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Superlux Automotive repairs leave damaged vehicles looking new

CAR servicing is a fundamental part of looking after your vehicle. A service will not only help your car run at its best, it will make your vehicle more efficient, thus saving you money.

Report by Elizabeth Ndhlovu-Dumbreni

Superlux Automotive director, Luckson Gwara, said it is important to have a full car service carried out by a trained mechanic who can spot damage early and prevent further costs by detecting problems on time.

“Quality is our trademark, you can’t have it better, said Gwara. “We restore your damaged vehicle to originality and offer total solutions to your motor body repair needs beyond expectation,” said Gwara.

“In the short-to-medium term, we want to be the household name in the panelbeating sector and our long-term plan is to become a one-stop shop for the automotive business as a dealership.”

Superlux Automotive, situated in the Msasa industrial area, boasts an array of state-of- the-art equipment that includes an Aero-Cure combination spray booth and a baking oven. This equipment allows for an almost dust-free environment during painting and provides a baking facility which cures the paint fully and improves on the lead-time.

The computerised colour matching service provided by Superlux allows accurate factory colours so that it is not noticeable when a damaged area has been repaired.

“We also have a Car-O-Liner chassis straightening jig with dual dozer pneumatic and hydraulic operation to allow for maximum productivity. We strive to meet manufacturer’s specifications. No work is impossible on this solid piece of equipment. We have artisans trained to operate this top-of-the-range equipment. We also do collision repairs for all types of vehicles up to 3,5 tonne trucks,” Gwara said.

Superlux Automotive is seriously considering using water-based paints as they are much better and more effective than traditional paints.
“Quality workmanship is our trademark as well as our marketing tool,” said Gwara.“Our final product is our strength and that has helped us grow in a very short period. We do work for the majority of Insurance companies and we continue to be a preferred service provider for several companies.

“We believe in equal job opportunities based on merit. We take the responsibility of training for the industry; hence, we attach students from different colleges as well as government institutions.”

Superlux Automotive is a member of the Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe and the panel beating section is currently chaired by Gwara.

Gwara has more than 20 years’ experience in the motor industry, specialising in panelbeating. He was trained by the local Mercedes-Benz dealership as a panel beater and later scaled the corporate ladder to junior management level. He started a panelbeating workshop for one of the Nissan dealerships, before he went into consultancy for panelbeaters in Zimbabwe and Zambia, where he realised the long-held dream of starting his own business.

For further information, call 0772 337 358.

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