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Harare a fitting tribute to Chombo’s legacy

It was interesting to note a new propagandist advertising her wares in the Herald.

By the MuckRaker

Mai Jukwa (who we are told is actually a man) clearly thinks she can earn her stripes by abusing the British ambassador, calling her a “liar”, and our intelligence over the matter of Patrick Chinamasa’s short-term visa.

Deborah Bronnert was “merely a lowly employee who is obliged to consistently parrot a line however idiotic”, Mai Jukwa squawked in her “Political Mondays” column.

Isn’t that the perfect definition of a captive state propagandist, squarking for her supper? Mai Jukwa even paid tribute to Nathaniel Manheru as she launched into a tirade against Bronnert over Chinamasa’s supposedly undiplomatic treatment by the UK.

Strangely enough, Chinamasa himself didn’t seem to mind too much a dose of British patronage. Like many Zanu PF bigwigs he was only too happy to get the nod for a London visit.

“”We all know she is lying,” Mai Jukwa continued.

“She knows we know she is lying. Even hopelessly inebriated drunkards can discern her dishonesty.” That would appear to include Mai Jukwa!

Who’s fooling who?

Not content with this outburst, Mai Jukwa claims Bronnert was forced to carry on “parroting an outrageous narrative hoping the simple-minded natives will swallow it.”

Well here is one simple mind that has swallowed the Herald’s outrageous narrative. And like all these narratives they invariably end up abusing Morgan Tsvangirai.

“The intended recipients of her lies are not the discerning intelligentsia but weak padlock-brain types like Morgan Tsvangirai who can be controlled and manipulated.”

Again, is that not a perfect definition of Herald and Sunday Mail publicists?

The state media has resorted to ad hominem attacks on Tsvangirai in the hope we wouldn’t notice Zanu PF’s failure of governance.
That is the big lie that the latest parrot has been hired to tell. And no, we’re not swallowing it.

Mai Jukwa’s attempt to take her gibberish into the social media realm has been met with disdain in some cases and outright contempt in others.

Social networkers told Mai Jukwa where she could put her puerile propaganda and in true Zanu PF style she responded by deleting the unfavourable comments and keeping those that supported her.
Who is the liar now?

Chombo’s ‘legacy’

The onslaught on Finance minister Tendai Biti is unrelenting. Ironically, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo this week decided to join the bandwagon, accusing Biti of “deliberately starving the agricultural sector of support to spawn food shortages”.
Chombo said the MDC-T’s policies prejudiced farmers as supporting them would set them on a collision course with their handlers and financiers.

The same could be said of Chombo who has been punishing urbanites for voting for the MDC-T by sabotaging urban councils.

Notwithstanding the cruel joke of the Sekesai Makwavarara-led council, Chombo has been smuggling-in Zanu PF apparatchiks through the back door disregarding the will of voters.

He has been suspending mayors willy-nilly under the guise of ensuring “sound local governance” yet the outcomes of his interference have been the exact opposite. Chombo has reduced elected representatives to lame duck status by vetoing any proposals and crushing dissent with accusations of corruption.

Considering the revelations from his messy divorce, Chombo should be the last man to accuse anyone of being corrupt.

The state of Harare today, where water shortages and potholes reign supreme, is a fitting tribute to Chombo’s legacy.

As if to confirm his conspiracy against MDC-T-led councils Chombo urged people to vote “wisely” and avoid the “mistakes” in past elections where urban seats were filled by councillors from the MDC-T.

He said the MDC-T councillors ended up preoccupied with enriching themselves at the expense of service delivery.

The three fingers are pointing back at you,  Cde Chombo.
Of pseudo war vets…

The British were preaching false tenets of democracy while working to recolonise the country, war veterans “leader” Jabulani  Sibanda was quoted as saying last weekend.  He described the MDCs as “neo-colonial agents keen to facilitate a return to Rhodesia under the guise of democracy”.

Most Zanu PF apparatchiks parrot this facile mantra because they can’t think of anything intelligent to say.

But there was more idiocy to come.

“Zanu PF is a messenger of God,” Sibanda told us who “was sent to bring peace and harmony.”

So peace and harmony is it? Does anybody associate those qualities with Sibanda? And which countries will be willing to advance funds to Zimbabwe with people of this calibre at the helm?

Sibanda by the way played no part at all in the liberation war. Like many of the loudest mouths in President Mugabe’s campaign he is ignorant of where the real threat to the country lies.

Too close for comfort

The death of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and his succession by his vice-president have led pundits to comment on his rule. Some of these have been interesting. “On the positive side of the ledger Chavez did more than buy votes and prop up bankrupt regimes such as his close ally Cuba,” Latin American expert Jorge Heine noted as quoted in BusinessDay.

When Chavez took over in 1998 the standard of living for most Venezuelans hadn’t changed since 1963.

“On the democratic side of the ledger the balance sheet is worse,” biographer Rory Carroll wrote.

“Chavez was a hybrid –– an elected authoritarian,” he wrote. “His country’s elections were held on time but were of the free rather than the fair variety. He closed down opposition-supporting TV stations, saturated his image via state-sponsored media and packed the Supreme Court with loyalist judges.” In Carroll’s view he was “a brilliant politician and a disastrous ruler”.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Ill-timed ‘prophecies’

Finally “Prophet” Uebert Angel of the Spirit Embassy Church took time from preaching the gospel to “predict” the result of the English Premier League tie between Manchester United and Stoke City last Sunday.

Angel told his followers he was going to his office to “watch” the match between Stoke City and Manchester United 24 hours before kick-off.

When someone pointed out the match was a day later, on April 14, NewZimbabwe reports Angel replied: “But I’m watching it today.”
During his Sunday service sermon Angel said he had “seen”, in a vision, Stoke City manager Tony Pulis congratulating Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson. Angel’s church had only uploaded the video to YouTube on Monday, a day after the match.

The controversial Angel claimed to have predicted the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher last year although the video of the “prophecy” only surfaced after her death.
Muckraker is very keen to have Angel’s prophecies on pertinent issues like the outcome of the general elections now and not for them to surface after the act.

Let’s have it now prophet!

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