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‘May the best oiled win’

FEW can resist the thrill and passion ignited by motorsport racing. As long as there have been riders and teams, pushing themselves to the limit, Castrol has been by their side developing high performance products to match their ambitions.

Three Hour Endurance Race

Castrol’s long-term technical partnership with engine manufacturers and the use of the highest level of motor racing as a testing ground is crucial to Castrol’s never ending development of high quality products for competition racers as well as motoring enthusiasts around the world.

The Castrol name has long been associated with motor racing, from Formula 1, motor rallying, Superbike to various other racing competitions. It is in such high-performance and highly demanding situations that the best oils are put to the test. Castrol, through continuous innovation, has never been found wanting.

It is from such a background that HP Lubes, the Authorised Distributor of Castrol products in Zimbabwe is, for the second year running, proud to be associated with the Toyota Castrol Three-Hour Endurance Race; a magnificent event on the Zimbabwe motoring calendar.

HP Lubes, headed by Managing Director Nedson Mkudu and supported by a strong and passionate “castrolised” team, is the successor company to Castrol Zimbabwe.

The company’s head office is located at number 6 Barking Road, Willowvale, Harare. We also have branches in all the major centres of Zimbabwe for the convenience of our customers.

It is our hope the event will continue to grow, both in terms of participants and spectators. We know motorsport is an expensive sport, and we feel obliged to play our part in terms of sponsorship. Indeed, as the distributors of such a high quality brand, there is no better platform than an endurance race to prove our oil is the best.

Castrol has over 100 years of experience in lubricants formulation and blending, with a full range of products formulated to meet the most demanding applications. The racing vehicles demand the best of oils, and we are pleased we now have available in Zimbabwe a range of fully synthetic oils, for engines and transmission.

Among the top Castrol synthetic products are Castrol Edge Sport 10W/60 and 5W/40 for the engine; Castrol BOT 402, Syntrans Long Life 75W/90, Syntrans Limited Slip 75W/140, and Syntrans Z Long Life for manual transmission and axles.

Castrol also offers high quality synthetic products for racing bikes, such as Power Racing 4T and 2T.

HP Lubes would like to wish all drivers and spectators a safe weekend of thrills and fun, and may the best lubricated vehicles win! –– HP Lubes, Authorised Distributors of Castrol and co-sponsor of the Toyota Castrol Three-Hour Endurance Race.

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