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Bulk SMS unravels the power of advertising

Zimbabwe is currently riding on over 97% mobile penetration rate and the huge shift towards the opportunities availed by the mobile market is realistic and the rewards are massively overwhelming.

By TechnoMag

Gone are the days when people used to solely rely on few static advertising platforms against the proliferation of high tech platforms making the advertising business a highly volatile industry, demanding dynamic players to sail through.

While they may seem to be much more sophisticated means to reach out with your product, one of the oldest mode of communication, via text or SMS, a technology that has been around for over 100 years now, is still the best way to achieve tangible results.

Considering where we are at as Zimbabweans, the need and relevance of text messages cannot be underestimated especially on the backdrop of 99% mobile penetration rate. This flies well above the internet penetration which is now being reported to be at 58% according to GSMA Association statistics.

What these statistics are simply proving is that the population has gone mobile, more than 10 miilion Zimbabweans are waiting to receive your advert directly on their mobile, and what’s more, there are much higher chances that everyone reads their text messages against banners or flyers.

Free SMS Zimbabwe is currently providing 20 free text based message everyday to anyone who register on their www.text.co.zw and believes there is no better time to exploit SMS Marketing other than now . Although these limited texts are there for free, there is a much greater platform provided for commercial use, where one can use the platform to send thousands of unlimited text messages by simply logging in via www.etext.co.zw
According to a case study report, we learn that:

Text messages have a 94% read rate!
90% of texts received are opened within 3 minutes
25% of text messages received are forwarded to other users who can alternatively forward to others and so forth. When the message contents are particularly interesting or the message is written in an interesting way then the forwarding rate can easily reach 40%

Compared to the ineffective email or bulk email advertising with bounces and spam, text message campaigns have a cost savings of up to 500%
Free SMS Zimbabwe also offers these incredible packages for commercial bulk SMS services.

Both Targeted and Untargeted clientele, Demographic Marketing Corporate Clients Solutions, SMS Resellers, SMS Advertisers, SMS Signature Ads, Redirect Ad, Website Banner Ads, SMS Shortcodes, and API Integrators.

Free SMS Zimbabwe offers a platform for free texting to netone, econet and telecel, Available from www.text.co.zw, it allows users to text from any web enabled device including computers, mobile phones (smart phones) and tablets. Users text directly to a recipients’ phone with no charges being incurred on both sides therefore no need for the recipient to be online.

The price of bulk SMS is also a very important aspect to consider which is currently way below 50% of the current conventional market charges making you the sender, save a lot compared to any other platform.

Bulk SMS costs range between 2.3c/msg- 3c/msg depending on the quantity of the message
Free SMS compared To Bulk SMS
Although the free 20 SMS are viable for personal use, there is a huge difference between the free service and the commercial platform these include;

Ability to send a large quantity of SMS at once- BulkSMS
Schedule delivery of composed SMS
Purchase SMS online through a credit/ debit card, paypal or google checkout
Transfer your SMS into a friends’ account
Send personalised SMS where the system automatically picks out the name, acc#, amount due etc & composes appropriate msg
No adverts on the sent SMS
Full 160 character length SMS
Set 5 (or more) senderIDs which could include your name or company (SenderID is the name/ number that appears as the source of the msg on the recipients screen).

Whats More:
They can seamlessly integrate your system into any business and brand it in accordance with
the business model including corporate colors, logo, structure etc. They give full management control of the System including setting the business name as the senderID to have a direct impact on its business SMS.

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