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Telecel mega promotion gone crazy

We have reviewed promotions from various players before but this one, this time from Telecel Zimbabwe is not only too good to ignore, but I choose to call it real crazy, it has surely crossed the line.

By TechnoMag

Telecel Zimbabwe, arguably the fastest growing mobile operator in Zimbabwe has scored a first, placing itself ahead of its competitors, with great potential to leave them in the dust, as they launched the irresistible mega promotion.

Currently, all the mobile operators are battling for supremacy and promos have proved to be the order of the day. So what really makes this Telecel mega promotion worth all the noise and the attention?
Well it is simple, Telecel Zimbabwe has done something its competitors have not done or rather will never do in the near future.

Telecel Zimbabwe is currently offering a 100% bonus free airtime —
across networks — for every airtime purchase you make.

Well the catchy par here is across networks!

All these other players have gone so creative lately in making sure that they too offer quite some cool promotions, although basically the promos locked the subscribers to certain networks where you could only benefit as long as you made calls limited to your network.

This is one move no operator would love to make and it only takes real guts to make such a promotion as the operator is ready to sacrifice losses just to make the subscribers smile, at all costs.

Technically, when someone makes a call within the same network, a subscriber is charged 23US cents and the network provider takes home all.

The situation changes when one makes a call from, let’s say Telecel to Econet. There are some terminating charges which are currently at 7US cents so effectively the terminating operator will gain 7US cents when you call other networks.

For example when I call an Econet number from a Telecel network, I will still be charged 23US cents, yet Telecel will remit the 7US cents to Econet, and only pockets 16US cents (including 15% VAT). That is how it works in termination of calls.

The current terminating charges according to Potraz are 7 US cents per minute for a domestic call and 20US cents per minute for an international call.

What makes Telecel Zimbabwe promo really crazy is simply foregoing this concept, they seem unperturbed and are currently heavily promoting the 100% mega promotion.

Effectively it means Telecel is losing 7US cents per every call outside network, out of the same airtime they had initially given out for free at cost only to give back value for your money and just to make you our clients happy.

Telecel marketing director, Octivius Kahiya said; “Telecel Zimbabwe has always been the first to create value for money for its clients and is committed to satisfying them. Remember even during the Zim dollar era, we were the first to slash the price of sim cards and everyone else followed”

By the way, this same issue of termination fees caused a wrangle between Netone and Econet with US$20 million dollars being contested. The case is currently at the courts and we await the outcome.

Telecel has been promoting the mega deal for a long time, but like any other players it has been limiting the promotion to local calls only.

The bonus airtime is still valid for four days before it expires. Today if I can buy a US$1 worth of airtime then automatically I get another US$1 worth of free airtime, where I can still call any other number across networks, then well, for the first time, I’m sure the subscribers have reason to buy those extra lines.

This kind of promotion will obviously not be taken lightly by other competitors and we expect much more versatile ammunition to be released as the battle for subscribers hits its all-time highest.

Unfortunately, the Telecel promotion is valid until August 30 this year.

Meanwhile, Econet Wireless has been driving its buddie zone promo which gives you as much as 99% discount on calls but still is only limited to Econet numbers. The buddie zone has been received quite well with most people but there is no guarantee when you get the discount and how much of it.

Buddie zones are also not perfectly defined as it is possible to continuously get different percentage discount while you are in the same area, your companion can even access a much higher discount rate even though you are all in the same area.

NetOne has also joined the bandwagon by giving a full day’s free calls which has attracted many subscribers yet the promotion is still locked to NetOne network only.

The Telecel mega promotion has gone a bit overboard and has become the pace setter. We watch with interest how the battle for the 13million Zimbabwean subscribers will finally pan out.

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