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Pathfinder scoops Zim Service Excellence Awards

Pathfinder scooped the first prize in the transport category at the Zimbabwe Service Excellence Awards held in Harare recently.
Chiedza Kurwakumire, Pathfinder public relations manager said: “Such recognition means we are doing something right in our service provision. In that respect the award inspires us to maintain standards and improve what we are currently offering.

The award has motivated us further to improve and with the reputation built now we intend to work hard to maintain and improve our standards in the quest for customer satisfaction.

“This accolade recognises that we value and listen to our customers in offering innovative passenger transport services in Zimbabwe. It also shows we are trying our level best to satisfy our passengers and this recognition of our efforts is greatly appreciated; as the Pathfinder team we are humbled”.

Pathfinder is also facing several operating challenges. Kurwakumire said the passenger transport industry is adversely affected by the same factors affecting other businesses in Zimbabwe.

“As the country is faced with economic challenges such as unemployment, businesses operating at low capacity, low disposable incomes and improving but low tourist visits, this affects our business as it means less passengers travelling. While we offer world-class road transport services we have challenges of spare parts and after-sale services as all our coaches are imported, meaning all the parts and other specialised servicing requires sending the coaches outside the country”.

She said Pathfinder was working hard to solve the operational challenges it was facing through determination and passion and a God-fearing attitude.

Pathfinder — new kid on the road

A JAGUAR, new kid on the road, our pride and joy! We recently launched the latest world class double-decker coach, the G7 series in Zimbabwe. The country becomes the second country to have such luxury coaches in Africa after neighboring South Africa.

The coaches, a marvel to watch and comfort to experience, now ply the Harare-Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway. Transportation is not just about getting people from one destination to the other. It’s about making the journey pleasurable and efficient, with good service and comfortable surroundings. As such Pathfinder has indeed brought a new culture in travelling on Zimbabwe’s roads — reliability and comfort. You can now “fly around” by road!

As we welcome two new additions to the Pathfinder Luxury Coaches family, let us also talk luxury. The two new buses will bring the Pathfinder fleet to eight that will be deployed on the Harare-Victoria falls route. The increase in demand for luxury by both local and foreign tourists has indeed forced the company to continue looking at improving standards of travel in Zimbabwe.

The new buses feature 60 sleeper seats, wireless internet, access to DStv, laptop plug-ins and FM radio frequencies. They are also fitted with individual air conditioners and reading lights, a fridge, microwave, coffee dispenser and on-board toilet, reclining seats with seat belts for safety and improved legroom among other accessories.

Apart from the trade mark colours of red and pathfinder logo, the coaches come with the head of a jaguar — symbol of pathfinder. Pathfinder Luxury Coaches is the leading travel and tour company in the country providing a comprehensive package for group and intercity travellers between Harare, Bulawayo and the majestic Victoria Falls.

Currently we are plying Harare-Bulawayo route twice a day, departing Harare at 7:30am and leaving Bulawayo for Victoria Falls at 2pm. There has been an increase in traffic frequenting Victoria Falls; both foreign tourists and locals.

With its main offices on the corner of Nelson Mandela and fifth Street in Harare, and in Bulawayo opposite Central Police Station at corner Fife Street and Leopold Takawira, the luxury coaches have existed since 2009 and seek to remain the best in travel.

Formed during the economic hardship that hit Zimbabwe, Pathfinder has grown to become a formidable force in luxury travel in the country.

It has managed to combine the lessons provided by a harsh economic climate and increasing competition from both foreign and local transport has helped improve our services. This has brought out the best out of Zimbabwe’s travel services.

The company was established to fill a yawning gap in luxury travel in the country, particularly for those travelling between Harare Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. We saw the need to improve and increase luxury in travelling along one of Zimbabwe’s tourism arteries.

It is within this mould that we have continued to improve our coaches to meet the demand of modern day travellers. The coaches come with more user-friendly features for our clients. The additions to the fleet were sourced purely with the business traveller in mind who needs to be in touch with his business and friends, hence the emphasis on wifi and computer changing ports.

We have been in the business for some time now and we will continue to improve on quality. Competition is actually good since it pushes us to do more for the travellers and the country at large.

We were born out of a desire to meet growing need for first class road travel and will continue to bring to the traveller an unmatched experience of travel and luxury.

Pathfinder Luxury Coaches, continues to define luxury travelling in Zimbabwe and we will continue to do so into the future with pride.

We promise our customers a five star treatment on the highway and a treatment that is worth royalty. We promise to continue to upgrade our fleet to suit the type of clientele we are serving and the increasing link between business and travel.

Our service is committed to compliment air travel. Zimbabwe is a third world nation, it is difficult for all travellers both business and tourists to rely on air travel but they still require the
best on the road. That is where we come in as Pathfinder, to provide passenger satisfaction through comfort, safety, reliability, excellence and leadership. Our vision is to be the leading world class transport service provider to the whole of Southern Africa emphasizing on safety, in

providing a superior service with a touch of excellence. We do not only promise our customers a journey to their destination but a memorable pleasant experience.

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