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Court ruling splits Zanu PF

ZANU PF is deeply divided over the July 31 general elections deadline set by the Constitutional Court (Concourt), with one group warning the ruling puts the party, currently reeling from factionalism and infighting, in a fix as it is not yet ready for polls.

Report by Faith Zaba

Although Zanu PF bigwigs are publicly falling over each other to welcome the Concourt judgment delivered last week ordering President Robert Mugabe to proclaim poll dates by the end of next month, senior party officials who spoke to the Zimbabwe Independent in private said the ruling was a “pyrrhic victory” for them.

A top Zanu PF official said: “The party is not agreed over this. There are those who strongly feel we should have early elections when the president (Mugabe) is still fit to campaign. These people believe that although we have not held our primaries, we can easily go through them and whip people into line and go for elections anytime and win.
“However, there is also a group which strongly believes the party is not ready for elections, largely because of primaries and infighting. This group strongly believes if we rush the processes and go to elections in July without first closing ranks, we will lose.”

Another official said Zanu PF was now waiting for direction from Mugabe who has said he will comply with the ruling. Compared to MDC-T, the faction-riddled Zanu PF appears to be much less prepared for elections by July 31.

While the MDC-T has held its policy conference from which its manifesto will be derived, and is almost done with primaries which end this weekend, Zanu PF is still haggling over guidelines for the internal polls.

Zanu PF is also yet to finalise its manifesto premised on its controversial indigenisation policy which has of late left the party and government divided as senior officials clashed over it in public amid allegations of patronage and corruption.

Fireworks are also expected in Zanu PF when it decides the list of women and senators to be elected through proportional representation.

The party is expected to consider a divisive proposal from the Women’s League to reserve certain constituencies for women.

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