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Was that a stolen kiss, Hakeem?

Well, what do we have here? It’s Hakeem — one of Zimbabwe’s two representatives on DStv’s reality show, Big Brother Africa — and Malawian Natasha locking lips.


While the rowdy Rubies casually went about their day, chattering loudly with one another, Zimbabwean hunk Hakeem and the vivacious Natasha played a little game of tonsil hockey in the background.

It seems as if the male model was the one to initiate the brief snog.While the two chatted in the kitchen, the Ruby lad gazed upon his fellow Housemate and mouthed the words: “I want to eat what you are eating”.

Natasha gladly obliged to his request but instead of handing it to him by hand she pursed her lips and drew in closer to his lips. At this point the young Zimbabwean drew in closer as well and the two locked lips, exchanging both food and smooches with one another.

Hakeem has not hidden the fact that he has a soft spot for Natasha, so what is going on here between these two? Is it a case of overly friendliness or could it be the start of something more?

This week, Denzel (Uganda), Betty (Ethiopia), Hudda (Kenya), Selly (Ghana) and Natasha are up for possible eviction. In the meantime, The Chase continues.

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