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Trevor Ncube deplores media repression

ALPHA Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube has deplored the continuing state of media repression and restrictions in Zimbabwe, saying this is inimical to the free flow of information and sharing of vibrant ideas necessary to drive forward development in the country.

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Speaking at a Sapes Trust policy dialogue forum on Media Freedom in Harare last night, Ncube said it was deplorable that the coalition government partners continue to view the media as an enemy of the state instead of a development partner.

Consequently the government has imposed repressive measures to curtail the flow of information through laws such as the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Official Secrets Act, Public Order and Security Act, Criminal Law Act, all of which are out of place in a democratic society.

“As a result, there is a dearth of ideas in Zimbabwe,” said Ncube, “this unlike in America where freedom has allowed them to continue to produce the likes of Google and Twitter because the free flow of ideas in their society allows it”.

Ncube also said that media regulation should be left to media practitioners and civil society and government should not be allowed to have a role because they have vested interests to protect.

“They cannot be the referee and player at the same time,” said Ncube who concluded by urging the public to join in fighting for media freedom as they are ultimately the biggest losers when information is censored.

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