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MDC draws up economic blueprint

THE MDC led by Industry and Commerce minister Welshman Ncube has come up with an economic blueprint acronymed Actions (Access, Control, Transformation, Initiative, Organisation, New Technologies, Sustainability), which focuses on harnessing the country’s vast natural and human resources to rebuild the country.

Report by Brian Chitemba

The policy framework was drawn up by the party’s leadership at a policy review workshop last week where they claimed that Actions was a better policy document than MDC-T’s Juice (Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment) and the Zanu PF’s empowerment programme, according to MDC research and policy co-ordination director Qhubani Moyo.

The party believes access to resources, power and justice; control of destiny and welfare; transformation of communities and strengthening livelihoods of Zimbabweans; initiative for wealth, job creation; organisation of all public institutions to effectively deliver services; new technologies for propelling the country into the digital age and sustainability of the habitat, the environment, life and all national policy programmes are the answer to the country’s current economic woes.

The policy framework proposes the reconstruction of the country into a developmental state through utilising the vibrant human capital and natural resource base.

“Zimbabwe is endowed with diverse natural resources that are on high demand on global markets. Such resources bear the potential to catalyse the development of indispensable technological advancement that improves life, utilities and related social aesthetics,” reads the MDC policy document.

Zimbabwean diamonds constitute an estimated 25% of the world’s diamond deposits and have the potential of constituting a quarter of the world’s diamond market. The country is also endowed with vast platinum deposits, as well as gold, iron ore, manganese, chrome, uranium, tin, nickel, emeralds and coal.

The MDC noted that agriculture has the potential of boosting the economy with cash crops such as maize, tobacco, coffee, flowers, tea, cotton and timber.

“The country has the potential to drive herself into proper economic transformation, but requires prudent, informed and progressive leadership. Such a leadership could identify key areas of production and engage the right technical experts to pace-set in economic transformation through starting real productivity that creates jobs, generates profits and boosts the economy while improving the national standard of living,” it said.

The blueprint also places the reconstruction of national institutions at the centre of the national recovery and stability.

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