‘Nollywood reflects Africa to the world’

NOLLYWOOD actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is reveling in the success of her reality show Omotola: The Real Me screened on AfricaMagic Entertainment (channel 151) on Thursdays at 21:00. The show has given her fans the opportunity to see her in a different light as a mother and wife. Staffer Ngoni Muzofa (NM) recently asked Omotola (O) about the show among other issues. Below are excerpts from the interview.

NM: How has been the response so far to Omotola: The Real Me? Has everything gone according to the script?
O: Its been unprecedented.  So much that they have had to increase the number of airings and channels it’s available on.

NM: What do you intend to communicate to audiences with the show?
O: Just be inspired to do what you want to do, anything is possible.

NM: Of the accolades you have garnered in your career, which one is the most significant?
O:The trust and responsibility put on me by UN and Amnesty International.

NM: What is the secret to Nollywood film industry’s success which other African countries should emulate?
O: Passion. Nollywood never stops.

NM: How is Nollywood responding to criticisms leveled at it such as simplistic storylines and low-budget/low quality films?
O: That style of storytelling is how we became the third largest movie industry in the world.

NM: Considering Nollywood is indeed the third largest film industry, do you think it’s doing justice to the African story considering it is projecting the continent to the world?

O: Absolutely, most Nollywood movies have African culture and lifestyle imbedded in them. People now know a lot about Africa such as language, dress code, food and even music just by watching Nollywood movies.

NM: Where do you see yourself in particular and the Nigerian film industry in general in the next 10 years?
O: Ten years from now I would like to see myself soaring as an entertainer. And for the movie industry, that we will be at par with other top industries in the world.

NM: Where did the moniker Omosexy come from and are you comfortable with it?
O: It came from my husband, he was the one who started calling me that.

NM: How do you balance the celebrity and mother/wife roles?
O: I differentiate the roles accordingly and always keep them separate.

NM: What role do you think celebrities of such stature as yours need to play in Africa’s socio-cultural development?
O: To be proper role models and promote Africa in everything we do.

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