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Zanu PF frustrates Jomic

ZANU PF has been accused by its coalition partners of frustrating the activities of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic) set up under Article XXII of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) in 2009 to monitor the implementation of the power-sharing deal between Zanu PF and the MDC formations.

Hazel Ndebele/Herbert Moyo

This follows claims that the former ruling party has repeatedly refused to allow Sadc representatives and delayed seconding party members to boost the body’s monitoring capacity, among other things.

The parties have an agreement that each should second 10 party members, one from each province, to Jomic to boost its monitoring capacity but Zanu PF only sent theirs two weeks ago.

“While we seconded our representatives more than three months ago, Zanu PF only sent its representatives two weeks ago and they only joined and were officially oriented into Jomic on Tuesday,” said Priscilla Misihairambwi who is a chief negotiator for the Welshman Ncube-led MDC formation.

Misihairambwi’s observations were backed by her party colleague Frank Chamunorwa and Thabitha Khumalo from the MDC-T.

Zanu PF is also said to be steadfastly resisting the inclusion of Sadc representatives in Jomic claiming their presence amounted to interference in the country’s sovereignty.

Sadc views Jomic as a vital cog in the functioning of the GPA hence its decision to appoint David Katye of Tanzania and Colly Muunyu of Zambia to fully represent Sadc in Jomic meetings.

Khumalo and Chamunorwa confirmed Zanu PF members were reluctant to allow the participation of the Sadc members with Chamunorwa stating “we (the MDC formations) have always been open to their presence in Jomic and it is only Zanu PF who are refusing.”

Misihairambwi said progress continued to be bogged down by details pertaining to the Sadc members’ terms of reference in Jomic.

“Namibia has not even bothered to second anybody because they feel it is pointless to do so when the terms of reference are not clear and for us it is an issue we are taking back to Sadc for clarity,” said Misihairambwi.

Sources also said Zanu PF members have a tendency of absenting themselves from Jomic meetings and the latest example is last Thursday’s meeting with the Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede at KGVI in Harare. Chamunorwa and Khumalo reportedly attended and sought clarification on various issues pertaining to voter registration.

According to minutes seen by this paper, Jomic wanted to know how the voter registration exercise is being carried out, where the registration centres are as well as the requirements for one to register as a voter in the wake of challenges reportedly being faced by members of the public.

“In Bulawayo, the armed forces have been registering to vote using affidavits which confirm proof of residence. Members of the public are however not accorded the same privilege,” read part of the minutes.

Chamunorwa confirmed the meeting and said Mudede blamed lack of funds for the problems bedevilling the registration exercise.

“He said they had only received less than half of the US$8 million they had requested to ensure smooth operations and consequently they were short-staffed and could not operate as many registration centres as they would have wanted,” Chamunorwa said.

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