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NicozDiamond making a difference

NICOZDIAMOND Insurance (NDI) is the market leader in the provision of short- term insurance – a tried and tested brand.

It is also the only listed short term insurer with an A – rating for claims paying ability.

NDI offers insurance products including motor, home, business, accident, farming, fining and travel to suit customers’ personal requirements.

Recently the company launched ChristianSure, a product targeted at the church and its congregation. Also capitalising on the strength of its brand and distribution networks the firm has managed to build a sustainable business.

“We are mindful of the fact that all our achievements would not have been possible without the incredible support our brokers, clients and staff continue to give to NicozDiamond Insurance Limited”, said NDI managing director Grace Muradzikwa.

Part of having a successful business is having the ability to deal with customers satisfactorily. It is not just enough to have products or services which work. Thus NDI has priority insurance service which falls under the marketing department.

Driven by the desire to exceed customer expectations all the time, NicozDiamond regards its clients as partners in business by creating valuable and enduring relationships based on integrity and professionalism.

In Hebrews 6: 10, the word says, “I will not forget the love you have shown me by serving others.”

All major religions teach and command their followers to give alms and help the less privileged in their communities and beyond. The message and the injunction to give is the common denominator of all religions.

“At NicozDiamond we take this very seriously and thus each year we dedicate an evening to raising funds for the less privileged in our society. We bring our friends and partners in a common cause. In our view our partners are blessed, we are blessed and shall be blessed even more as we give to the needy,” said Muradzikwa.

Over the years, consumers have become more discerning, not only scrutinising and making their choices based on the financial value of a product or company, but also on the intrinsic values that the product or company represents. Thus it is that over the years NicozDiamond has realised the practice of corporate philanthropy needs to evolve to become an integral part of corporate strategy, as it seeks to derive competitive advantage while responding to perceived pressures from the market.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the core values for NicozDiamond and over the years the company has been active in supporting the less privileged in trying times. The company aims to be a catalyst for long lasting and positive change and become a complete dynamo of good corporate citizenship.

NDI has the passion to make a tangible difference in the communities that it operates in. Hence it has started extending its reach to schools and would like to build on this by paying fees for children who would otherwise not be able to proceed with their education.
Since inception the following have benefited from NDI’s CSR programme which includes school fees, generators, beds, bed linen, text books, groceries, furniture, electric gates, clothing items, electrical goods, computers, classroom block, sanitary wear and many more.

Entembeni Old People’s Home in Bulawayo
Thembiso Children’s Home in Bulawayo
Mucheke Old People’s Home in Masvingo
Shearly Cripps Home in Murehwa
Good Shepherd Home in Chinhoyi
Fairfield Orphanage in Mutare
Gweru Children’s Home
Tagwira Primary School in Chivhu
Munyira School in Buhera
Africa University in Mutare
Chikurubi Female inmates

From the NDI 2012 CSR, Tariro Project, a home in Harare, received bunk beds and cash for clothes for the children; Bumhudzo in Chitungwiza received blankets and groceries; Emerald Hill School for the Deaf received laptops; Midlands Children’s Home in Gweru received a water tank and groceries; Entembeni Old People’s home in Bulawayo received a TV, radios, chairs and the homes in Masvingo, Chinhoyi and Mutare will receive items including stoves, chairs, text books, laptops, computers and groceries.

The main project for 2012 is the Young People Intern Program where pupils from Form four -Form six will be gathered(in groups) at NicozDiamond for two days for mentorship. The children will be mentored by captains of industry with the NDI managing director, Grace Muradzikwa leading the team. The pupils will be given chances to spend a day with the mentor learning what goes in the leaders’ offices. The programme which will be sponsored by NDI will kick off soon after examinations and will be starting with a group of 150 pupils from Harare.

As a company, NDI has taken part in charity events – dinners, golf and other fund raising activities. A team of dedicated staff has also put a hand in making the CSR program a success. Staff contributed cash, clothing items, shoes, food stuffs and their time.Muradzikwa said, “I am often surprised, and always delighted, by the sense of ownership – of real pride – that all of our employees take in our community initiatives”.

NDI prides itself in being a leader in developing means for long lasting and positive social change. Getting CSR right is a journey not a destination. Leaders face tough decisions with increasing pressures to improve their bottom line and to be good corporate citizens. But we must persevere because the fruits of our labour today will make for a better tomorrow. “Sympathy or the concern for one’s fellows is essential for the cohesion and stability of society”, remarked Muradzikwa in closing.

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