.”

Ouch! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned indeed.

Serial losers

What was also enlightening at the weekend was the decision by Zanu PF to launch its manifesto in Highfield. It wasn’t the nationalist event the former ruling party was hoping for. The numbers didn’t begin to match the reception given to Robert Mugabe on his return from Mozambique in 1980. Most were bussed in from Mbare’s flea and vegetable markets.

And Highfield is no longer the nationalist citadel it once was. Since 2000 it has been in the possession of the MDC-T. Mugabe always votes there as an act of solidarity. Let’s see if he can sustain his record of losing the constituency in every election since then!

Still teething 33yrs on

Muckraker was amused by Simon Khaya Moyo trying to excuse his terrible performance in the Zanu PF primaries.

The party struggled to find ballot boxes, resorting to cutting up cardboard boxes and pieces of paper. How could SK get away with this level of poor preparation and incompetent management?

This is the party that has been in power for 33 years but continues to believe it is indispensable to the nation? It couldn’t, as they say, organise a pi**-up in a brewery.

SK said that once the voting started they “realised” they didn’t have sufficient funds for the administration of the primaries.

Remember only too recently Zanu PF also “realised” there were hundreds of ghost workers in the civil service.

Why did it take so long for them to wake up to this reality when newspapers, including this one, revealed the extent of the ghost-worker epidemic several years ago. They were all born on the same day and worked in the same ministry.

Sword of Damocles

Then Zanu PF threw another gift in the MDC-T’s direction. President Mugabe said a return to the Zimdollar was not immediately on the cards, giving credence to the view that it soon would be.

If there’s one thing that unites the nation it is the threat to return to the currency that impoverished millions of people. Muckraker some years ago urged Zanu PF to promise to return to the Zimbabwe dollar.

It was a sure election loser for Zanu PF. Mugabe and his gang simply can’t resist these unproductive nationalist impulses.

The MDC-T needs to spread the word: If it wins, Zanu PF will bring back the old currency. Watch this space.

Chinese at it again

While Mugabe was speaking in Highfield, media reports stated the Chinese were busy handing out T-shirts supporting President Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo, however, dismissed the media reports saying the regalia had been donated to the party by the First Family which “used its own money to rescue the party after it pleaded financial constraints”.

So it seems the Mugabes are more well-heeled than the revolutionary party. It’s probably the sanctions’ fault, we presume.

Brings to mind the last days of the reign of Mobutu “King of Zaire” Sese Seko who would on occasion “donate” money to fund the operations of his cash-strapped government.

The Chinese would do well to stop interfering in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

Back home in Hong Kong citizens were carrying Union Jacks –– British flags –– with placards saying “Chinese colonists get out”.
This was to commemorate the transfer from British to Chinese rule in 1997.

Nice to see the Chinese authorities getting the reception they deserved.

They should be addressing the needs of their citizens instead of trying to win elections for Zanu PF.

Selective amnesia

Upon assuming her position as police spokesperson, Charity Charamba claimed police do not selectively apply the law nor target MDC-T members.

However, the police’s actions have spoken much louder than her words with senior officers ordering their subordinates and their next of kin to vote for Zanu PF with the sanction of dismissal hanging over their heads.

Charamba’s refrain when asked on such inconvenient issues is to profess ignorance or claim to be “looking into it”.

However, when Solomon Madzore says his party will retaliate to Zanu PF provocations Charamba springs to life claiming to be “disturbed” by the comments which she said should be condemned by all “right-thinking and progressive peace-loving Zimbabweans”.

Strangely Charamba is not “disturbed” when self-professed war veterans like Jabulani Sibanda or army commanders threaten war if Zanu PF loses the elections.

Defect to North Korea

Zanu PF is once again up to its old tricks in collusion with ZBC with stories of alleged defections of MDC-T members to the “revolutionary” party.

This time the so-called defections took place in Bulawayo’s Makokoba constituency with the new converts citing unfair treatment as the reason for changing parties.
The defectors, we are told, said they have seen that the MDC-T is a failure and it is only in Zanu PF that they can find policies which are for the development of their communities.

A gleeful retired colonel Tshinga Dube, the Zanu PF House of Assembly candidate for the constituency, welcomed the defectors saying they had finally “seen the light” by deciding to re-join the party.

Muckraker has a feeling the good colonel will discover they were busy winking in the dark after the people of Makokoba have their say at the polls.

Take the hint

Finally we were amused by the front page picture in NewsDay’s Saturday edition featuring policeman–cum politician Oliver Mandipaka, President Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Headlined “Grovelling cop”, the picture shows Mandipaka attempting to schmooze with the Mugabes with a wide grin which, unfortunately, is not reciprocated by the latter.

Amai Mugabe conspicuously has her hand close to her mouth and nose as if to relay a message.

All we can say to Cde Mandipaka is take the hint, get a mint.

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